Lady Gaga Loves Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me'

Lady Gaga Loves Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me'

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift‘s top tune, “You Belong With Me,” is catchy — even Lady Gaga loves it!

Lady Gaga, 24, shared with Show Studio via People, “I think it’s just because it’s very whimsical in a way that I’m not necessarily whimsical every day.”

She told the program that she starts singing along to T‘s song “so loudly” when she hears it on the radio that she’s “so embarrassed.” Lady Gaga also praised Taylor for being “a great songwriter.”

How did Taylor react to that? “I’m a huge fan of hers and [hearing] that really, really made me smile. I appreciated that.”

DO YOU SING along to any of Taylor’s songs?

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  • vanny

    I sing along to every Taylor song

  • Merlemichelle

    I really love Taylor Swift and her music. I either like Lady Gaga.
    I sing along with all Taylors and Gaga her songs.
    Love them!

  • swiftfan

    They are both great artists =D

  • brittany

    Ya all of them lol
    its coll to hear what other singers like to listen to

  • jonaslover988979

    every single one!!! especially “The Best Day”!!!!!!

  • lol

    hate lady gaga shes so satanic n rude!

  • Carlota

    Obviously! I actually can’t play almost anything else than Taylor in my guitar. And I also sing along to Lady Gaga, very verrry loudly … :P

  • truth

    Off course. Devil worshippers praising eachother. I hope you enjoyed your initiation at the VMAs last year, Taylor. Ugh.

  • nkeeyah

    kids from my school sing along to taylor and miley. even the guys!!

  • kk13

    yup, every single one…..ALL THE TIME!!

  • lol

    @truth: that is true i saw da video i coudnt belive it

  • Mitch

    Old news.

  • Mitch


    That is not nice.

  • Taylorswiftroxx13

    I cant help but to sing to her songs! I loove all of them. Even the guys at school “get tired” or her, but they STILL sing to You Belong With Me when it comes on in the Cafeteria during lunch. And that’s cause im in high school! lol :)

  • cam

    All of Taylor’s songs are amazing and I do sing along. I can’t wait for her new songs too, I love when there is a raido blitz of Taylor Swift songs and I love when she wins more & more awards and breaks every record on the book for the first and the younest and the most in every catagory. I hope that bothers the haters even more & for those who love Taylor – go Team Taylor!

    And @Truth your name in not really truth for truth is something good, but you seem hateful.

  • truth

    @Mitch: get over it its the truth

  • truth

    @cam: and u seem very judgmental

  • http://facebook rachel

    yuck you’re black

  • liri92

    i really like taylor swift.. she is great.. i dont like gaga but what she said was very nice!!!!

  • liri92

    i really like taylor swift.. she is great.. i dont like gaga but what she said was very nice!!!!

  • hiha

    embarrassed for singing Taylor Swift out loud? uuh I’m sure there are 10000 other valid reasons you could be embarrassed for!

  • mrs.nickjonas

    I sing along to EVERY taylor swift’s song very loudly! haha I love her and I know almost every song that she wrote by heart :)