Demi Lovato Goes Blonde!

Demi Lovato Goes Blonde!

Demi Lovato pokes her tongue out at little sister Madison de la Garza as they go through security at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (June 14).

The 17-year-old actress recently highlighted her hair over the weekend — a major difference from her dark locks.

Demi tweeted what was done to her mane, “Fixed some highlights + added more :D I’ll add pics soon! I have blonde in my hair!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! I love love love my new hair!!! It’s so light :D”

Now, Demi and her family are off for a well-deserved week-long vacation! 10+ pics inside…

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Demi’s new hair — HOT or NOT?

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Credit: Chris; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Tine

    I LOVE IT! Looks so good!

  • zanessaloverss123

    she looks good :) or better

  • Carol Donato

    It’s very Summer. hahaha

  • Michelle

    I love her new hair, but I LOVED her long wavy black hair :(((

  • Felicia

    meh she looks better darker , im a hair stylist i know , it dosnt mesh well with her skin it blends in it looks weird , she show go back to black.

  • marilyn

    If you like how this looks, then you must like “cheap”. Don’t like it black either. Should have just stuck with natural brown

  • Jjwcon

    She looks HOT!!! Holly HELLL!!! I didn’t like her that much. But damn i think i went a wheee bit lesbian for her. She looks like Kim Kardashian when she went blond.

  • nileylover123


  • cami

    looks awesome! love it <3

  • zohra

    how come she wears shory and she dosent get called a alut like they call miley when she wears shorts ( no ofence i love demi lovato with all my heart) it just seams veryyyyyyy ufair

  • zohra

    i mean short shorts (not shory)

  • Allie

    She has the same hair color as Miley!!!! If her hair was wavy in the picture where she’s wearing shades, I would have thought she was her.

  • soughtful


  • http://qunniey dzeon123

    @marilyn: well no one like you what you think is what want tell yourself but just shut up and figure your hair out your self maybe your hair look cheap i bet it cost free to cut off!!!!!!!!!!

  • lovatocyrusjonasfan

    Her shorts aren’t that short @zohra, or as short as miley’s. and @marilyn her hair isn’t cheap looking and i love it and don’t like cheap…

  • mileyyyyy

    she looks great. love the new hair. very “Miley” and her outfit is likes mileys. but i still love her she looks great lover her jewlery! she reminds me of Jennifer LOpez with the tan and hair. very beautiful

  • http://qunniey dzeon123

    @zohra: becaus miley wears short shorts with a short t-shirt and she has been in the disney bissnuies for a long time so she has a lot of kid fans! so it really matters how she dresses. for demi she has been in the bissnues for a short time and has fans but not a whole lotshe is new to it. and i think demi looks better in it than miley does!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jessica Jukkala

    No, what’s unfair is, she wears short shorts and dyes her hair around what miley’s color is and no one accuses her of copying miley….

  • jenny

    The really dark was bad but this isn’t great either. She should stick to her natural color. This doesn’t suit her.

  • emelie muy

    I think it suits her, though the darker look really brought out her light complexion. She is still as beautiful as ever and she looks jubilantly happy so that’s all that matters.

  • Meee

    Omg guys it’s her hair she isn’t trying to get apporoval from anyone so stop judging her if she likes great if you don’t get over it u can’t do anything about it anyways

  • iTellItLikeItIs


  • demihater

    gosh she looks UGLY. it is not HOT,she hair don’t look good on her.

  • Laura-C

    She looks like Ashley Tisdale…not a good look, honey.

  • what’s it to you?

    technically…..she’s not blonde, she’s brunette w/ blond-esque streaks in her hair.

  • mrs.nickjonas

    i didn’t like it… and she’s wearing a lot of make up just for traveling on vacation… Forget about the papps,come on…

  • http://idkk stellaz

    its ugly.
    she should just next time leave it natural brown.

  • LILO

    She looks beautiful, like a bronze goddess.

  • sammie

    It looks really good on her :) But Madison is unhealthy….

  • Precious

    Why did she add more highlights??
    I liked it better when she first got it done…

  • chamtooot

    she looks… uhm.. bad. i love her but her natural hair color looks better on her.

  • http://oop eury

    se ve espectacular

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Niley Breaks Up/Miley gets highlights
    NELENA breaks up/ Selena gets highlights
    JEMI breaks up/ DEMI goes BLOND!

    on the irony :)

  • http://oop eury

    la amo y espero que gane en los premios esos ,ya que ella es la mejor de todos


    she’s trying to seduce Nick ;P

  • abbey

    shes so annoyingg.

  • Katiesavestheplanet

    She’s gorgeous and her new hair looks absolutely amazing on her! It’s summery and it makes her look a lot older and much more sophisticated. Great choice Dem!!!

  • Olivia

    IF you hate DEMI, why are you comparing with Miley Cyrus. IT is just summer and she is just 17 years old. SHE is trying to live a normal life.

    Demi lovato deserved some privacy and some peace to live in a normal life besides living in a celebrity life

  • karlee

    she kinda looks like ashley tisdale she looked better wit her natrual hair

  • Amanda

    @dzeon123: God, that was a horrid display of grammar and spelling.

  • http://pinklove demilovatobiggest fan

    live the girl alone she’s not miley and she ll never be her stop saying that shes coping miley she just came out from her break-up and just want a litrle change and u just judging her man people what is the matter with u

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @zohra: I’ma big Miley fan, but it’s getting pretty annoying that this question keeps getting asked. Miley only gets slashed at more because she’s bigger than any of the Disney stars on the network. Demi’s popularity is not even 2/3 of MC’s so that’s why the media pays less attention to what she or Selena Gomez wears. At the same time I don’t think it’s fair either. Hollywood is just double standard when it comes to MC. But MC haters are also ridiculous . Just because you wear short shorts does not mean you are out sleeping with a tons of guys. IDK why MC haters think that way. In that case, the teens in Florida and California must be first class slores! Because in the summer time, all us girls ever wear is high shorts and flip flops. People need to take a chill pill

  • Piper halliwell

    DEFINATE YES! finally she’s come out of the bat cave & into the sun again.

  • mai

    I like it. Its different and cute, lighter. ;) But I also loved her black hair, gave her that nice punk look. ;D

  • bella

    I love it
    demi she is beautifull
    omg demi she is perfect

  • zoe

    she looks like her sister dallas … i think its hot

  • Trainwrecklove

    She looks pretty it gives her that natural texan look:) love her. haha everyone’s wearing shorts which reminds me i need to make a stop at Forever 21 this week.

  • jessica

    wow some of these comments are just wow. i cant even explain it. anyways she looks soo pretty with this new hair. i love it.

  • Mika

    I like this new change.

    What I don’t like is the caked on bronze make up she has on for traveling. It’s just not right.

  • Rachel

    She looks really pretty, as always, but I liked her black hair better and she sorta looks like Nicole Anderson.