Nikki Blonsky: Huge Premieres June 28th!

Nikki Blonsky: Huge Premieres June 28th!

Nikki Blonsky steps out in style at the premiere of Toy Story 3 held at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Sunday afternoon (June 13).

The 21-year-old actress stars as Will in Huge, which follows seven teens from different backgrounds who attend a weight loss camp as they embark on their individual journeys of self discovery. The series will follow the emotional journey of the campers as they deal with issues including self-esteem, friendship, rivalry, romance and body image.

Huge is set to premiere on Monday, June 28 @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC Family. For updates on the series, follow the Twitter and Facebook!

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Credit: Fame Pictures, ABC Family, Juan Rico; Photos: INFdaily, MarvixOnline
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  • WandaLynn

    When did they start leting Fat ass Cow into LA,

  • abby

    @WandaLynn: I understand not everyone is going to be a fan of Nikki (I’m not a very big fan of her either but at the sametime I don’t hate her), but to have a comment like this is just uncalled for. For real, grow up.

  • jen101

    @abby:i agree i’m not of fan of her either but that’s just really disrespectful

  • sssss


    come on..that’s really low..

  • linda

    @WandaLynn: are you serious you are being so rude when did they let stupid people like you comment she is such a nice person and i am a fan

  • abbey

    ewww lose some weight. its not healthyy.

  • Just Interested

    that b!tch needs to die

  • andrea seale

    We were at the premiere and Nikki was nice enough to stop for a pic and autograph..

  • ashytisdalefan

    @wandalynn how rude. I’d like to see what YOU look like. That is very disrespectful. I’m not a fan of her but wow.

  • har

    she needs to join biggest loser ASAP

  • good-one

    Discrimination can be woefully painful in all its many forms. So I genuinely love the premise of this new show, Huge.

    Another premise for a show might be where those that fault others for some perceived peculiarity or deformity or idiosyncrasy or defect or flaw or short-coming or imperfection, would one day, find themselves beset with all of those same characteristics that they had previously slighted in others. Now that would be Karma: (the belief which maintains “that every act done, no matter how insignificant, will eventually return to the doer with equal impact”.)

  • Gabbie

    I love Nikki! Can’t wait to see her in ”Huge”

  • nkeeyah

    Calling someone out of their name is rude and disrespectful. It shows what type of person you are. One the topic of the show I heard it isn’t that good. I will watch and make a judgement for myself.

  • LeHuh?

    I don’t dislike her because she’s overweight, however, I do think she’s a name dropper and a fame leech. She needs to start making smarter decisions for scripts, maybe go into the indie market for a while to refine her acting. There’s no way she’s going to be taken seriously in Hollywood at her size unless her acting improves. Take the actress in Precious (I always forget her name though which shames me lol), she was nominated for an Oscar because of her talent and because it was serious as hell role. Nikki needs to start looking at projects full of impact, not another teeny movie/show about an overweight teen trying to change the way the media portrays beauty. First Hairspray, then Queen Sized or whatever that Lifetime movie was called, and now this. She should hire a better agent.

  • Trina

    Considering the incredible ratings “Pretty Little Liars” got for its premier, I can’t imagine that anyone would watch HUGE. Girls at a fat camp? How exciting does that sound?

  • zns01fy

    eww…shes so fat..haha

  • angela

    jeez you guys are soo selfish LOOK IN THE INNER BEAUTY ppl Nikki seems nice ok.
    even though I havent met her but still in her interviews shes funny and sweet.
    it doesnt matter how the outside looks its inner beauty that counts and HOLLYWOOD CANT BE all about skinny girls ok.

  • shana

    unbelievable childish comments about people’s body size can always be found on this site. by the way she is very talented but because of her size the roles are always going to be limited. she knows that and doesn’t need such criticism. actually the show might be good for kids who do look different…….God knows there a many of them in today’s society. good luck to the cast.

  • tina

    poor little fat girl, everyone wants to beat up on her. personally I find her extremely more talented then many of her skinny counterparts and wish her well in this new venture. perhaps it will give hope to so many youngsters out there who also battle the weight bias in their lives.

  • good-one

    “Fat” is considered derogatory; “overweight”, not offensive.

  • Carla


    THANK YOU someone understands you go have to be skinny as a stick and nikki pretty so some of y’all are jealous and for those who think she needs to lose weight SHUT THE F$#@ UP you’re not a doctor so dont act like one

  • hot

    she’s a not bad actress butt I don’t think her carer will be going any where if she keeps making I’m a fatt girl who is eventually gonna love her self the way she is movies

  • hot

    NOW that I think about it she’s not really that good at all kinda cheesey acting

  • http://goodie yourafag

    @har: You are a loser, Just thought id let you know. She is beautiful! Everyone who is dissing her, needs to get a life ASAP

  • genagirl

    So you bashers can just take a look at her and say any rude and hurtful thing you want because she’s heavy? If she was black would you call her names? If she were gay? Latina? A little person? Blond? Oh, why am I asking – of course you would. Looks are the only important thing in this world – that at least explains Kim Kardashian and those other reality show people.

  • Jessica

    Why does everyone have to be so mean? So you have to be thin or else you’re “out”? What would you say to me since I’m Asian? Huh? Looks aren’t everything.

  • daniella!!

    im not hatin on her but im not watchin the showw

  • diane kennette

    what a jerk you are sounds like you are jealouse dumb ass