Amanda Crew Had Butterflies Kissing Zac Efron

Amanda Crew Had Butterflies Kissing Zac Efron

Amanda Crew shows off her muscles with gal pal Amber Borycki as they attend the Muscle Milk Light Women’s Fitness Retreat in Beverly Hills late last week.

The 24-year-old Charlie St. Cloud actress told JJJ that she actually had butterflies the first couple times she had to kiss costar Zac Efron.

But don’t fret — Amanda also told us that after a couple of days, it was just another day at the office.

Charlie St. Cloud hits theaters on July 30th.

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Credit: John Shearer; Photos: WireImage
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  • joan

    lol, who wouldn’t =)

  • amy

    i totally would to lol

  • http://j chelsea

    nice of amanda to say that comment when he is in a relationship

  • nikki

    HAHA! i ONT blame her! shes making out with ZAC EFRON!
    i TOTALLY would too!

  • chloek

    @chelsea: AGREED!!!

  • ze

    She needs to eat about a dozen hanmburgers, way too skinny. Why does hollywood demand people look like walking sticks like these 2 girls? For yungins out there, please eat.

  • trinisita

    poor amanda :B she’s cute BUT!!
    ZAC has a hot girlfriend :B

  • musicgirl

    who wouldnt get butterflies, its ZAC EFRON :D

  • Hello

    This is why I like Alex who is Vanessa’s co-star. He seems to respect both Zac and Vanessa. You won’t see him making comments like this. Hopefully this won’t be the start to Amanda’s and Zac’s flirty promo.(rolls eyes). I would hate to see a Nicky Blonsky 2.0.

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    @Hello agreed! Alex does respect “Zanessa” but when Zac was with Nikki & stuff they were always flirty & they made out on MuchMusic which I thought was unfair + cheating on Vanessa. Ugh. I hope this doesn’t happen with this girl too.

  • londonlemming

    @chelsea: @chloek: @Hello: Can you people be any more pathetic? Any normal actress would have butterflies before doing a kissing scene. Its a perfectly natural feeling. Just because it’s zac makes no difference at all. What she means is after awhile it became easier and she didnt feel nervous any more. Stop insighting things and creating uncalled for gossip, or even better go work on a movie set and see how it all works before writing ill-informed comments.

  • Sara

    This sounds awfully familiar. I don’t care if it’s ‘the business’ – I think you respect peoples relationships when you make comments but I guess people will be encouraged to do anything for promo purposes including giving soundbites like this that they know people will read too much into. *sigh* Shame – I was hoping for more but i guess they’re rushing promo out so this is a way of getting attention.

  • duuumm

    thank goodness theres a person with a brain here.

  • ze

    @Zanessaxjoenessa: I agree. Zac is totally disrespectful to V when he starts movie promos. Dinner with Fox, kissing Nikki B., Clare D. is “perfect”. Someone needs to tell him to tell him to stop selling fake romances during movie promo if he already has a known real life romantic lead. Just common courtesy is all. Vanessa, never gets caught up in being disrespectful to him nor exploiting their relationship because movies are PRETEND.

  • http://j chelsea

    @Hello: exactly

  • justine

    Zac’s no disrespectful… and id that kiss with nikki was a big deal… i dont think zanessa would still be together. Gosh get over it… he’s ZAC EFRON everyone is gonna have butterflies kissing that hot hot hot guy!

  • Zanessalover

    that’s why i don’t like her

  • duuumm


    ha. ha. HA. please tell me you’re kidding. oh gosh, i won’t even bother to say anything else. kids these days………

  • Hello


    There’s no need to use harsh language. I agree with you 100 percent. I just think that Zac has this way with his promotions where he’s often flirty and so are his co-stars. I’m sure many of you think its harmless for the sake of hyping his movie but I think its disrespectful. How does that make me pathetic? Just because I don’t say what everyone else is saying doesn’t mean I hate Zac or dislike him. I just wish he and his co-stars used a little more tact when promoting their movies. Take a chill pill. By the way, I’m not pathetic.

  • londonlemming

    @Hello: If I was going to use harsh language I would have swore.

    I never even mentioned your like/dislike of Zac. I couldn’t careless if you like him or not.

    My point was, she(Amanda) was answering a question in a normal manner. In no way shape or form was she disrespecting Zac’s personal life. His personal life was not even eluded to in her answer.

    Zac has had one instance where he flirted shamelessly and that was the Nikki Blonsky incident on MTV….

    What I don’t get is why you all so hell bent on thinking that Amanda’s completely innocent remark is a slight on Zac’s personal life….. Come on people what did you expect her to say? She hated or that she find it fine. From the footage I have seen of Amanda Crew she is straight talking and tells it as it is. If you don’t like what she says I suggest you stay clear of Charlie St Cloud Promo’s.
    @ze: I can think of a number of instances where Vanessa as you call it “disrespects” Zac. I will gladly post the links if you wish to continue being petty.

    Lets face it, the people on here who have took the comments Amanda made to be disrespectful are people who obviously cannot separate FICTION from reality. They see every co-star other than Vanessa as a threat and are willing to hate them and everything they say just because they have got close to Zac.

    Zac and Vanessa understand the nature of the industry otherwise they wouldn’t be in it. Amanda and Zac are Co-stars,friends. Please stop hating on her because shes not Vanessa.

  • WandaLynn


    How the hell do you know all this because I head Zac and Amanda where very Close while Filming CSC I bet they where to have A Full on Full Sex scene in The Movie that is why the CSC is Rated R.

    I bet Zac or Amanda Don’t think about Vanessa when there getting on. on and off set.

  • WandaLynn

    How the hell do you know all this because I head Zac and Amanda where very Close while Filming CSC I bet they where to have A Full on Full Sex scene in The Movie that is why the CSC is Rated R.

    I bet Zac or Amanda Don’t think about Vanessa when they where getting on on and off set together.

  • dollface50

    Amanda is so cute. She was just being honest. As an actress she had butterflies doing a makeout scene with one of hollywoods biggest hearthrobs. This is what makes her so refreshing, she tells it like it is. LOVE HER!

  • jessica

    wow….you zanessa fans need to calm down.

  • londonlemming

    @WandaLynn: I know these things because I have a brain and plenty of common sense.
    Lets look at the facts shall we…. Just because a 2 people have a sex scene does not mean they are “getting it on”. If that was the case does it mean when two ACTORS(ACTRESSES) do a fight scene it means they hate each other? The answer is a big fat resounding NO. Zac, Amanda and Vanessa are actors and actresses. It is their job to ACT close…. Maybe Zac is a method actor where he likes to stay in the role the whole time like Meryl Streep and a couple of other A listers do….

    CSC is rated R because it is a film based of a novel which is aimed at ADULTS not TWEENS or TEENS…. Hence why rightly it has a higher rating. Next time do some research before posting rubbish like your previous comment.

  • Hello


    Its an opinion and not the end of the world. Personally, I feel that Zac has flirted on more than one occasion. So evidently you and I think differently on the matter. I said what I had to say. I will watch promo because I’m a fan and will continue to give my opinions. If you don’t like it, then its too bad. This is a great big world with all kinds of people. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. So I hope your able to get over it. My opinion will neither change his behavior or make them stop doing what they do. But I do have a right to speak on what I see which I feel is not hurting anyone.

    I think he’s flirty during his promos and so are his co-stars. Leslie Mann, Nicky Blonsky, Michelle Trachtenburg all had opportunities to “speak like it is” as you put it. NO I didn’t like it and I still won’t like it. Yes I find it disrespectful. Its my opinion. You don’t see him and Nicky walking side by side holding hands anymore. I’m sure if things get too far out of hand, it would soon put a damper on said friendship as well. Now I’m speaking of Amanda so don’t get it confused.

    I just think it was his way since he did it all the time. Its a side of Zac I never liked. So shoot me if you want. I will not change my opinion.

  • Jake

    check out its a great chance to see all the new stuff going on with the movie. Join my Midwest team! We’re trying to get Zac Efron to someone’s hometown for a screening!

  • londonlemming

    @Hello: I respect your opinion. I just don’t agree with it at all. But we all agreed on things the world be a sad and boring place to live in.

  • londonlemming

    @londonlemming: Sorry I meant if we all agreed on things….

  • Bradley Bobst


    How can CSC be Rated R it is Rated PG -13.

  • Melissa

    Seriously, people, it’s nothing serious, this is perfectly normal.
    And the whole flirting thing isn’t really that big of a deal.
    It’s just a part of promo, it’s what sells! He’s not the only one that does it. And V didn’t really have a chance to do it, so you can’t compare. She has only has bandslam, besides HSM. And V and Gaelan got pretty close, but they’re just friends.

    Just like Zac and his co-stars. If you ask me, V looked a lot closer than Zac did with a few of his co-stars. And if you noticed he only acts that way during promo. So it’s obvious that it doesn’t really mean anything. It’s just a part of the film industry. You’ll just have to get used to it.

    It’s not bothering V or Zac, so why should it bother you. They TRUST each other!

  • Bradley Bobst

    Amanda looks goregous,

  • A Fan

    You don’t know jack. V was there while he as film Charlie St Cloud so there is no off romance between them.

  • londonlemming

    @Bradley Bobst: I didn’t originally say it was… I was going off what the other post said….

  • Bradley Bobst


    Oh Ok, Beside she was saying that all time.

  • lauren

    i think all of you need to shut the fuck up.

  • kgg

    Why does Nikki’s name keep popping up in this thread? This is not about her and the promo she did with Zac years ago. She took it seriously and he never meant it that way. That’s not his fault….he was told to make the couple thing look believable because no one would believe it otherwise. Zac has learned what to do and what not to in promotions since then.

    Whoever mentioned dinner with Fox is off their rocker…that never happened and there was no proof that it did. He spoke highly of his other lady co-stars because he was asked about them in interviews and what else was he supposed to say? He’s a gentleman and will compliment them when he can as part of promotions.

    He’s growing and maturing and learning as we should all do as life goes on.

  • tena

    Wow people make a thing out of nothing and i bet all the haters willl be out when promo starts aswell.

  • Trina


    I agree. Good Lord, all these immature little girl fans feel threatened when Zac kisses a costar in a movie and they start hating on her. How stupid. And their comments sound like they are 10 yrs old. They have no clue how a movie works. Action. Cut. And what Amanda said was very professional. There was nothing disrespectful about her comment. I’m sure that’s how any actor/actress feels when they have to do an on screen kiss with someone they don’t know.

    And don’t these little girls realize that Amanda was asked that question: What was it like kissing Zac Efron? And she answered the question. Do you think she volunteered the information? “OMG, let me tell you what it was like to kiss Zac.” And she’d going to be asked that question at every appearance she does while promoting CSC.

    These same little fans girls don’t get angry at Vanessa for kissing her male costars. To them that is fine. They even want more of that. Why is it ok for Vanessa to kiss Alex and not ok for Zac to kiss Amanda? Does that tell you where their insecurity is coming from? Think about it.

  • Trina


    Right again!!!!

  • Bradley Bobst


    Wandalynn why are you even on here.

  • Trina

    That WandaLynn person has her head where the sun don’t shine. Talk about a pathetic insecure person.

  • dianne

    did she get her teeth done for the movie then removed?
    i’m confused.

  • zacfan

    C’mon! anyone kissin zac efron would have butterflies!!! omg!!

  • kate1

    Ok firstly Zac has matured a lot since the promo’s of HS, 17 Again and MAOW. He always brings Vanessa name up whether being asked about her or not.

    By nature Zac is a very flirty person. There really is no harm in it (except the whole Nicky thing) but he learned his lesson since then. and If ZV can get over it why can’t we.

    Amanda has said on a video that fiming the kiss/love scene was awkward because it wasn’t just the 2 of them there but about 100 other film crew and loads of camera’s and lights.

    and also the Love scene is not a full on sex scene for the idiot that said that. There have been a few reviews of the movie and they mentioned this in them.

    Zac and Amanda both have respect for each other as co actors and individuals

  • jazmin

    Vanessa and Zac fan here and I don’t see anything wrong with Amanda’s comment. Zac is a big flirt by nature and nothings wrong with it as long as he does not take it too far.

  • WandaLynn


    No The Movie is rated Is R not PG-13.

  • Malule

    I´m gonna say it, that was not a question, and she knew that, why i said so, coz u know how to be respectful and she didn´t, but i don´t really care why coz what zac did say at the mtv about lucky charm, about romantic details, about caring for v, they know what this is about, but yet i feel like amanda is trying to get a bit more of atention, why? who is the one doing the promos so far? who is the star in the movie? sorry but i haven´t heard anything about she doing a great job and as long as i know her job i don´t quite like it, so that´s my opinion, just she better knows how get good publicity and no oz telling thngs like this

  • duuumm

    I suggest you not argue with someone until you get your facts straight. I guess you’re too young to understand the difference between PG-13 and R.
    @kgg THANK YOU!!!! Seems like there’s another logical person on here.

  • maddylucy

    she is too skinny

>>>>>>> staging1