Kristen Stewart is Marchesa Magical

Kristen Stewart is Marchesa Magical

Kristen Stewart ruffles it up on the red carpet in a black Marchesa embroidered dress with sculpted satin ruffles at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse held at Auditorium Conciliazione on Thursday (June 17) in Rome, Italy.

The 20-year-old actress, who completed her premiere look with Roger Viver sandals, was accompanied by co-star Taylor Lautner (in Calvin Klein).

Kristen recently chatted with Parade mag about Bella’s sex talk with her dad. She shared, “It was funny the way Bella got so embarrassed in that scene. I guess a lot of girls do because they probably don’t need that lecture. I probably had that moment. I guess that everybody does. But I knew everything, from the word go. I was really mature, that way. So, I never really had ‘the talk.’ I didn’t need it.”

In case you missed it, check out pics of Kristen and Taylor at the Rome photocall!

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Elisabetta A. Villa; Photos: WireImage
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  • menna

    Boo! where the bloody hell is Robert?!

  • harley


    Fliming Water For Elephants, I would think.

    I don’t like Kristen’s dress much, but her hair and makeup look nice.

  • larice

    The top is way too busy for her tiny frame.
    Rob is filming Water for Elephants. Leaving space for Taylor Lautner to boast about “best kiss ever” and other stupidities.

  • Very Jess

    For all the people she is smiling! Ok she is gorgeous, awesome,
    Happy!! I love her but not in this way. More serious, cowboy haha

  • Kris

    She looks beautiful the whole package is a total win. Everyone needs to get over Rob not being there and appreciate Kristen/Taylor WHO ARE.

  • -just.bella.

    I love love love Kristen’s dress.
    Her hair and make up look great too.
    Just per!!

  • alabama

    she’s pretty..i found her more comfortable and happier around Taylor for some reasons. they look good together.

  • ellen

    I really like this look, Kristen looks very beautiful. I prefer the shoes that she worn in the morning at the press conference.

  • kim

    Kristen looks gorgeous. Love the hair and make-up.

  • renne

    Kristen looks GORGEOUS!!! love it

  • hmmm

    Hmm, she’s definitely prettier when she smiles, and seems more relaxed and chilled with Taylor. But wish she would stop with the hands on hips pose – dunno why but it looks kinda awkward =S

  • disappointed

    I dont know Kristen on a personal level, nor would I ever want to know her. I use to like her and feel compassion for her for all the screamers and paps. But her comment about how she compared the paps hounding her to ‘rape’ disgusted me.
    She has never had to be put in the position, nor would I want her or anyone else to, but how dare she say something like that. The paps annoying her and following her is part of her ‘job’, not her life I agree, but its part of her career. People wanting to ask her questions or get her photo is nothing like the violent act of rape. Its a horrifying and cruel act thats happens way too much. But its nothing like paps hounding her.
    Im saying this as a way to vent my frustration towards some little girl who I really did like, until she said something that was stupid and wrong of her that hit too close to home.
    Her fans can stick up for her, good for you guys, but Im just viewing my opinion and others who agree on my point.
    She was wrong to say it, yes she apoligised, but that doesnt mean she didnt say it and it doesnt make it any easier.
    I no longer respect her, admire her, like her and Im very disappointed. I finally liked a actress, but she went and ruined it. :/
    I wish her well with her career but she needs to watch what she says and how she acts. Shes also very rude with her behaviour and cold. Coming to Australia, (where I live) and flipping the bird to paps but also passing fans, was not good behaviour.
    Shes ruined her image more and the Twilgiht saga for me. I no longer hold interest in it and shes lost me as a fan for the series.
    Shame on you Kristen. Shame on you!!!

  • shout

    It looks like a sewing maching vomited all over her. Really dont understand whats so great about her. Shes not that great of an actress. And now shes only gaining attention coz of the Twilight saga. Really couldnve done without someone like her in the world.

  • kayla

    her dress and hair looks very similar to what miley wore to the premier of her movie the last song. same off shoulder, black and somewhat had ruffles on the shoulder part and same pulled back hair. just an observation.

  • Parker

    @disappointed: @disappointed:

    我只能說沒有人是完美的,你有看過在bafta之後打了一篇文章的Noel clarke嗎? 一個認識kristen不深的人再看過她演的電影及暮光之後的種種都能了解,我實在不懂你打這篇文的心態。澳洲2009年的雜誌封面才打著”克莉絲汀史都華懷孕了”,若是你會對他們笑嘛? 她永遠都會對她的粉絲帶著耐心與微笑,但絕不會是狗仔! 澳洲的狗仔自從rob & kristen的緋聞出來後就都在寫一些狗屁,對於她說”強姦”一詞的確是不好的示範,但她道歉了! 她沒有多說一些冠冕堂皇的理由或藉口,她直接道歉! 她不是那些受害者,但我們也不是她! 你說你曾是她的粉絲,那我想請問當初你是如何喜歡上她的呢? 因為她某些時候的好舉動嗎? 若只因為”強姦”一詞你就徹底顛覆她這個人,那少你一個粉絲也沒差!

    well, no one is perfect, have you saw noel clarke writing the article about kristen stewart after bafta, he says “want to be an actor or want to be a celebrity is totally different, kristen is that one who just want to be an actor not celebrity!” why is a stranger could know what she want but you? i really don’t know why are you posting this comment? are you smiling to the paparazzi who just put “kristen stewart is pregnant” on the title of magazine cover in 2009? she always nice to her fans but not paparazzi, the australia pps are writing bullshit since rob & kristen’s rumor started, about she says “rape” it’s not a good choice of word, it’s awful! but she apologized, she’s no alibi, she apologized just wrong for the choice of her word, because she’s not those who raped, but we are not her either! so you said you used to be her fans, but let me ask you how do you love her at the beginning? it’s her no fake style and not hollywood girl, or because her so-called good behaviour in some times? if only because the “rape” word then you revolutionized this girl, then it’s not much difference have you.

  • cami

    @disappointed: it’s okay, she will always have her REAL fans by her side :)

  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    i don’t like kristen, i’m only on here for taylor.
    but her hair and make-up look nice,not liking the dress though.