Trace Cryus Blasts Ashley Tisdale on Twitter

Trace Cryus Blasts Ashley Tisdale on Twitter

Miley Cyrus‘ big brother Trace isn’t a huge fan of Ashley Tisdale, it seems.

The 21-year-old musician wrote on his Twitter this afternoon, blasting the 24-year-old Hellcats hottie. He shared, “I’ve met and know a bunch of celebrities. By for the worst person I’ve met in my life is Ashley Tisdale. I’ve never had someone who dosnt know me AT ALL make up so many rumors and bull**** about me. You don’t even know me b****.”

Trace continued, “God took me by the hand, told me not to b afraid. He told me all his secrets, I live by them everyday. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone’s opinion is always right. To them.”

JJJ has met Ashley on multiple occasions and she’s been nothing but a doll!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Trace slamming The Tizz?

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  • Danni

    wow there…

  • LOLA

    She’s been nothing but a doll to YOU. she has to, or else you won’t post nice things about her. Just like how she kisses Perez Hilton’s butt. Trace knows her more than we do.

  • Judes


  • aay

    I dont care about Trace and what he said. This isn’t important at all

  • ashleytfans

    How could he?!
    He doesnt know AShley either!
    Maybe that wasnt even her?!
    & how can he diss one of Mileys BFF’s ?!
    I hope Miley will get back to him!
    & Brenda is Ashleys BFF too <3

  • lisa

    lol and cobra starship posted a vid on youtube where they were talking about her bagging her so she must not be as nice as some people think, i always thought she looked like a bitch XD

  • Jane

    I think Trace is the bull****er personally. He’s bitter since he has no band anymore.

  • Charlie

    Haha why is this horse face still raiding oxygen? Ashley’s a top chick. Maybe he’s jealous that she doesn’t look like a horse.


  • joy.

    ..Hm.. What’s sad is I don’t know who to believe.. ..Uhm.. does Ashley actually make up rumors and stuff !? ..Or is Trace just stirring up trouble ? Argh, I’m so confused now.. but I’ve been a fan of Ashley’s for a long time and I’m not about to stop. So.. he can just go away.

  • charlene

    ugh ashley is the sweetest person ever this is BS. where is the lnk to this cobra starship thing?

  • mzindochick

    what does JJJ mean but she been nothing but a doll ?

    but he is right. everyone is entitled for their own opinion.
    we all see things differently than others.

    p.s; i *dislike ashley too that’s why i’m on he’s side.

  • Arbo

    Debby Ryan should beat-up Ashley.

  • good-one

    Someone I know, once told me he could get any girl he wanted, just by treating her mean enough. I don’t think that’s right. How can a guy be mean to sugar and spice and everything nice?

  • Naziha

    ouch…honestly, i dun know who to believe. wish i knew the full story like what kind of rumor ashley spread about trace. maybe if we hear the full side of the story, we will know who’s right and who’s wrong.

  • ashleyfans

    ok he called ash’s a bitch
    damn he and his stupid horse face . maybe ash isn’t nice at all but he shouldn’t do that .fuckin’ you ugly bullshit trace what a SHAME lol and don’t pull cobra starship in this thing it’s over lol sr my enlish is not very good =))

  • taylorswifthuggedthischick

    what an ass. i used to be a fan of metro station until now. ashley tisdale is a sweetheart. back off jerk!

  • ashleyfans

    haha maybe another dane cook lol

  • AAA

    Wow, Trace is a bigger a**hole than I thought, no surprises

  • http://beckieannwoods becke

    who cares its there lifes

  • lauren6

    i really like ashley tisdale and she seems really nice and genuine……..but where has this come from, why would he just suddenly announce to the world that he hates ashley tisdale? whats happened for him to say this?

  • vanessa

    thats crazy.
    what proof does he have anyway?
    hes just saying it
    and not exactly setting the best example either.
    its not like we see ashley going “Trace is such a $%#$!!”
    i thinkk trace is misunderstand sharpay from ms.tidale <3
    either wayy shes FABULOUS XO

  • Aint no fanboy =)

    lame celebs stiring up the lame fanboiz. what’s the point? i don’t give a fuck.

  • lilian

    well he may have his reason to not like Ashley.And maybe he is right
    in what he is saying,It could be true since non of us,not even you Jared,know Ashley for real.
    But put it on the twitter is not cool at all.

  • cassie

    leave Ash alone lol
    she deserved some thing much BETTER than this .

  • Tara

    Honestly it could be one hundred percent true. We dont know her. All we see is the girl in interviews who obviously isint going to be anything but nice. But Im guessing there is a reason he is saying that….I doubt he just woke up and was like ‘Hmmm…today i think Im going to go talk shit about…lets see…Ashley Tisdale on my twitter!!!’ There has to be more to this.

  • M

    Who cares? Why is the drama posted on JJJ anyways. Let’s just stick to seeing pics of people and leave the drama out of it.

  • Solange

    DEAD at some Ashley’s haters LOL

    That fugly little monster is such a shame for the Cyrus family. Don’t get me wrong, i’m a big fan of Miley, but i think she should kick her brother’s ass. Just because he can’t even reach the ass of her sister so he just go around and diss other people? How retarded.

    It’s true that everybody has his/her opinion but to public it is just an act of spoil and pervert. Especially when you’re a man, you can’t call a woman a *****. That’s so rude.

    I’m sure Ashley knows that Trace doesn’t deserve to be with her BFF, Brenda Song so she warned her. That dickhead is scared. What an irrelevant bitch. That stupid band disbanded already. Fffewww.


  • ashpa

    oh no! Miley & Ashley are friends. Need some patching up between Tracy & Ashley.. Miley pleas have them rescue the indifferences or whatever it is. OMG for friendship sake.

  • http://deleted Troy

    This guy is such a poser it’s pathetic. I remember last summer he was spouting off about how he could kick either of the Jonas Brothers a@@es for absolutely no reason whatsoever. He did amend his boast by saying that he would never hurt Nick (who was dating his little sis Miley at the time I believe) and that “I love that kid but Joe and Kevin had better not get in my way.” Yeah right, either of the Joe Bros could wipe up the floor with this idiot with both hands tied behind their backs.

    I don’t know what he’s ranting about where Ashley Tisdale is concerned but if anybody is full of BS its him. He just wants attention and he got it. So kudos to him. Billy Ray must be so proud.

  • unknown person

    i don’t care about trace: he’s so rude and the most horrible person i ever known!!! he looks awful in every part of his self. Ashley doesn’t deserve these words. She is AMAZING and maybe what she thinks about trace is true because if he really wrote these words is a real fucker!! lucky miley is not like trace! Ashley is a so sweet and amazing person and trace is really rude!!!

    a fan of ashley tisdale

  • MAJA

    Wow…………………….????????? How could he!!!!!!!!!

  • ash

    I HATE HIM. blah blah blah

  • Maja

    Wow……….. How could he, Ashley is a really good friend of Miley, what a brother!!! Did he see himself in the mirror!!!!!!??

  • Kim

    Why exactly did he feel compelled to post this on twitter? If you have grief, share it with the person it involves or a close friend. Why just spread negativity for negativity’s sake on the internet? What exactly did he get out of this? Trace, last time I checked, you’re not 13- what’s with the childish way of dealing with this situation?

  • Dessy


  • Me

    Oh please, of course he’d say that about Ashley. He’s an overtattood, pathetic loser with a horseface who’s five minutes of fame (he should be grateful to Miley for those 5 minutes btw) are over, waaaaay over.

  • mike

    i hate Trace hes a fucked up rich star that wants more attention

  • teamtiz.

    He does this for attention because he can’t reach his younger sister’s level of fame or success.

    HAHA. What an ass.
    I haven’t liked him since he talked trash about the Jonas Brothers.
    He really needs to learn when to shut his mouth and respect other celebrities.
    Just saying.

    I would call him ‘horseface trace,’ but that would be an insult to horses.


  • pink


  • Listen to mayday parade

    She probably said something rude to Brenda about him, and brenda probably repeated it to him. Ashley isn’t a saint people, she is 24 and a girl from Hollywood. She has standards and I guarentee she spoke out against trace and Brenda. Who cares, and why even post this? Twitter isn’t news, and Ashley fans are just gonna freak the shit out and call it glade until they are blue in the face.

  • Emilie

    Not an ashley tisdale fan but come on, what a fucking douchebag
    immature ass just wants some attention
    fuck off trace cyrus!

  • liri92

    i hate you trace fucking cyrus.. you look like a monster.. and I know why ashley freaked out… because brenda is her bff and this fucking shit is dating her.. are you fucking kidding me?? you would do the same, if your bff would date a jerk like that.. he is so fucking uggly like his fucking little sister

  • jm

    how mean
    what did she ever do to him?
    & she has been one of Miley’s best friends like for ever.
    what a douche

  • liri92

    he is so fucking jealous cuz she is famous and he is nothing but a white trash!!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!

  • http://@JoeylineZoey zoey

    who cares?
    obviously its a personal issue between them…so why does he have to post it on twitter?
    just to show people his troubled lifestyle?
    its not the first time he insults celebrities so why bother make a big deal out of it?…
    come to think of it all these insults make him sound like a stuck up snob…
    and he happened to post this out of the blue?
    she didnt publicly humiliate him, did she?
    i dont think so…
    so technically she’s not that horrible, right?

  • Karen

    Just because some of you do not like Ashley isn’t a reason to praise this guy who has no class, manners, or standards. This just reeks of someone wanting to get attention. Look at him , he obviously is trying to portray that attitude of “I’m too cool” and “Up yours”. I guess Miley is not the only Cyrus wanting to have millions of followers. But with this guy, he doesn’t seem to care what kind of clientel he caters to just as long as he has someone know who he is.

  • maria

    @Listen to mayday parade: I have to agree. I’m sure he had very specific reasons for saying what he did. Not that I have any respect for him for needing to air his dirty little fight with her on Twitter or anywhere else public for that matter. But I’m also sure Ashley had her reasons for saying things about him as well.

    Why is this news?

  • ZJ207

    If he really is a grown man he would deal with his problems personally, WITH Ashley personally, and not over TWITTER.
    Grow up dude. Jeez.

  • Danielle

    Internet tough guy much? :’D

  • Boji

    Every Gossip has its Monger, every Rhyme has its Reason, every sugar has its daddy, every Perez has its Hilton, every Tattoo has a story. Maybe there is some mix-up here, Trace should throw his hate on Sharpay and not Ashley. Oh well, the Twitter doth a tale be told. A twister of a twitter more like or cross twitters come to that.