Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Matsuda Mates

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Matsuda Mates

Miley Cyrus waves to the paparazzi as she and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth grab a bite to eat at Matsuda restaurant in Studio City, Calif., on Thursday afternoon (June 24).

Liam, 20, was seen out earlier in the day picking up some Starbucks to start his day off right.

Miley, 17, is still not a huge vampire fan. She told EOnline when HBO’s True Blood was brought up, “What channel is that on? We don’t have HBO. So we don’t watch a lot of TV. We don’t know what’s on. All we have is like the Disney Channel and Nick at Nite because my sister is only 10 years old.”

15+ pics inside of Miley and Liam at Matsuda…

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Credit: RIV; Photos: Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • trisha

    i love Miley Cyrus!

  • nkeeyah

    She looks great here. She is dressed perfectly for the LA weather today. Love ya Miles

  • eugenia

    she look’s gorgeous like always :)

  • Bel

    Miley doens’t look so hot without make up these days, she looks really pouty and has really droopy eyes. stick to the make up honey! hehe…

  • emaly

    omg me to i have disney & nick & mtv, you guys dont care haha
    love her shorts

  • marylin

    That’s smart of them to not have a lot of channels. Bad idea with everyone always saying something about her. And for once, I’m liking her outfit. Just not the purse and not really the ripped-ness of the shorts. But shirt! Thumbs up!

  • abby

    WHAT was she thinking buying that bag? Would have been a super cute outfit if it wasn’t for that ugly bag.

    LOVING her short hair. <3

  • abby

    @Bel: HELLO she is wearing sunglasses therefore you have no idea if she’s wearing makeup here.

    Also FYI hooded eyes can come from ones ethnic background/race. I myself have hooded eyes because of my mixed race. So what if her eyes are droopy!? Its who she is. If she went and got it fixed people would be up her @ss for that as well. Why do people always feel they have the right to pull a part a person just because their a celeb?

    God some people need to get a life..

  • demi (not lovato)


  • harley

    She looks pretty, and her hair looks cute without the extensions.

    & That statement she gave wasn’t her saying she didn’t like the show, just that she didn’t have the channel? Unless there was more that wasn’t posted.

  • jay

    They are sooooo cute together! And I think they’re both really happy! So everyone should just back off and let them be! And also… when she says a song is written about liam, don’t you hate when people are like “She’s just lying, it’s really about Nick!” Don’t people get that Nick’s not in the picture anymore?! Jeez, give it a freaking rest all ready! Miam foreverr :)

  • izzy

    @demi (not lovato): highly dubt they will get married,liam deserves better but im sure miley is a nice young girl

  • Meghan

    she looks gorgeous, i love her shirt and shorts. so simple but yet so beautiful. :D liam looks hot as usual. (;

  • Qiana


    You sound like a crazed fan…….

  • amy

    i guess Liam has learned Miley ‘pants lessons’ , which is pretty sad!!

  • Kristina

    @Bel: Maybe the reason for the droopy eyelids is because she’s been traveling to promote her album for days. I think it’s an effect from being TIRED.

  • http://j chelsea

    @Qiana: lmao

    . i don’t like miley, but i like her bag =) for once i think her outfit is appropiate, i’ve noticed she just dresses aproppiate when she is around her boyfriend

  • lissi213

    cute pics :)
    Does anyone know what kind of cell phone she has in the pictures??

  • cam


    If they get married when she is only 18 they will probably end up divorced like most hollywoood celebs. Best to wait a while and concentrate on the next phase of her career. Like the outfit, it is nice to see her in appropriate clothes for the place she is. Like the hair, it makes her look much older.

  • alicia

    i want her LEGS! lol

  • wow


    Miley tells so many lies and changes her stories all the time, so I would not put too much credit to what she says about the TV channels in her parents home, because she once said in an interview a couple of years ago or so that she loves the Sex in the City show which was on HBO. I guess it is a kid thing changing one’s stories to fit the interview.

  • Taya

    They are cute <3

  • Taylor

    Her normal outfits are really cute. && I just love her new hair

  • Jsssss

    I kind of like the bag, it’s unique.

  • izzy

    @cam: totally agree with you,if she wants to get married now he will probably run a mile

  • mrsdestinyhope

    WOW, They both look gr8t! Love MC!

  • lindsay

    she’s so stupid, it’s not even funny anymore

  • alice

    Miley looks beautiful

  • tessa

    I love her hair and outfit

  • suri

    I love her

  • abby

    @Qiana: Haha tbh I’m not really a fan of Miley. I just think its wrong when people feel they can pick a part a person just because their in Hollywood.

  • emma

    She is so cute with her short hair

  • mary

    her body is AMAZING!

  • rania

    She is HOT HOT

  • victoria

    she looks so cute and fresh, i love it :)

  • victoria

    @wow: they play sex and the city on FOX as well.. And I had HBO 3 yrs ago but then my parents canceled it because we never watched the specialty channels so maybe thats what happened to her.. dont assume she’s lying. you know what people say about assuming, it makes an a** out of u and me (ass-u-me)

  • rachel


  • rikki

    @Bel: agree. but i still really like her, idk why. i think i feel kinda bad for her and i feel like she’s a good girl who makes stupid decisions. a little self absorbed at times, not as sweet as the other disney girls, but she still seems like a really good hearted person. know what i mean?

    i wish she’d dump this fame-mooching dog she calls her ‘boyfriend’.

  • Helen

    how can people love her? she’s so conceited.

  • Courtney

    I love her new hair!

  • choco

    she didn’t say she watched it on HBO.. she watched the syndicated verion of sex and the city on another channel.

  • ilovemileyfans

    im a big fan of twilight and the vampire dairies
    anyways i luv miley =D

  • big miley fan(:

    Miley looks amazing, as always! I LOVE her outfit! Amazingly adorable. Killer legs too, rofl. :)