Is Victoria Justice Really Dating Nicholas Hoult?

Is Victoria Justice Really Dating Nicholas Hoult?

Victoria Justice shows off her favorite leather jacket as she arrives at the LXD after party held at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood on Tuesday evening (July 6).

According to the Daily Mail, the 17-year-old actress is dating British actor Nicholas Hoult.

The duo, who were spotted at the Evian VIP Lounge during the 2010 Wimbledon Championships in London last month, have been dating for two months!

Victoria shared with the paper about being apart from Nicholas for 10 months, “Ten months is a long time but hopefully I will be able to get out and see Nicholas. I’m also busy, working on the next season of my show.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Victoria and Nicholas coupling up?

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Credit: John Shearer; Photos: Getty
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  • nyc17

    Just friends.

  • pup

    He’s to good for her. XD

  • Ana ROCIO

    I don’t think so!

  • bigbanggggggg

    There’s no way Nicholas Hoult is dating her.
    He’s way too good for her. They’re like from different worlds. She’s from the disney/nick world and Hoult is from the real cinema world.
    I mean please!!!!
    If he does date her, then that’s sad.

  • eeeeeeew


  • dakota

    She’s a catch and a halferoo!!!1 Lucky guy whoever he is…..

  • mike

    @pup: what ever shes too much for him

  • Anika

    I think they look great together during the Wimbledon Championships. Don’t get all so dramatic.

  • aa

    So just because they were at Wimbledon together that means their dating?

  • Estela

    r u serious hes too good for her i think u mean shes too good for him

  • chntl

    I think this is phony I think…………… she really like Avan Jogia……………. u might like him 2……..I think they like eachother more than her and her actual her boyfriend…………..if you go on youtbe u can see them playing marco polo and he hugs her around the waist as soon as he tags her……. and in victorious you can even she that he is (hopefully) her love intrest….. and some reporters for magazines hav asked Avan Jogia if he has a crush on one of his cast mates n he asid maybe………if u get my drift

    This little bit of info was brought to u by Chntl Gnr!!!!!!

  • alex

    omg i hate her so much now she can go to hell for all i care go he is way to good for her and he needs someone else better in his life hes to hot for her to

  • Lauren

    Well I’m happy for them. They’re both really good looking and seem to be really nice people. So instead of insulting them maybe you should be happy for her. Nick is really hot, she’s pretty you really shouldnt judge. It’s about how they feel not how we feel about them being together.

  • Laura

    Well I think they’re good for each other and they shouldnt be in competition to see who’s better. They both seem like decent people and I think they deserve eachother. So before we critize maybe we should just let them be happy.

  • Amoore

    I think it’s great. They seem good together, but i don’t think the long distance relationship will work… maybe for a while, but not for a long time.

  • KATie

    there is no way that they are going out he is wayyyyy to good for her. Tooo hott and smart and she’s just a stupid nickelodeon tween star. he deserves soooo much better.

  • don’t worry about it

    okay first of all Victoria justice is 10x hotter than this guy so don’t trash victoria saying shes just a nick star or shes ugly because chances are shes betterlooking and way more successful than any of you fools will ever be. And no they are not dating for christ sakes, you see them hanging out at a tennis game and bang their automatically dating psh. No they are not dating and besides if anything shes way to good for him she deserves better.

  • velvet cassedy

    Obviously the people on here saying he is too good for her are jealous immature girls who the guy would probably find ugly on the in and outside. Clingy cattyness does not make a guy like you more.

    I watched this young lady on Nick for a while now and she seems very nice and down to earth. You people seriously need to grow up. From a female Victoria justice fan.

    If they are together my best wishes.

  • jony

    she should date avan jogia !!!

  • http://facebook leisubet

    nicholas and victoria are not a great cupel.

  • Will Williams

    hey victoria i love ur shows uh i am ur #1 fan i hope u get this message how was the world wide day of play i am from greensboro NC well i hope 2 see u at a concert or in person sometime congradulations.

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