Joe Jonas Has a Paty's Posse

Joe Jonas Has a Paty's Posse

Giving a great big hug to one of his relatives, Joe Jonas heads back to his vehicle after dining at Paty’s diner in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Thursday afternoon (July 8).

After the meal, the 20-year-old actor/musician (in Nobody Denim‘s Pipe jean) stopped by a local Mobil station to gas up his Mercedes G550 SUV. Lots of gas!

Joe recently returned from London where he was supporting brother Nick in his role in Les Miserables. Joe also popped up at The Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere.

25+ pics inside…

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Credit: LRR; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • bre.

    he’s not wearing his purity ring. not on a necklace or anything.
    not trying to start stuff, i’m just saying.

  • Natalie

    Where is Joe’s ring?!?!?!?!?

  • Lala

    Come on, ladies. When you become an adult, you give up childish stuff. He may still be a virgin, but not many mature adults feel the need to hold on to immature expressions of devotion. It’s like those silly best friends half hearts–in high school, you and your friend split them and wear them. When you enter the adult world, you stop. But you’re still best friends. And if he’s not a virgin, good for him.

  • Eliza :)

    where is Joe’s ring?? that means his not virgin anymore….OMG! :(

  • Lauren

    Maybe he left his ring back home

  • jonaslove

    I love him!!!! His smile makes my whole day brighter, as cheesy as that may sound it is very true :)

  • Ella

    I also noticed that he’s not wearing the ring. But anyway, it’s always great to see his smile. It always brightens up my day. Good to see you my BOO! <3

  • Amanda

    Those glasses are hideous. They look like the funny face glasses with the big rubber nose missing.

  • sam


  • kary

    i love him

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    JOE :) he looks really Hot! he has one of the cutest smiles EVER!
    i remember he last wore that t-shirt when he was with demi -js aha xD
    love him, just needs to take those glasses off so u can see his Amazing eyes Much better!

  • wow

    I think those are his grandparents. Nice to see a close family.

  • Britt

    He doesn’t look very good in these photos

  • Marina

    so is it bad that i’m pretty sure the guy in the hat is his uncle josh??
    it’s nice to see him with some of this other relatives.

    as for the ring thing, i don’t think it’s our business to judge. maybe he packed it up so he wouldn’t have to worry about it on his plane back from england, or maybe he misplaced it. only he knows why it is not on, and it’s his business. i don’t mean to be rude, but that is what i think.

    i also really like those glasses on him.
    when any of the jonas guys wear glasses, sunglasses, or prescription, i think they look really good =)

    his jeans however are a whole new story. i think they look kinda weird, but if that’s what he likes, then good for him.


    i am the blonde posing with him. I saw him and was sitting there while he ate with them

  • jess

    aww he looks gorgeous! and his smile… what a smile!!



  • amanda

    He looks amazing as ever and spending time with his family shiws that fame hasnt gotten into his head. Why worry bout the ring, probably the ring dint fit him or he lost it or he must have left it at home. Dont judge things unless you dont really know the answer!

  • labee

    hey isnt he wore this T-shirt twice.?

  • joeJwifey

    Joe is a gorgeous boy but I think he’ll look better without glasses. But with or without those glasses, I still think he’s cute :)

  • Emma

    Joe is looking awesome
    LOVE HIM<3

  • Emma

    @shamilah: i remember that too

  • Susie

    Just because he isn’t wearing it a ring doesn’t mean he isn’t a virgin anymore! he could have just left it at home or something, people are just overreacting. I’d love Joe no matter what anyway! x

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @Susie: Thank you, Susie. At least someone has some sense.

  • Sarah

    his glasses remind me of austin powers glasses, anyone agree with me?