Zac Efron: Ninja Runnin' Wild!!!

Zac Efron: Ninja Runnin' Wild!!!

Zac Efron is as busy as a bee! Here’s what the 22-year-old actor has been up to and will be up to for the next few years, according to THR:

– Zac is going to star in and produce another Warner Bros comedy written by Jason Filardi. Sibling team Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot might also be producing.

– Zac and his team have now officially named his production company Ninjas Runnin’ Wild. Jason Young and Angie Edgar have just recently joined the team.

– In development at NRW: Snabba Cash, Einstein Theory (formerly titled Algorithm), Fire and Art of the Steal.

– Zac is also still involved in a sexy thriller from Mandate, which is still unnamed.

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Credit: Bill Davila; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • Kimberly

    yay!! first!!! Zac is so perfect!! I hope he’ll produce a movie for both him and Nessa one day!!! ZANESSA ALL THE WAY!!!

  • pop86

    Good Luck Zac.
    Love the name of the production company.

  • liri92

    wooow I like his new plans but he is copying ashley tisdale.. she has a production company too!!! ” blondie Girl productions”

  • maria

    @liri92: OMG, sorry, but that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Ashley is by FAR FROM the first actor to have a production company; so you could say SHE copied others as well.

  • muse

    Such dedication! Such committment! Such a hottie :)

    Congrad to Zac on everything and I cant wait to see him in all his future movies and projects.

  • peggy


    Actually a whole group of stars have production companies and of HSM Lucas Graabel was the first.

    I hope these projects are spaced well apart for maximum benefit for him, overexposure is a recurring pitfall in Hollywood. You don’t want audience fatique

    An audence will get tired of even lovely Zac if they see him too much..

  • http://justjaredjr jenny.s.

    @liri92: There you go again, not to sound rude but not everything revolves around Ashley sweetie; that’s a really stupid assumption to make

    from what I see zac has really great projects lined up and I wish him the best :)

  • http://justjaredjr jenny.s.

    Oh and I forgot; looove the name ‘Ninjas runnin wild’ lol
    Kudos for being very imaginative! :D

  • kyle

    Wow, acting and producing – Zac, you really impress me!!!

  • Skylar

    Goodness, Zac is just amazing and dedicated.
    He is also super talented. I think he will eventually, in his later years, be known as truly the best actor.
    Love him so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much.
    (Maybe after all this he’ll finally ‘settle down’ with Vanessa? Who knows? ;) )
    Zanessa Forever <3

    P.S. Did everyone see all three interviews Zac did yesterday? If not, just ask me and I’ll post back here laterwith the link. ;D

  • Skylar

    Oh yeah and I love the name of the Production Company too! Very creative and original haha! Can’t wait!

  • m

    “Ninjas Runnin’ Wild” kinda sounds like the name of a Naruto episode.
    I like it!


    @muse: He’s my muse too. I’m in the midst of writing a novel for my master’s thesis that I conceived with him as the protagonist. I don’t write parts for actors or choose actors for parts but they organically arise together, fused out of a subconscious association.
    I cannot imagine anyone else in that part but him.
    I’m really happy for Zac and hope this production company grows. I think he’s the kind of person that thrives on productivity and shrinks back in idle-spent hours, so I’m excited about the possibilities surrounding his various projects.

  • bush efron

    oh my god zac so Grown-up in past 2 year …we all proud of you zac … i wish him all the luck ……… Finally he get Chances to be a man real man with best hair in world

  • mike

    i like Zac s projects so waiting to see them

  • Katty

    How come in Zac and Vanessa’s threads there is always that one die-hard Ashley fan that brings up something completely idiotic and wrong?? Just wondering.

    Zac is doing great for himself. A lot of this info can also be found at It has more about the new comedy and everything he is looking into. That is where I first heard about NRW Prod.

  • Katty

    Also, Zac WILL bet the TCAs this year. V is still unknown, but it is probably no because of RENT. But, Zac will be there! I am so watching though! And keep voting people!

  • kate1


    I don’t think V will be there because the TCA get recorded on the Sunday and that is the last day of Rent.

    So she probably will NOT be there

  • omg i missed him?

    cant believe he was in my neighborhood and i didnt even know it !!! AAAHHHH!!!!! even sat across the street from my moms job. unbelieveable!!!

  • Luca

    What the hell is wrong with his hair? I like the guy but come on! It’s standing up everywhere. Not a good look on him at all.

  • musicgirl

    haha love the name:D

  • zanessa/scashley

    Lol, Ninjas !! XD Zachary is so amazing.

  • kim

    Sounds like he will be very busy! That’s great news :)

  • Katty

    There are plenty more shows that Zac did not only in Philly but also Atlanta which incudes radio shows that JJJ does not have on go there to see Zac and more information on the movie!

    I think it’s funny how V is mentioned in nearly every interview Zac does. I understand that they do not want to be known for their relationship, they want to be known as themselves as actors. But, I respect them for answering the questions with dignity and trying to be as kind as possible without giving out too much personal detail.

    An interviewer in Altlanta asked Zac if V goes to the bathroom during his romantic scences with other women and he said no, that she understands that it is part of the job, and she is doing her own thing also, it’s not just him. He said that he knows it’s not real and as soon as the director says cut it’s not real… that’s something I admire in him. A lot of actors and actresses fall in love with the character and get caught up in everything, but not Zac, he knows work from reality.


    @ Katty, i agree with every thing you said, also fans get caught up with the actors also, and can’t realize want is real and want is not, Zac and Vanessa are real.

  • http://deleted amelia25

    WOWWW! Good luck Zac!

  • emily

    Ninja Runnin’ Wild
    sooo cute and clever
    its a reallly gooof name for a production compay