Selena Gomez is a Beach Bunny

Selena Gomez is a Beach Bunny

Selena Gomez chats it up with Kardashian sisters Kim and Khloe as they attend the Beach Bunny Swimwear 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim at the Raleigh in Miami on Friday afternoon (July 16).

The 17-year-old actress, wearing Anlo silk “Harlow” dress in Poppy, brought cousin Priscilla along for the show as well. Looks like the duo are having a great time!

Selena, with her Ramona costar Joey King will be having a live chat on Wednesday, July 21 @ 1PM ET/PT on

15+ pics inside of Selena

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Credit: Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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  • harley

    She looks gorgeous. I love her style.

  • wow

    her cousin looks just like selena

  • maddie


  • rosie

    @maddie: can you get out of here miley/demi fan she is goregous unlike slutty cyrus and demo okay stop reading post about her cause you are sooooo jealous!(:

  • linda

    @Dave: you must be hiding in a rock she is the second biggest star on disney and the prettiest!(:

  • linda

    btw selena looks goregous like always but not loving kims dress

  • andy

    @rosie i could not be more agree!!! also is so funny that pathetic loser dare to call selena ugly hahahaha seriously? wth she think she is if selena is ugly??? lol anyway haters are really really sad persons!!!

  • mary

    is it me, or her cousin looks a little bit like Kim Kardashian?

  • andy

    btw i love her dress, she always looks soooo gorgeous and stunning!!!! love her smile!!!

  • jessica

    selena is just way too gorgeous. i love her dress.

  • Marissa

    Selena looks so beautiful as always!! And please dont play MADDIE game, she is an attention whore and deserves a BIG slap in her face :) Hope one day people made her justice but until this day just IGNORE this stupid “no life” person?

  • none

    Wow Selena says she’s saving herself for marriage but I don’t think she is a virgin. I mean anyone who can hang out with the Kardashian whores isn’t a a virgin.

  • Naomi


    what? are you serious? she is a virgin, so how stupid do you sound?

  • Naomi

    btw, selena looks pretty as usual :)

  • linda

    @none: so i guess demi and justin arent virgins either because they hung out with kim hahahah your are so pathetic!(:

  • cmeesmile

    Selena Gomez is a very classy young woman and @none: who you hang out with doesn’t always define who you are. She can be a positive influence on other people. It takes bravery to share with the world your private vow to Christ to remain a virgin until marriage. Also, at shows, where guests sit are pre-arranged so it might have been pure coincidence that Kim and Selena were placed next to each other. Even then, both look lovely.

  • http://urfavenguyen stephanie

    they’re both good examples of beautiful successful women!

  • ana

    beautiful girl!

  • nkeeyah

    She looks very very pretty

  • ktawnyy

    her signature look is the one shoulder dresses! I love it! she is so pretty and elegant! selena is my idol!!!!

  • liri92

    selena is the most beautiful girl on this freaking earth.. so maddie get the fu*k out and go to ur freaking miley cyrus .. selena is number one on disney.. cuz miley left disney..

  • liri92

    she is a virgin @none… miley isnt a virgin. but we know this 2 years before where she dated justin..

  • kara

    Please Selena, stay away from the Garbageshian, those who approach them have lost their career.

  • http://twitter//lovedemi4ever loveDEMI4ever

    selena is georgeus!!
    love her <3

  • SSj23

    Sel hangs out with Kim and Khloe! Amazingg!
    And Demi hung out with Kim. So did Justin

    Any thought ;) ?

  • bowwow4ever

    aaayyee that demi lovato must be jealous uuh uuuh ;)

    Go Selena and she looks hot…Sorry Kim ;)

  • Zina

    OMG she looks kinda like their sister :/

    But I still adore this girl so beautiful and talented!

  • none

    @liri92: Selena isn’t a virgin and neighter is Jennifer Stone.

  • Naomi


    dude, just stop talking. how do you even know that? clearly, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • ella

    pretty Sel.

  • cam


    Your name is perfect – none = no brain. They were seated next to each other – does not mean they have the same lifestyle or share the same views or morals. Besides, Kim Kardasian is 29 years old, never worked for Disney and was never a teen idol or role model. Your dislike for Selena is obvious, but your views do not change the fact that Selena is a gorgeous, sweet, wholesome and very talented young lady.

  • lol


    @liri92: Selena isn’t a virgin and neighter is Jennifer Stone.

    And you know this how? I’m sure you do not know these girls personally and they have never exibited any behaviour that would indicate such an accusation. I bet you are a hoe and as such are trying to justify yourself. Maybe you should go hang out with the Disney $lut & we all know who that is.

  • lol

    last comment was directed at @none

  • Dave

    @linda Originally the post said “Selena Goemz is a beach bunny.” I was just trying to point out the typo. And second of all, the phrase is “hiding under a rock” you can’t hide in a rock.

  • none

    Oh and one other thing Taylor Momsen’ in a recent interview said her Best Friend Is ‘A Vibrator’! She isn’t a virgin also.

  • Lea

    @none what interviews and tweets?? prove it then people will believe you!!! common lets see the truth !!!

  • none

    @liri92: She was attacking me not you.

  • Daniella!!


  • Luvd80s2

    @none: just send them to the Blind gossip site, theres alot of BG about Selena Gomez not being as innocent as she portrays. hope this will help!

  • liri92

    @none.. she did right.. u are a uggly person. .

  • tory

    1. They probably were just seated next to each other I doubt they made a whole night of it. It is considered polite to acknowledge the person next to you.

    2. It is NOBODY’S business if Selena, Miley, Demi, Taylor, Jennifer or any other (young) woman is a virgin, it IS THEIR BODY and THEIR DECISION. You are NOT a whore if you’ve had sex and You are NOT a loser if you have decided to wait. Just do what feels best for you and stop JUDGING someone elses choices. Be You and let them be themselves.

  • Laffur

    Okkk really ppl?? I agree wit @tory soo much!! And how low r u ppl willing to go?? I mean bringing if shes a virgin into this? And bringing Demi who is jst a pretty as Selena and then Miley?? I mean where does this post say anything bout either of those things/ppl?? Tell me & i’ll take back what i said

  • none

    Girls who say they’re christian don’t behave like tramps and there isn’t a Disney girl who hasn’t behaved like a Christian girl. They aren’t virgins and God will have the final say not @Troy who doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  • Naomi


    wow you really have no life if you’re saying this.

  • none

    @Naomi: Is insulting me the only thing you can do. I state an opinion and the best you can do is say that I have no life. Wow Naomi you’re such a great person. NOT!

  • kym

    im not a big fan of selena as i think she is very overated in her talents. but there is one thing u cant deny and that is she is gorgeous. she looks very pretty here. like a lost kardashian lol her and kim look a like…kinda
    p.s. i cant believe people r arguing about wether or not she is a virgin. no one knows that for sure cuz none of us even know her. the funny thing is that she cud or cudnt be but we will never know for sure untill she is married….unless she says it in a interview or something lmfaoo

  • Naomi


    wow, you don’t even know me. do you know how stupid you sound? your statements are clearly ridiculous. you said selena gomez isn’t a virgin? really? how do you know that? besides, just because she was hanging out with kim doesn’t make her not a virgin. clearly, you’re the one making a fool of yourself by saying that. you don’t even know selena.

  • Naomi


    p.s. im sorry that i insulted you

  • none

    @Naomi: I have better things to do than fight which is all you want to do and I don’t think your sorry for insulting me because you wouldn’t have said it if you didn’t believe it.

  • Naomi


    well, i am sorry. if you can’t except that, oh well.