Demi Lovato Loves Kim Kardashian's Style

Demi Lovato Loves Kim Kardashian's Style

Demi Lovato is a huge fan of Kim Kardashian‘s style.

The 17-year-old actress/singer dished to People at the Shop Til You Rock Glendale stop over the weekend, “She wears clothes that fit her body…I’ve been embracing my body as I’ve been getting older, I’m starting to have curves and I’m embracing it and kind of looking to her style to help me out with that.”

So what is Demi looking forward to for fall? “I’m really excited about just fall in general—like the scarves, the handbags, the coats and awesome jeans, and boots, and tights.”


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Credit: Charley Gallay, Michael Wright; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • linda

    no demi kim dresses slutty with thight clothes that reveal too much just like your skirt please stop there are alot of way to look good without tight clothes!!!!!

  • Jenny

    @linda: tight clothes on skinny people are yawn and icky but on curvy people it looks good.

  • Darius

    @Jenny: Damn right.

  • linda

    @Jenny: well i guess it didnt make her body or legs look good because it was too thight but everything else was fine

  • Jenny

    @linda: i guess its personal opinion… i will say demi doesnt work it the best… but yeah… once your figure develops and has a definite shape… thight skirts look really good

  • emaly

    my fall fashion sample is
    vanessa and ashley <3

  • nkeeyah

    Kim and Demi are amazing. They are great role models for girls on what a Normal Body is. I am curvy and I am starting to embrace my curves. For Fall I am looking foward to the boots and scarves.

  • sean92

    well idk whose kim kardashan butt i fink dats cool nd those who r criticizign demi aboot her clothes shood shutt up demi is relly beautifull i fink lol

  • ryan

    There must be some very insecure people here, just because of a story like this. Demi & Kim are both full-figured women & apparently that’s a problem for some of you. Do you not realize how much healthier it is to be curvy, to not be a stick-thin model, etc.? Not only that, D & K both have curves & are confident & proud of their bodies, who they are as young women. It’s as I’ve referenced to before, Demi & Kim both present a much more positive image for those girls who look up to them & others alike.

    99.9% of Hollywood today goes on looks & that’s really a shame. They think in order to be taken seriously or have popularity, you have to be stick-thin, 100 lbs., & wear clothes that are unflattering. I’m glad Demi & Kim throw that stereotype out the window. You can be curvy, confident, & still make it in the entertainment business without conforming to the fickle norms placed on women in today’s society.

    I have yet to see either Demi or Kim show too much in wearing dresses that are form-fitting, that embrace their curves & accentuate their best features. Of course, everyone’s entitled to an opinion, and if you think either D & K are doing so, then so be it. I happen to be huge fans of both of these women & will continue to be, so I’ll just say this in ending… Let the haters hate.

  • Scipio

    have you seen kims face thats not natural, how can you call her a role model, im dissapointed in all of you.

  • jensinemay.

    FALL FASHION STAPLES: Scarves & boots. I can’t wait <3 (: