Vanessa Hudgens Hasn't Been to Hollywood Bowl

Vanessa Hudgens Hasn't Been to Hollywood Bowl

Vanessa Hudgens and BFF Brittany Snow get in a little girl time in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (July 21).

The 21-year-old actress recently admitted to Access Hollywood that she hasn’t been to the Hollywood Bowl yet. She shared, “Right now it’s just another stage. If I saw it, I would be freaked out. I mean it, it’s amazing. I’m just honestly trying not to think about it. I’ve never been to a show at the Hollywood Bowl so it’s just gonna be another stage. And I just love performing, so I just can’t wait to be up there.”

Vanessa added, “We still have not started rehearsals. We only have about 10, 11 days of rehearsal so I’m just learning all the songs, making sure I know them in and out, so when I go all they have to do is tell me where to stand and how to move. I love the part of Mimi. She’s a phenomenal character, she’s such an amazing art, gets the best songs, and it’s just a lot of fun.”

Vanessa, with henna on her hand, and Brittany were spotted at the Charlie St. Cloud premiere last night to support Zac Efron.

ARE YOU GOING to see Vanessa in Rent?

Vanessa was wearing a Brokedown Crystal Chevron Tank, Current/Elliott‘s The Skinny Jeans in Loved Destroy and Blu Moon Heart-shaped sunglasses.

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: LRR; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • BabyBooZanessa

    First !

    God She’s Pretty Gorgeous

  • blairr

    i wishh, more reasons i want to live in california!

  • jess!

    Vanessa looks gorgeous!

  • lauren

    apparently zac efron is in chicago tomorrow and i have to work.

  • thaila

    will the brittany or Zac, slept at the home of Vanessa?

  • Lolo

    Has anyone noticed what Vanessa’s new henna says?
    I noticed it in the Charlie St. Cloud premiere pictures.. I curious about what it says and/or symbolizes, the henna is on her right hand’s palms. It’s obviously henna and I wonder why she got it.
    Pics of her new henna:

  • emaly

    ok, i love brittney snow alot, but
    did like ashnessa break up? they
    never hang out anymore, i miss
    them really much ):

  • mykamicks

    Girls —–bonding moment! Both are lovely!

  • yyyy

    WOULD LOVE TO…but damn I don’t live there

    Looking great…love the pics

  • sara12

    she looks amazing

  • nathalia

    I love candles together

  • Jane

    Probably v and z doesnt like ashley bf that much , thats why they doesnt hang out that much

  • Diamond

    Vanessa has great style!! She Is beautiful I love her and brittanys friendsup their awesome! Can’t wait for v in rent!!

  • jess!


  • Lolo
  • mike

    i will go to see her in rent love Vanessa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenn8

    Good to see the friends hanging out together again. They also hung out yesterday at the premiere and the after party (there’s a video on YouTube). Btw cool henna tatto and love her ripped jeans. And also just because we don’t see Vanessa or zanessa hanging out with Ashley doesn’t mean that they aren’t friends anymore. I’m sure that Ashley would have been and the premiere yesterday but she is in Canada.

  • carly


    Can you send me the video of them in the after party.

    I love them hanging out together, just like when their boyfriends hang out together. I hope Brittany and Ryan go with Zac to see Rent.

  • emaly


    oh thank you (:

  • carly

    OH did you hear vanessa in an interview say that they will be doing some re-shoot of beastly… that means that maybe after rent she will cut her hair with the bangs. I love her with the bangs she looks so beautiful !!!
    Can’t wait for beastly! and It looks like zanessa had a great time together.

    Check out the video of vanessa playing with Charlie at the after party.

  • jess!

    Vashley?? hahaha I like Vanessa and Ashley friendship, but i LOVE V and Britt hanging out…love their friendship

  • tee

    Vanessa does Comic-con this week, doesn’t she?

  • js

    I love V’s outfit and I think their friendship is really cute

  • Jenn8

    Vanessa is going to be at comic-con with zach snyder and the rest of the SP cast the 24th. Can’t wait to see what she is wearing and the sneak peak of the movie!!!:):)

  • http://j alex

    i love britanny with vanessa, better than ashnessa:)

  • boji

    Can’t get over how gorgeous she looked in that bare back, silk dress. Love her vivaciousness, energy and sexiness.That video clip just shows what fun she can be. Also love seeing her hanging out with her bff Brittany. That Sucker Punch preview pic was just so awesome. They all looked sexy fierce. Can’t wait to see it. And you betcha I’ll go see Rent, unfortunately. I would need a Visa not forgetting, air travel tickets and a hotel stay to go see, like many of her other fans. Oh well, there’s always the youtube I suppose, hopefully we’ll get a couple of postings to view her performances. Keep your fingers crossed, folks!

  • Joochi

    Yes, I’m from the island of Oahu and I’m flying in to see RENT, I can’t miss our Hawaiian Girl Nicole and of course Ms. Vanessa, I’m all stoked to be going it’ll be my first time, can’t wait!!!!

  • annie

    @Joochi, lucky girl :), i wish but i live accros the ocean far from america, i hope for youtube he he.

    and dear nessa….lookin cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute :)

  • lslsharon

    Love Nessa!!!

  • zanessaloverss123

    haa love them hanging out and love how ness is dressed yeah wonder what she has in her hand a friend of mine who went to asia and japan and…. told me that the women did that in marriage and celebrations in fact she came with one and it goes away like … 1 month idk dont remember but i would like to know the answer to why she made it :)

    oh and thanks for the video of vanessa playing with charlie and his sisteerr adoorableee.!

  • Karen

    Vanessa and Ashley are still BFF according to Vanessa. Zac even mentioned Ashley the other day when he went to the MOA in a couple of his interviews. However, Ashley has mostly been in Vancouver filming her new show Wildcats and then she was also in Toronto filming the Sharpay movie. She just hasn’t been in LA much the last few months. And I don’t think Scott—Ashley’s BF—has anything to do with it. A few months ago there were pics of Zac and Vanessa having dinner with Scott an Ashley. These people have work that separates them from friends from time to time. Last summer Zac and Vanessa were busy at work in Vancouver while Ashley was in LA. It’s hard to hang out with someone when there is so many miles between them.

  • honey


  • ehryle

    Absolutely ADORABLE gurls!!! Vanessa is so Cool and Beautiful :)

  • maichi

    They are freaking beautiful. :)

  • liri92

    @karen ecxactly that the fact the cannot hang out together but you did a mistake ashleys new show is called “Hellcats” not “wildcats”.. anyway its way more easy to hang with someone like brittany who is not that famous than with ashley who is busy all the time.. and when ash is not busy vanessa is.. but their bff.. ashley&v told this in 1000 interviews.. that their the closest and bestest friends.. you know on the beginning of this year they were hanging out all the time 24/7.. but know their just focused on their own careers.. so chill out guys..

  • Olivia

    yay i love these too, vanessa has a pair of the sandals Brit is wearing, mahybe she borrowed them off V?? i love vanessa outfit so boho

  • sandra

    beautiful as always

  • patry

    she is just GORGEOUS-NESS! love her to death!

  • maria

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  • http://jjj telma

    a love her look

    vanessa will rocks on rent

    ggo ggogogogo vanessa

  • blahblahblah

    She’s obviousely showing off her hand. I hate that. She’s making it look like she’s covering up her face but instead she’s showing off her henna. She’s looking like an attention wh*** lately. :|

  • ehryle

    OMG! VOTE for Vanessa & Zac

    for BEST SUMMER BODIES of 2010

  • pop86


    Britany has a new show with Katy Bates that is part of NBC Fall schedule. The show is filmed in L.A. so it is easy for her to hangout with her friends.


    I love how Vanessa, Brit, and Ashley are the best of friends. Vanessa and Britany look like they really enjoying their afternoon together.

  • Unbelievable

    Im starting to like this frindship better then I do vanessa and ashleys mainly because, and I’m not trying to open a can of worms here cause I like ash too, but at least brittany doesn’t support perez Hilton the way Ashley does. I think V can open up more with Brittany just a thought thou I could be completeley wrong.

  • Karen


    Look, it is not fair for people to slight Ashley because they don’t like her but it is the same if you slight Brittany which you were “hinting” at in your reply. Brittany is also a very busy actress and had been off in recent months filming a movie as well as she—as pop86 said—has a new show she is doing with Kathy Bates in the fall. Getting to work with someone like Bates is a big feather in her cap.

    Sorry about the slip with the “Wildcats” vs “Hellcats”. The name Wildcats just came so much easier.

  • vfan

    Love Vanessa’s casual outfit, Hot!
    Believe me, if I could go and watch V in Rent, I’d probably be the first person there! She’s gonna do great. :)

  • jess!

    you are so lucky

  • susan1

    both gorgeous! i love their friendship.

  • Tata

    I want the henna tatoo as well!!!!!