Zac Efron Sees The Light

Zac Efron Sees The Light

Zac Efron gets blinded by the flash of a camera as he arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (July 27).

The 22-year-old Charlie St. Cloud actor chatted with Movieline about his upcoming projects, his friendship with director Burr Steers and making the cover of People shirtless. Check it:

On reading along with Burr: “I read this Meisner book [he] gave me after 17 Again that just sat on my coffee table forever, with this picture of an old-looking dude with gray hair and glasses on the cover. [Laughs] It’s a hard one to turn the first page, but I just sat and down and committed that I was going to read it all, and then I couldn’t put it down as soon as I started it. I read the whole thing in about three days. It’s just fascinating, and it’s all those little things that I wouldn’t have gotten into if it weren’t for Burr.”

On his upcoming thriller Snabba Cash: “I see a way into that character that I could believe myself in, and that’s few and far between these days. I read scripts, and people tell me, ‘Matt Damon was going to do this project.’ And I’m like, ‘Of course Matt Damon was going to do that project, it’s f**kin’ crazy! I can’t do that.’”

On shirtless photos making the cover of People: “It was like, what am I going to do: go to Hawaii and not go to the beach and say for the rest of my life that I didn’t do it because [the paparazzi] were there, or am I just going to brave it, go out, and let all that happen?…It’s not the worst thing in the world. And you know, aside from that, I had this amazing trip with my brother.”

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Credit: Fame Pictures, Sharky, Sean Harding, MOE; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • karly

    dear zac efron, you are amazing. k.

  • http://none Gigi

    Good for you Zac! I love his attitude about everything, seriously can this guy get anymore sexier?!

  • kami

    he’s on jimmy kimmel tomorrow night.

  • zanessa/scashley

    Oh.. Matt Damon !? It would have been so cool if Matt & Zachary worked together. *sigh* Zachary is just one heck of a guy. LOVE HIM !

  • Mimi

    whoa snabba cash will be great!

  • Jenny

    He looks rather sexy. As usual ;)

  • Athena

    He looks great! Glad he enjoyed himself while in NYC…..can’t believe I didn’t meet him.

  • ze

    what a douc*e!!!!!!!!! Apparently, Vanessa wasn’t SERVING him and he favored a couple of strippers instead in NY. Told ya, way too good to be true. V, please move on, he’d sell his first born if it meant more adoring fans, he’s a scoundrel underneath that goody good image.

  • Tiptoes


    in your mind *rolls eyes – didn’t he just say – “I am very happy, very happy” about his relationship with Vanessa.

    Glad to see you home Zac. He looks tired from all the NY interviews.

  • pop86

    @ze: Really how dumb are you? If that was true it would all over the media by now. Go away and take your lies with you.

    I hope Zac get some rest before he goes to Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

  • http://deleted amy

    He looks tired but good, 2 days til charlie st cloudddd xD

  • ze

    @pop86: it is all over the media, smart one.


    @ze: If this is true, I think it makes him 21, not a douchebag. Personally, it would be *wise* for both of them to date other people to know their relationship is right (ie: you can’t know “good” until you know “bad” – both terms require each other).

    But whatever. I’m not managing, nor do I wish to manage, Zac’s personal life. His fans do that pretty well on their own.

  • pop86

    @ze: Oh please, you need to stop. Zac or any male celebrity going to strip club is not news (especially in New York). Every politician ( even from other countries) to athletes have been that club. The club even advertises on taxi cabs and some newspapers( they even list former customers). lol

    BTW: This is not Zac first at a strip club so get over it. Moving on.

  • mike

    cool guy

  • http://deleted amy

    The whole strip club story is probably just made up, unless there is pictures we’ll never really know. But people shouldn’t just believe everything that they read.

  • erika

    I think people exaggerate things quite zac the fact has gone to a club does not mean anything besides we do not know if it is true, Quie much nessa zac and he has said throughout this whole time if you do not miss zanessa fan these affect only aticulos what they do to get more publicity

  • myopinion

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong about single guys and even married guys going to strip clubs, having lap dances, etc. It’s mostly a guy thing and just having fun – unless of course they go home with one of the dancers and deliberately cheat on their wives and girlfriends. This is actually a good thing in a relationship because that means this couple do trust each other. I bet Zac and Corbin spoke to V when they were at the strip club having fun.

  • Ashley

    Okay the serving part is true. Go on YouTube and find his nightline interview. He sounds like a jerk like I’m with her because it serves me right now. I don’t know about the strip club though.

  • pop86


    He also said in previous inteviews “he is very very happy with Vanessa. ”
    Stop over analyzing every detail of his interviews.

  • sheila

    i didn’t really like the “its serving me” comment but i don’t believe that is reflective of how he really feels. he’s been talking a lot about vanessa lately and has probably been more complimentary of her and their relationship then he EVER has been. i think that comment was just a poor choice of words (he has done that before in interviews). honestly, i think he just says things to try and take the focus away from the relationship but sometimes his choice of words is bad. interviews can put you on the spot sometimes. at the end of the day, the relationship is between vanessa and zac. its not anyone else’s responsibility to determine if zac is being a good boyfriend. vanessa is a smart, strong woman; she can figure that out herself.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Karen

    Every time something comes up that people think they can use to get some “scandal” or gossip going they go crazy. The strip club is just another one of those things. I’m not here to say he didn’t go—he certainly may have gone. The news says he and Corbin went with another male friend which was probably Zac’s manager Jason—who is a married man and only been married for about a year and a half. Not everyone views strip clubs the same way. This one is not located down a back alley and nobody is reporting they went to some “private back room”.

    ALSO, it was widely reported that when Zac AND VANESSA were in Vancouver filming their movies at the same time that Z&V went to a strip club together—RobPatz and gang also had gone to the same club—SOOOO, I don’t not believe either Zac or Vanessa is quite so naive and will not respond the way some of you who are wanting to start a stink want them to.

  • sheila

    i myself am not crazy about strip clubs. i don’t care how classy they are blah blah. however, my own personal feelings are irrelevant. of course zac knows he could never go to a place like this and not have it make news. he’s no dummy. neither is vanessa. if she’s gone with zac in the past, which has been reported, she probably doesn’t care that much. of course, what is going to grow out of this story is not that he went (not scandalous at all), but what went on while he was there. there will be “onlookers” who say he got private lap dances and maybe even one of the dancers will come out with some kind of exaggerated story. or a friend of one of the dancers will come out with a story. it doesn’t matter if it is true or not. people can report anything they want to. all of that crap is out of his control and if you make the choice to go to one of these places, that is the fallout. i’m sure zac is aware of all that and probably doesn’t give a hoot.

  • Karen

    One last thing, just a few tidbits some of you may want to take into consideration: Each and every little article like the strip club one is ALWAYS “embellished”—meaning there is a negative or scandalous slant added to it. And it is done to make it “scandalous” in the minds of the gullible. That’s what sells. We’ve seen it time after time. Why do you people think this is any different?

    Also, these article say how Zac and Corbin came in at midnight and left at 3AM…all of this in light of how Zac had to be ont he Today show the next morning and the Regis and Kelly show. I didn’t see any hint that Zac had been out partying all night when I watched him on the shows… What I want to point out, BEFORE you BELIEVE EVERY WORD that is written or allow all the haters on these threads to get you all in a tizzy, just think about past times certain things have been written and I think you might calm down. Everybody just wants to react negatively FIRST before they stop and try to give a situation some thought.

    Also, one of the articles that has this written up says Zac was in NYC to go to the his PREMIERE of CSC and that he walked the red carpet—clearly a LIE. Once again we have “embellishments”. And as Sheila says, anybody can say anything even when something clearly didn’t happen. So, what is Zac to do, go into hiding or hibernation? Not live life?

  • Karen

    And yes, I know that Zac was not on the Today show until Tuesday. It was not Monday. I’m a night shift person and my days and night get confusing once in a while.

  • pop86

    The New York Post which is reporting this story said it was Sunday night and some are reporting Saturday night so it sometime last weekend.

  • sheila

    bottom line is, unless he actually gives us a play by play of what happened from when he walked in the door to when he left, what happened or didn’t happen will never be known. as outsiders, we shouldn’t actually care. if it was a close personal friend of mine and her husband went and she was really upset by it, then it’s my business to care. anything that involves zac and vanessa’s private lives and their private relationship should really not worry us. there is no doubt that vanessa is being asked about this by paparazzi as she goes about her business. as zac’s girlfriend, she has to be on board with answering questions about him. this isn’t the first time salacious stories have come out and i’m sure hse has been asked in the past. it is part of her life. if his decision to go to a stripclub and have a fun night out with friends ends up causing too much fuss for vanessa to deal with in the media, i’m sure they will have a discussion about it and he will rethink these kinds of activities in the future.

  • Unbelievable

    Jimmy kimmel tweeted that he’d ask zac about this tonight. We’ll see if he does and what zac says.