Demi Lovato: Joe and I Keep Our Friendship Going

Demi Lovato: Joe and I Keep Our Friendship Going

Demi Lovato is finally opening up a bit on reconnecting with Joe Jonas.

The 17-year-old singer shared about her relationship with her now ex-boyfriend. She shared, “We thought about it when we first started dating, you know, to think about the consequences or what would happen if we weren’t dating when it came to tour. It’s definitely something we thought about before and we’re just dealing with now. It’s not bad, you know. We had a really great friendship before and now we just have to keep it going.”

And what about Demi‘s upcoming album? “The new album so far it’s a little more pop, it’s more R&B. It’s a little more soulful. It has a different sound to it so I’m really excited to see how it turns out. I feel like I’m going to be doing that too so I might be incorporating rock and R&B,” she revealed.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Demi’s new music?

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  • anne

    to be good friends again! but hopefully never again be engaged, that always sits in relations blames only the jonas! and very jealous girls

    to be good friends again! but hopefully never again be engaged, that always sits in relations blames only the jonas! and very jealous girls

    to be good friends again! but hopefully never again be engaged, that always sits in relations blames only the jonas! and very jealous girls

  • Kiara

    YEP i love rock so im so excited

  • http://mina_23 mina

    I can’t wait for new Demi music! She has the best music and she’s my fave singer! Go Demi! I just can’t stand Joe. Jerk. -.-

  • gabby

    Joe is Way Too much For Demi because she is so fake :|

  • haley

    Demi:Joe is like my brother

    then why did u date him??

  • Ceecile

    @haley Oh for fuck sake GET OVER IT!

    I’m really excited for 3rd album but I don’t like pop or RnB. Don’t like Rihana and the other one she named (Keri Hilson?) either. So I’m a bit worried about that.

  • bam bam

    sooooooooooo happy for this next album. I Wonder what the album cover will look like. her album always get better!

  • haley


    nope. never gonna get over it. She lied to our face.

  • shannon :)

    not loooking forward to it at all

  • Ceecile

    @haley So did he!
    And what was she supposed to say? “Oh yeah, I’m totally in love with him eventhough he doesn’t know it and he dated one of my bestfriend and broke her heart and he’s now dating a brazillian model/actress 3 years older than him and I have to go on tour with him anf film another movie and work with on other projects with him and his dad is my manager.”
    Yeah.. That would have gone over real good!

  • haley

    yup she should have said that. Why lied?

  • haley

    The point is she lied. She said he’s like a brother but on teen vogue photoshoot she said ‘the feelings were always there’. Why would you have a “feeling” towards someone you think as a brother? awkward much?

  • lol

    @haley i get what your tring to say but i mean maybe her feelings changed for him and she sees him more like a bf and not a brother. theyre not really related you know.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    u live and u learn…shes young and she fell hard 4 her best friend. its normal. joe knew wat she was all about and he stil went thru wit it. i think it was wrong of him. she means business and dedicates ur self wit 100% luv and she really deserves sum1 much older and mature. she wil mak it…

  • londonlemming

    @haley: Grow up. It is quite clear from your comments that you know nothing about being friends with someone then it turning in to more and going back to what it was originally. of course the feelings were always there.There had to be some to become such close friends in the first place.

  • -

    SUPER EXCITED for new music from Demi!!!!!!!!!
    can’t wait! she’s the best singer in the world!!!

  • Ceecile

    @haley That was sarcasm..
    And Joe lied just the same. Why do you only bash her? Oh wait I know Joe stan alert!

  • demiisthebest

    I think they’re good friends
    and i cant wait for her new album! i love her music
    and HER VOICE
    love her!

  • oopsie

    she didn’t lie. you can be really cose to somewhere to where they seem like family , but are confused whether or not if just brotherly or romantic.

  • blahblah

    she’s a good as singer but she should quit acting.. geez can’t she sense it she’s not doing any better! and all the joe and demi stuff.. let’s get over it.. that’s their lives and we’ve got nothing to do with that!

  • anonymous

    Sadly that relationship should never have happened – you just dont date best friends, brothers, your friends ex boyfriends, people you work with and Joe is all of those so No to dating plus he always seems to hurt his friends/girlfriends and ex friends/girlfriends.

  • haley

    dating some1 you see as a brother is wrong. Because it will never work out. This is why their “relationship” is short lifted. I’m in no way a Joe stan because I couldn’t care less about him.

  • thats right i said it

    i cant wait for her album i have always wanted her to do rnb because i always thought her voice had soul in it

  • thats right i said it

    @haley: they arent really brother and sister they were bestfriends and she fell hard for her bestfriend it happens she didnt lie

  • ella

    Good to know that they are working things up now that the tour will about to start this weekened. But anyway, I’m still a JEMI fan!!! :))

  • http://rhf13 r-jemi

    I fall soo sorry 4 them

  • http://rhf13 r-jemi

    No no no just Frog it girls & Boys

  • ryan

    This should finally put to rest any of the lame rumors about D & Joe touring together being awkward due to their split. They were friends, their feelings developed into something more & they gave the next step – a relationship – a go. It didn’t work out & as you see here, D is still very much best friends w/ Joe & vice versa, their friendship & feelings remaining intact. I don’t know why so many people think there is this huge grudge they have against the other because they broke up. Also, for those of you who don’t even bother to look at what D & Joe have said about one another, Joe said he ended the relationship because he didn’t want to risk losing the great friendship he has with Demi. I’m sure you could ask Demi & she would say the same, she didn’t want to risk it either. With that, they broke off their relationship. All this hatred towards them both is really shallow & immature – calling Demi a streetwalker, saying she’s ugly & can’t sing, saying she’s this, that, and the other, wishing she would die, etc. & saying Joe’s a pedophile, a womanizer/player, saying he’s only with these girls for the money, publicity, & fame, etc.

    The only ones who have any clue related to anything w/ Demi & Joe are the fans who actually support the both of them. Not any of these overzealous, hormonal Jonas Brothers fans or those out there who sent death threats to Demi & were calling her every name in the book a few months back through Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc. Disney got exactly what they wanted out of this – Publicity & $$$. Not only that, to them, this was a publicity stunt, but for the fans who support them, they knew how D & Joe felt about each other, knew of the strong friendship & bond they had w/ one another. I don’t think this is over by any means, I see D & Joe (once they’re away from lousy Disney) falling in love again. This time, though, it’ll be on D & Joe’s terms, they’ll be able to be Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas, a normal, everyday couple in love and not Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas, Disney’s Cash Cow Couple.

  • jemifan4life

    you guys are so annoying, they dated get over it.
    i mean yeah she said joes like her brother.
    but their bestfriends.
    im so glad their trying to work things out :)

  • Laffur

    @anonymous: Ummmm yes u can!!!! If they both feel the same way then yeah y not date them!!!! Sooo wooow u must not know about dating :P


    demi is a stttupid

  • Britini95

    @JUSTINBIEBER – LOVE: “Demi is a sttttupid”? You sound like the stupid one! Learn to spell before you insult others. And to Haley, she only said that Joe was like a brother to her to get people off her back about dating rumors in the past. People’s feelings change, especially when you’re a teenager ‘cuz your hormones are acting up! Love is the scariest thing in the world because its so uncontrolable. Although I have never had to deal with anthing like this, but I’m mature enough to understand.

  • Britini95


    Demi was always pop, she just had hard guitars that made it pop/rock, but her main genre was always pop. Now she’ll be pop/RnB. Because of her age and the company she works for, it will probably be more pop than RnB. So it may not be as different as you think, no need to worry :) I always knew Demi would take this road, she has a deep soul to her voice, like Beyonce Knowles. I’m excited for her new album, she also said she would have a bilingual song(some Englsh, some Spanish) I’m guessing the album art will have some blue, maybe with some gray. I’m glad she’s taking her time, great music is worth the wait!

  • Rebecca

    i want demi and joe to leave disney already so they can renew their romantic relationship and fall in love agai and get married and have kids

  • Rebecca

    I want Demi and Joe to fall in love, get married and have kids, they’d make the perfect married couple!

  • Zippy

    Joe ended the relationship so obviously is wasn’t a mutual decision therefore could cause problems. Not saying Joe wasn’t upset with the split but not as much Demi maybe. And now the world knows she liked him since Camp Rock, so gotta be toughing touring together and having everyone watching your every move. She needs to look after herself after last weekend sickness.
    Not saying they’re not gonna be friends again, but surely it can’t be an easy thing, to go backwards. It won’t be the same that’s for sure. They can say it with words all they want but anyone can see it’s awkward.

  • fara

    i’m really really excited,i’m happy that it have different sounds,before it was really “rock” and i’m enjoy to hear demi sings songs which sound more r’n'b like the camp rock song”can’t back down”

    “The new album so far it’s a little more pop, it’s more R&B. It’s a little more soulful”
    I can’t wait!!