Vanessa Hudgens: Shoe Shopping Sweetie

Vanessa Hudgens: Shoe Shopping Sweetie

Vanessa Hudgens covers her black locks in a cute hat as she shops for a few new pairs of shoes at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills on Wednesday afternoon (August 11).

The 21-year-old actress was spotted out last night at a party celebrating boyfriend Zac Efron‘s Details cover.

Vanessa also just completed her run in RENT at The Hollywood Bowl this past weekend. Did you get to catch a show?

FYI: Vanessa is sporting her face Current/Elliott jeans.

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Photos: WENN
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  • vannfan

    so cute <3

  • vannfan

    and im so proud of her!

  • Precious

    That outfit is awesome, minus the hat!!

  • Katty

    I don’t like shopping alone… but she doesn’t seem to mind it.

    Girl you look tired, I am telling you, sleep in and do a spa day or something.

    I hope we get news on her movie choices soon!!

  • Ann


  • zanessa/scashley

    She definitely deserves a break.. @Katty: Spa day is definitely the way to go !! =) I like her hat, it looks really cute on her and the scarf.. I love the scarf. I might as well say I love her whole outfit. She’s adorable !

  • Shelby haynes

    Those jeans aren’t very flattering n the back and omg she’s so much better without that ton of hair extensions in her head!!! Much prettier!!

  • V!!!

    @Shelby haynes: i agree with you! now her hair doesnt seem exagerated.. she had way to much hair back then

  • _paO_

    WOW, like really this girl have style!!

    I love all her outfits!!! :D

  • jk

    I love her outfit. Very simple and cute.

  • vlove

    What are you talking about, her hair is exactly the same. And it’s dark brown not black hair

  • tee

    When her hair grows back from the cut she just got all you people will be saying the same things. get over it, her hair just grows long, look at her littlle sisters hair. its in the genes.

  • Shelby haynes

    @tee: Thors were obviously extensions everyone wears them it’s not a big deal but it’s clearly wasn’t all hers it’s just expensive hair I know I have them too they are supposed to look real!!

  • Shelby haynes

    @V!!!: Yep ye lovely girl everyone just can’t see that she went from thin hair to really huge it wasn’t natural she didn’t cut it she took them out for rent !! She just likes long hair so do I no big deal :)

  • daniel

    SHE IS DROP DEAD GORGEUSSSSSSS¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Katty

    @Shelby haynes:

    I agree, those jeans aren’t fluttering from the back, but it must be hard to dress for her size. She is small, yet curvy, and short. I mean, look at how much they are rolled up on the bottom!

    I do love her style though!

    I don’t think her hair was extensions. I think they told her to get a few inches off and to get it colored for the roll. The reason it looks the way it does it because all weekend it had so much gunk in it (hairspray and gel and such) it is just a little damaged right now. I mean, they had to do so much to it and keep it in the same hairstype for certain numbers too. I still over her hair, though. I wish I had hair like her.

  • annie1st

    uhm no she cut her long hair for Rent, surely just check out her pic from neutrogena event in the beach…thats is a real long hair….but yeah whatever…theres no wrong….love to see her shopping :-)

  • Shelby haynes

    @Katty: Yea I’m really short too and it’s hard finding jeans lol but idk about Vanessa hair at some events it looks real then it looks like age added some but if she did or didn’t who cares we still love her I’m 19 and I love Vanessa because we are the same size and height and she’s a stylish girl and she’s exotic and I love that Vanessa is The Best!! I won her Sandals off here once I was so happy!!

  • Shelby haynes

    @annie1st: it probably right and yea there’s no right or wrong!!

  • Katty

    @Shelby haynes:

    haha, that is sweet.

  • lslsharon

    She looks so good!!

  • geri

    wow! shes lost alot of weight and she was already skinny to begin with.

  • http://babyv_nickj Hana


  • Anibal

    Proud proud of vanessa!

  • Evangeline

    I love, loove, loveee her shoes <3
    Hope she had fun last night! x

  • Boji

    JJ what you on about?! Of course, we caught the show on Youtube. Too bad Rent at the Hollywood Bowl couldn’t be captured for a DVD, betcha it will sell big time.

  • annie

    vanessa is absolutely amazing! i LOVE her. and she deserves a break, with beastly and sucker punch coming out soon. and i see that she looks cute in whatever she wears. I am a HUGE fan. zanessa <33

  • nathalia

    ove your style
    loved the hat
    the hair is shorter, still beautiful

  • http://jjj luz

    love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • pop86

    I like the outfit except the scarf. It is too much.

  • mike

    Vanessa was amazing in rent

  • yets

    so proud of our girl.
    were praying for you Vanessa.

  • vfan

    She looks so cute and pretty. Love her outfit.
    She did great in Rent, although I didn’t go, I could tell from the pics. :)

  • lover

    love her

  • uh

    she has NO.. AS* lol

  • susan1

    she look so cute i love her style.

  • Laura


  • Daniela

    Love her style, don’t like her hair though

  • maria

    she looks great!
    i love her outfit tho i doubt i wud ever wear those shoes.

  • Rachael

    Where are those cute wedges from!? anyone know? They are adorable… love her, and yes her hair looks so much more natural and pretty!! xxxx

  • Thahmina

    V is just so gorgeous :)
    love uuuu……..
    i love the outfit………….

  • DIamond

    WOw can she get any gorgeous and pretty I just guess not! She is very beautiful inside and out and I just love her STYLE! And i am tired of pppl keep sayn she had extensions sorry dumb***** But you all are wrong! She had to cut her long locks for rent and I think her new hair is very nice!

  • http://j cf

    i love her jeans

  • Katty
  • isabella

    I love her outfit…but kinda don’t get the shirt? did she stretch the neckline so she could have one side be off shouldered? or is it just one short sleeve and one tank?

  • W.S

    @ Katty

    ty so much for the pic, they look so cute ^^

  • Shelby haynes

    Why Be rude just state your opinion and leave no need to call people dumb**** At All So Rude!!

  • Taylee

    She is a very gorgeous lady! I lover her style just hoping everyday she comes out with her on fashion line!

    @ Shelby Haynes

    Get over it, it’s not what u said so u shouldn’t worry about it how about you get off of here ppl are allowed to say wat they want !

  • daniel

    vanessa looks kinda tired but still pretty
    i’ll love to know about her next project or something

  • babyg

    go vanessa! retail theraphy.. :)