Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Premiere Pair

Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Premiere Pair

Kevin and Danielle Jonas snap a pic with the most famous Disney couple Mickey and Minnie at the red carpet premiere of Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in NYC on Wednesday evening (August 18).

The duo shared a quick kiss at their hotel before heading off to the premiere with the rest of the Jonas gang — including Frankie.

The world premiere event included performances by Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Alyson Stoner, Matthew “Mdot” Finley, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle and Jordan Francis.

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Credit: Asadorian-Mejia, Jeff Neira, Andrew H. Walker; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Disney Channel, Getty
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  • menna

    Quick kiss? More like he leans and kisses her and she scrunches up her shoulders and slightly cowers away with an uncomfortable smile. i noticed she’s always in that stance when he kisses her. never puts her arms around him and returns it. and i don’t get why he kisses her on the carpet. like the KCA and the grammy pre-party. It feels as if he parades her around like an accessory.

  • p21

    @menna: OMG i noticed that too!!!! i feel like they r such an awkward couple to be around….idk

  • aw.

    these two are cute together.
    & you guys, thats not even a kiss.
    you can tell he was looking a bit behind her.
    not a kiss, but seems like it.
    & shes so gorgeous, i love her style. jsjs. :)

  • CANE

    I dont like the combination…. purple shoes with the blue dress??? but hey .. they make cute couple

  • Bethany

    Everything about Kevin and Danielle is so amazing. They seem to be so in love, so screw that haters!

  • Shammie


    I think she isn’t used to the PDA he’s displaying like they had to hide their relationship before they got married it probs took her a while to get into the swing of that now she has to get into another swing of where she doesnt have to hide it! So screw the haters

  • ella

    cute! Kevin & Dani with Mickey & Minnie!!

  • amy

    Kevins really being annoying lately, he acts like he owns Danielle, she obviously doesnt want to kiss him when theirs 20+ paparazzi in front of her, so shes left to just smile, He doesnt leave her for a second on the red carpet. Even in interviews he doesnt let her talk, he speaks for her like a robot, i love Kevin and all but come on let her breath.

  • aixa

    I really love them. They’re so cute!!!

    Peace, Love & Jonas Brothers!

  • K2Love

    @amy: @menna: You two shut the hell up! You don’t know how much they love each other! Hell I don’t think you two know what REAL love is like! If you married a man who loves you too much to leave you, would you allow him to tell someone how much he loves you? I would. If you want to diss Kenielle, then you best get your asses out of here and shut up!

  • amy

    @K2Love: well thanks for being rude, I love the Jonas Brothers and,t you decided to be rude to 2 people, thanks!

  • amy

    @menna: Im on your side :) I agree with you!


    @menna: @amy: I agree with both of you, it’s a shame but it’s true

  • Tori

    @amy Err, he does let her talk. She just chooses not to talk that much in front of the camera because she’s just naturally quiet. Look up the video of Kevin and Danielle Jonas on YouTube posted by USATODAY. Danielle actually talks about how they met and their life together on tour rite now. So Kevin isn’t controlling her in any way. Danielle just isn’t a spotlight kinda person, but she’s handling it really well. @menna and @amy Stop acting like you know what’s going on in their relationship. Smh…

  • Danielle

    Ah, I love Kevin. I was devastated when he got married last year. Especially to a girl with the same name as me. That made my heartache worse. xD
    Anyway, I’ve outgrown my obsessive Jonas fan stage, so now I’m just a regular fan. I wish them the best. :D