Ashley Greene: Go Road Dogs!

Ashley Greene: Go Road Dogs!

Ashley Greene show some affection towards rumored boyfriend Joe Jonas as she watches him play a baseball game with the Road Dogs at MCU field in Coney Island, New York on Thursday afternoon (August 19).

Joe, 21, and his brothers Nick and Kevin played against the Marquis Jet Flyers.

Ashley, on break from filming L.O.L. with Miley Cyrus, was there to cheer and dance for the Road Dogs.

15+ pics inside of Ashley cheering on Joe

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Credit: Teach, Justin Steffman; Photos: FlynetOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Marina

    i don’t know how i feel about this couple yet.
    but as long as joe is happy that is all that matters.

  • Zanessafanforever

    welllll….. joe jonas + ashley greene are a couple

  • katey

    A couple for how many months. Joe falls in and out of love with girls so quickly. Until it’s over I guess we’ll have to hear and see nothing but Joe and Ashley stories. Ugh.

  • claire

    are you…freakin kidding me…?!
    UGH what is up with these two?! Joe is such a man-whore that he just can’t stay committed to a relationship and Ashley has a new guy like every couple months! -__- They both move on all over the place!
    Well….I guess that’s what brought them together.

  • jpe

    joe needs to make up his effin mind.

  • LOL

    PLAYER MEETS PLAYER! lets see how long this weird couple will last.

  • jonatika

    i speak spanish

    wakala joe no te coniene para nada esa cosa porfavor acabas recien de salir de una relacion con demi y ahora estas con esa que onda joe pobre de demi pero igual y asi te sigo admirando

  • Valerie

    i like them together…they’re cute. I love ashley and i love joe. if they’re happy i’m happy for them :)

  • Theresa

    who is the blonde girl talking to ashley in the pictures?

  • xxx Zanessa xxx

    She’s too good for him!

  • mayte

    aww cute FRIENDS

  • rai

    this is so WEIRD

  • loooolll

    PLAYER MEETS PLAYER! lets see how long this weird couple will last.

  • dess

    weird couple!

  • Tori

    Okay, so I’m a little wary of this couple… I get the feeling it’s gonna be like Joe/Camilla all over again. Idk y people are like “UGH!! ASHLEY CAN DO WAY BETTER THAN A JONAS BROTHER!! THAT’S LIKE BELOW HER LEVEL BECUZ SHE’S SOOOO PERFECT AND PRETTY!!” However, both aren’t exactly known for their good relationships. Ashley has nude pics of herself out on the internet somewhere. And like a week before the rumors started about Joe/Ashley, she was seen kissing another guy, so everyone thought that was her boyfriend at first.

    Joe, on the other hand, hasn’t been able to keep a relationship going for more than 5 months. So it’s like watching a tornado and hurricane come together: You don’t really know what’s going to happen, but you’re so curious that you can’t stop watching! 0_o

  • joeeee

    PLAYER MEETS PLAYER! lets see how long this weird couple will last.

  • mayre mar

    cute cute cute friend’s couple!

  • soconfused

    WHAT DO THESE GIRLS SEE IN THIS GUY. I mean he’s not ugly…but holy snap he gets like the prettiest ones i’m so confused

  • sara

    joe jonas is gay. you’re all stupid if you don’t see it.

  • demiyjoe

    se pasan jo e qeda mejor kon demi i esa ruka qe se parese a maikol jackson xD vieja fea no la qiero kon joe :S

  • BabyBooZanessa

    Well I Love Ashley Greene she’s beautiful and I Love Joe Jonas too. :)

    But As A Couple ?

    Not That Cute :\ Sorry

  • cheryl

    Oh Ashley come on . . . Makes me want to barf a little.

  • ella

    He is back with a blonde girl.
    I don’t want to lie..but I don’t like Ashley. I’m not a fan of her, so it will be hard for me to accept that Joe is hers now.
    Then again, as long as it’s for Joe’s happiness, then there’s nothing I can do than to just be happy for the both of them. :’)
    It’s hard to hide my true feelings…….but….
    IT JUST REALLY HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’(

  • Suri

    @ Tori- Just because Ashley has nude pics going around doesn’t mean she’s a bad person and just because she’s had a lot of relationships at least she isn’t cheating on any of the guys. I think Ashley’s confident enough about herself that she’s not afraid to show her body, not that I’m saying that it’s right, but she’s not a porn star! And don’t be so judgmental. I think they’ll make a good couple if they work hard enough :) Go Ash and Joe!

  • kaela

    I love joe & ashley. If their ”dating’( , i suport him as a true fan

  • nessa

    Why the heck is she as famous as Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? Oh i know, she has a great publicist.

    He downgraded from Demi to Ashley.

  • blahblahblah
  • JJ

    The pics of them make me sick, I’m a massive fan of joe, and I do like
    twilight but I’m not going to lie I really don’t think they suit one another
    . Demi is way better than her. Both ashley and joe can’t keep a relationship
    going for more than a few months so I don’t see this ending brillantly
    . Its like the joe/camilla relationship for sure, it won’t last too long and all
    the true fans won’t like her. I’m a fan of both of them but they really just
    don’t suit eachother at all

  • ran

    I REALLY LOVE JOE ,,,,i think she s reallly beautiful girl so ,,,i hope they enjoy being together and it doesn t matter for how long

  • Becky

    I give them a month.

  • Jane

    both of them are player..who knows…that might work =) i think they look good together

  • viv

    I somehow dont like her

  • BOBinogs

    @nessa Are you f**king kidding me?
    ashley are better than demi, demi is such an attention whore.
    I love both of them, actually I always get pissed with joes GF, idk why. but as a true fan, I will support them, as I love both jonas and twilight. soo, give them a few months, soo we’ll see

  • blueheavengirl

    Oh gosh. Seriously!! Joe can’t stay with the same girl for more than a few weeks, then he dumps them. Ashley was seen kissing this other guy and then a few months later everytime we see her, she’s with Joe. I think Ashley deserves better than this !

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    If, and thats a pretty big IF, Joe still holds on to his purity ring and v card, then it wont be for much longer. Ashley has proven time and time again that she likes to get a piece, and the naked pictures proved that.

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    Also that main picture, I think shes talking with her hands not actually touching his face. There would be a shadow. And she picked up booze, maybe to get Joe drunk and have wild drunk sex after. She stole my idea..

  • Jessica

    Eh. I’m a fan of both of them, but that doesn’t mean I’m thrilled to hear that they are a couple(if they are). I love Joe and Ashley… just not together…

  • Jonaslove

    I don’t care, as long as Joe’s happy! Friends or not, if she makes him sad I’m gonna break her neck..

  • http://orkut honey

    if joe is happy with her AS A TRUE FAN IAM HAPPY FOR HIM.i dont like ashley but if they are happy thats all it matters.i just want joe to find LOVE.cause he deserves it.LUV U JOE.

  • jensenLUVEr tanya

    LOL thats so funny but old news….bet they already broke up by now. he cant keep a girl. especially when shes a cheater!! i kno shes usin him. but i gues wat makes him happy. muc luv joe!!

  • lilysoocute

    @nessa: Yeah right he down graded from everyone he has ever dated to Demi..he was so over her head!

  • lisa


  • http://none kendra j bethune

    hey ashely greene is joe jonas’s thang he’s dating i understand man i’m a aunt i listened to issac hayas it’s your thing you gotta do it baby no need to deny it joe just watch a movie with ashely by gotta do it i mean like date or watch tv or take a walk
    kendra bethune
    african american black /cherokee
    age 32 jonas fan

  • n

    at least ashely is cheering and dancing camilla was just sitting there

  • dfghjk

    affection? she is not even touching his face.
    but i dont care if they are a couple anyway

  • crazy4jonas

    wow….joe is hot and sexy and amazing and ashley is pretty and awesome but i just dont see them as a couple! besides i REALLY think that joe should take some time and be snigle for a while. as much as i love him but the dude changes girlfriends like changing socks! he needs some time alone….

  • lisa


  • jenna

    Joe and Demi should have not dated if he was gonna break up with her, I think they should have just stay friends. And for dating him she got all this hate mail, death threats, and mean comments, then a couple months later they broke up. I just don’t find it that fair when hes with ashley his fans are just like, “if hes happy I’m happy”. But that’s my opinion.

  • jonasfan

    i get a bad feeling about this…joe and demi were ADORABLE like perfect for each other.. but ashley? im not going to judge and im trying my best to support them being a true jonas fan but i really dont like this…. ugh): joe come on!!! i do NOT like this couple and i think all the real jonas fans who really know joe well know shes not good for him>_> well whatever best of luck to joe

  • miss jonas

    please. I love joe n ashley but as a couple? A BIG NO! they are both pretty and handsome but they’re not supposed to be together. believe me they will break up within 5 weeks -__- as a true fan of joe I support him, but I’m pissed of with his gf. lol. I think joe looks cute when he is with tay swift. well match :D