Demi Lovato Birthday Present to Her Family: A House!

Demi Lovato Birthday Present to Her Family: A House!

Demi Lovato isn’t just about getting presents on her birthday, she’s giving them too!

The 18-year-old actress/singer, who celebrates her big day TODAY, dished to People about her extra special gift to her family: a house!

Demi shared, “For me to give [that] to my family on my birthday, that was the best present. It’s got pretty much everything you could possibly imagine in it. It’s the most beautiful, homey-feeling house. I love it.”

Demi also opened up about her past relationship with Joe Jonas, saying, “I learned my lesson. It’s not very much fun when you break up in a public relationship. So, maybe next time keep a secret.”

She also insists he’s not a heartbreaker: “I know that he has the best intentions. Definitely most guys don’t have the same intentions that he does.”

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Getty
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  • amanda

    She deserves it!

  • Dianaa

    Aw. She’s so nice :)

  • http://dreaminnbigg22 nicole

    Happy b-day demi!

  • mike

    really nice gift

  • bre.

    just saying – so classy of her to defend him even after he hurt her.

    she is such a good, sweet, genuine girl. honestly my role model.

  • Jenny

    Really nice, mature girl…I’m so proud of demi and the way she deals with things

  • annie1st

    she’s so nice, wish you the best Demi ^___^

  • good-one

    Whoa. Happy birthday, extraordinaire

  • oopsie

    I’m glad she cleared things up about Joe.. Joe isn’t a heart breaker. People are just mad cause he dared to call off his relationship with america’s country princess taylor swift.

    The fact that Demi is still friends with him obviously shows he didn’t treat her terribly when they broke up.

  • Angelica

    Oh that’s really nice that she did that for her family. Great daughter.

  • pandora

    Dont bother to defend Joe anymore think he is such a douche for the way he has treated you. Give him a good slap in the face next time you have to gaze into his eyes and sing a love song!!!

  • Ella

    That’s so nice of her! :))
    Demi: I know that he has the best intentions. Definitely most guys don’t have the same intentions that he does.
    -this is like one of the sweetest statement Demi ever said about Joe! Glad they’re working things now. I really love the both of them. I adore their friendship sooo much.

  • hiha

    learn your lesson girl. wait for the guy to make it public. don’t insist or u gonna lose him> When Demi kissed Joe in public, it was OBVIOUS that Joe was not ready for all the public stuff. He was cautious and u made him go faster> Anyway, HAPPY BDAY~~


  • yeppp

    @pandora: you made me laugh!
    but you cant judge people by whats been said about them in the press

  • Emma

    @oopsie: i so agree with you…i am just tired of reading comments of people bashing Joe…..i love them both they both are great n its really good that they are still BFFs…..anywayz…that was a really sweet gift to her family…love her!!

  • Kirat Hundal

    Happy Birthday!! Hopefully all those people that have hated on you, are now seeing that your a kind woman/girl that on yuor birthday you don’t only take…you give! And your life lesson was I think something that everyone learns; sooner or later. I WISH YOUR MANY MANY HAPPY WISHES!!!

  • Kirat Hundal

    @Ella: same!

  • Kirat Hundal

    @Dianaa: yeah.

  • patty -.-

    ha! keep your relationships secret in hollywood..please that will never happen cause somehow people are going to find out

  • Yoyaaasd

    that s nice of her to give her fambam a house!
    and shes taking her breakup with joe REALLY MATURE!
    she is a good role model

  • Jaz

    he doesn’t have the same intentions as other guys? so basically hes gay?

  • blahblahblah

    i don’t like joe anymore :/

  • Ashleigh

    She looks absolutely beautiful! & She deserved the best birthday ever.. granted I don’t think Joe should of been allowed to come! I’m having issues with the fact he could “possibly” already be dating again! That’s bull.

  • taylor

    isn’t it weird though that she bought them a house on her bday acting as if you’re supposed to buy someone else this HUGE gift on YOUR birthday.

  • http://facebook keanu paige

    @blahblahblah: me to i use to thinke he was cute n stuff but just because demi n him got out he dumped her like if i was demi i would not cry over it he was stuped to think of even dumping her.he’s a jack ass i can’t belive him why would u do that

  • http://facebook keanu paige

    @Jenny: i know i’m surrperized to i thoght she we’ll take it hard but guess not text me at 3428847 i’ll be up in till 2:45 that number is my sell phone

  • http://facebook keanu paige

    joe change a lot on about how he dates

  • http://facebook keanu paige

    @taylor: i know it’s wierd

  • http://facebook keanu paige

    @Dianaa: i know one of my friends said she deserves it

  • http://facebook keanu paige

    @Jaz: i know

  • Funn1Bunn1

    Shes HONEST and mature.. you stupid child haters… go play w your toys and leave the 18-years-old superstar alone… haha love Demi

  • Sarah

    @taylor: I don’t think it’s weird. I think it shows how selfless and genuine she really is. How many people, if they could afford it, would go and buy a house for their family on their own birthday? Not very many.

    She’s a great role model. And she looks gorgeous, but that’s not new. Haha.

  • http://facebook. rhondacatty213

    Hey demi I’m a big fan I’m sorry what happened with you and Joe I love. Camp rock 2
    You worked with Joe..

  • Janadi

    Happy Birthday DEMI !!!!
    You`re the best
    NICE gift

  • Janadi boteju

    Nice gift