Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Vacation in Maui!

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Vacation in Maui!

Longtime couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens keep it casual as they walk through LAX airport en route to their gate in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (August 19).

After a quick trip to NYC, the duo were off to Maui! Zac and Vanessa were already spotted enjoying the blue blue waters of the Pacific.

Zac was even seen taking Vanessa‘s picture as she galloped in the ocean.

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  • Diamond

    Vanessa looks so gorgeous i love her style! Also on the beach pics she looks so pretty and fit love her hair!

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    these two are Hollywood’s golden couple I love them
    here is the link with them on the beach :)

  • annie1st

    vanessa look so pretty, i love her scarf, and her pic in bikini so sexy, but zac look funny he he

  • Zanessafanforever

    yayyy!!! love them both :)
    Zac looks sexy, as always. and Vanessa looks gorgeous, as always.

    Their 5 year anniversary is coming up too :]

    zanessa forever :)

  • nathalia

    zac and vanessa gorgeous as always

  • blairr


  • soso

    i love them sooooooooooooooooooooooo much:)

  • carly

    I love their friendship and relationship!!! I wish them the best in the future and in their career.

    I wonder what they have special for their anniversary.

    Zanessa forever =D

  • kyle

    It looks like these two are having the time of their life. Good for them.

  • nickj

    wow 5 amazing years. zac and vanessa are amazing i love them both.

  • http://deleted osama

    hate hudgens!

  • taylor

    love v’s outfit

  • mike

    great way of spending time love them

  • taylor


    nooooobody cares.

  • Sizuka

    Ooooh… Vanessa looks very pretty here…. <333
    I want her scarf…….

  • taylor

    kay paps. do your job. I’M SORRY ZAN but i can’t help but want just a few cuddling cutsey pics of them. :b

  • kami

    ♥ love them cause they’re so grounded. and as zac said of their relationship: “it’s exactly how it should be. it’s real.” ♥

  • yets

    wow i love Zanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pop86

    Wow, they look so cool and sexy

  • Oh yeah.

    Bubba Lewis went with them!! I hope to see more candids of everyone they are beautiful people!!

  • peggy

    Now that it’s out they may move to another location.


    I want the paps to get lost and give them some privacy and none of us are entitled to cuddliy pics of them

    It’s fans like you that cause the paps to stalk stars. They deserve some privacy too

  • Katty

    There are pix of them in Hawaii also at

    I don’t know, Zac’s facial hair is growing on me :)

  • http://none zac

    Really JJ, galloping?
    Eh, nothing much I can say.
    They the look same as they always do when there “spotted” at the airport.

  • babyg

    zanessa! forever. love them :)

  • maria

    They look like they are having a fabulous time….let’s hope the paps don’t spoil their privacy.

  • jake

    vanessa is so hot

    this is the best couple

  • lilly

    I love the pics on the beach. Except, Zac…..take your shirt off, man!! (And that silly hat too. LOL)

  • http://J Chelsea

    The pics Jared didn’t post are sooo cute!!

  • taylor


    i want them to have privacy just as much as the next fan. but the greedy fan in me also wants pics…which i do feel bad for saying but, i can’t help it.


    so cute



  • Karen

    Zac probably has that silly hat on and his shirt due to trying to keep the sun off his face and giving his other skin some time away from the sun too. He has had moles removed this past year which may have been pre-cancerous or he was warned that they could become that. Given he has a young cousin who has cancer and he has done some PSA’s concerning this then I think he may have taken precautions to protect himself.

    Yes, he was out without a shirt or hat when he went to Maui with his brother BUT it is also a fact that some of the pictures were taken as early as 7AM—before the sun is so hot—and while they were swimming and surfing he obviously was not so covered up. However, we don’t know how long he stayed out in the sun before he DID cover up during that time. He has told how his brother and he hiked and did other things besides swimming and surfing so we don’t know what he wore then or if he was out in direct sunlight while doing these things. Plus, he is not obligated to show his body off ot anyone at anytime anyway… Plus, we can see that Vanessa is not showing off her bikini top but has more or less a regular top on also. They may have been out in the sun for a while and felt like covering up more from the sun.

  • annie1st

    @taylor, its ok hun, now we as fans realize that they like their privacy n we become love that way isnt it, but a little pic of them i want it too but not too far that could disturb them and ruin their vacay right, just happy vanessa enjoy this vacay after a long run perform at awesome Rent! yay ^___^

  • Karen

    I will try this again since my last comment is under moderation and it is because my email address is incorrect…

    Anyway, Zac is probably wearing the hat and shirt to give his skin a break from the sun. Given he has had some moles taken off of his face this past year he may have been warned by his doctor these could have been pre-cancerous or that he needs to safeguard his skin as they could have become cancerous.

    Yes, he and his brother were out without hats and shirts on when they went to Maui but it was also known that some of these pictures were taken as early as 7AM—before the sun is very hot. Also, they couldn’t have swam and surfed while in hats, etc. AND we have no idea how long they stayed out in the sun like that each time they went out. He may have been out only short periods of time before covering up then too. Given he has a cousin with cancer and he has done PSA’s recently about cancer I would say he is taking precautions. Vanessa also has somewhat of a cover-up on herself instead of showing off her bikini top. They may very well have been out for a while and are now giving their skin some rest from the sun.

  • Karen

    BTW, they are not obligated to show off their bodies just because people want to see them.

  • zanessaloverss123

    @karen that or maybe they dont want to get caught by papz… btw zac’s facial hair is for his upcoming movie…. and i kind of like it so yeah….

    vanessa looks gorgeous and this is kinda late as always JJj -.- but yeah anyways here we are commenting ahh.

    @justjaredjr post the photos of zanessa in the beach you would get much more comments

    btw they aree so cute love them

  • Unbelievable

    Zac really is letting that facial hair grow ain’t he. Vanessa looks great both here and on the beach and I always like seeing her smile. They both look like they are having a great time and that’s always nice to see.

  • Everne

    they deserve a vacation

  • http://deleted Jody

    zanessa 4ever

  • http://deleted Jody

    @taylor I so agree with you

  • Karen


    Yes, Zac may want to hide from the paps but it is rather hard for him to do that when people see Vanessa and she is in Maui. Seeing her in Maui people are bound to look around for Zac and seeing a guy around her with a big hat ends up being kind of a dead give away. He may get away with it if he was by himself and his head was down with the hat on.

  • xara

    yay! have you seen their pics?? so adorable!!!

  • xara

    i love zanessa forever!!!!

  • annie1st

    @Karen #38, yes hahaha he fail to make paps not to recognice him coz no paps will not recognize beautiful vanessa he he

  • Soni

    I would like to see the pictures that JJjr did not post. Are those the ones that are on the other sites?

  • annie1st

    and match colour top again ^___^, this couple sigh

  • Katty

    Who knows why Zac covered up a little? Who cares, really? He did have moles removed, this is true, but he also lives in LA, a very sunny, hot place and he doesn’t exactly walk around naked there either. He’s with his girlfriend at the beach, that doesn’t mean he has to strip, you know.

    They have been there a few days, maybe he got sunburn or something the day before and didn’t want to bother it, but didn’t want V to lose out on the fun, so they went down to the beach for a little bit.

    I also think he is growing out his beard for his next role. Personally, it’s growing on me, and it doesn’t seem like V minds it, haha.

    I want news on the movies V is signing onto. She has been going to meetings and such, you know something is going on. I just hope something gets leaked soon.

  • yay


  • zanessa/scashley

    Whoa.. that’s Zachary !? Lol, I wouldn’t have even looked at him with a second glance. He looks so different with the beard. But I must admit, I love it on him. ;) Gosh, Vanessa’s so stylish. I love that scarf. @Zanessa/VanessaFreak: Thanks for the pics. =) They look like they’re having a ton of fun in the sun.

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