Taylor Lautner: Trash Trailer Talkin'

Taylor Lautner: Trash Trailer Talkin'
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Credit: Andrew H. Walker; Photos: Getty
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  • mike

    The guy who wrote that Taylor article…seriously has issues….like the kid BOUGHT the trailer and is suing because he didn’t receive what he paid for….and that makes him a diva because???

  • Tori

    Sooo… the guy pays 300K for a personal trailer that is over 2 months late, plus he hasn’t gotten his money back. Now when he decides to sue that makes him a diva/gay?? Hell naw! If I just got ripped out of 300 grand, I would SHOW OUT. So idk why people are taking this as an opportunity to say he’s a “diva”. Trust me, you would sue too.

  • Jessica

    If anyone took the time to read the laswuit that was filed (its posted on the internet) they would know that…1. It isnt just a “trailer”. It had special accomodations to allow him to use it as a dressing room as well as to train in order to stay in shape for his next role in Breaking Dawn. Filming for that starts immediately following his filming of Abduction. This makes it essential to his career. But in order to make him look bad, the media will just say that it was a “pimped out trailer”, as if it had a strippper pole, jacuzzi and massage bed. 2. (and most importantly) He tried to reason with the RV company and asked only that they take into consideration the loss that he took due to the trailer not being finished and delivered on time. He asked that they just subtract that amount from the purchase price and they refused. So, he sued them. I think that he did what any normal, reasonable person would do and people are only upset because he’s famous. He’s not being big headed and he’s not being an over demanding Hollywood star. He’s a consumer just like you and I and as a consumer who happened to be paying $300,000.00 for something, he had every right to expect that the company would deliver on thier promise and hold up thier end of the deal. Everyone is upset becaue the suit used words like “emotional distress” and “annoyance” which makes him sound like a brat. But it is a lawsuit and those are the types of terms that are always used. This lawsuit was not about a self absorbed Hollywood star. It is based on principle. He got screwed by the RV company and tried to resolve it in a reasonable manner. They refused. He sued. End of story. It’s just too bad that people would rather try to tear him down and make him look bad than to know the whole story and actually give him credit for attempting to resolve the matter in a reasonable manner. The RV company brought this on themselves and they are the ones that should be ripped apart in the media. Not Taylor. Hopefully his fans are intelligent enough to know who is the bad guy in this story…and in case they arent, here’s a hint. Its NOT Taylor!