Selena Gomez & David Henrie: Philippe Chow Date Night!

Selena Gomez & David Henrie: Philippe Chow Date Night!

Selena Gomez covers her face as she and Wizards costar David Henrie leave Philippe Chow restaurant in Hollywood on Friday night (August 27).

The 18-year-old actress just informed all of her fans that her new music video, “A Year Without Rain” will premiere NEXT Friday, September 3rd — right along with a preview of the new animated series Fish Hooks and the premiere of Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam.

David, 21, was seen with a carry out bag from the restaurant. We wonder what they got!

15+ pics inside of Selena and David dining out…

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selena gomez david henrie dinner 03
selena gomez david henrie dinner 04
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Photos: GSI Media
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  • alysa

    awww so cutee :)

  • andy


    They are cute together!! Love Selena’s Jacket!

  • andy

    omg the both looks sooo adorable together!!!!

  • andy

    bte selena always looks sooo gorgeous!!! love her entire outfit!!!

  • rachel


  • z

    in reality she is so plain looking.

  • blahblahblah

    yes she should have dated him from the begging !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rosie

    @z: i think she isnt she just has something about her that makes her stand out ! oh by the way i love her jacket and they need to date!

  • harley

    They’re both really cute. And I love Selena’s style.


    I totally ship this couple. DELENA!

  • grock

    no “ring” on her phalange
    might end up going round and round

  • m

    they are dating. i’m sure of it. That’s why Selena covered her face. She’s embarrassed

  • daniella!!

    ik they prob arent datin but i wish they were soo cute

  • daniella!!

    @m: good theory lol hey ya neva know. but its prob not :( lol

  • jessica

    i don’t think their dating, they are just two co stars hanging out. i want selena to go with logan!!

  • JanCaz

    Aww.. So cute.. Hope they’re dating.

  • ta

    ohh I ‘d love if they are a couple, sooo cute

  • Wings

    Awwwww how cute! I think they maybe dating for Selena looked a embarrassed wen they caught pictures of them. =]

  • DANg

    isn’t this the place nick went with sel????
    anyway, they’re soo cute together!
    i love them both very much!
    but right now, i don’t think they’re dating.
    they’ve always been close. (:

    btw, did anyone not know that joe jonas auditioned for WOWP as Justin back in the day?
    i feel like such a fool for not knowing that. xD
    Imagine joe jonas at justin on The Emmy winning show! xD

  • Chloe

    I love Selena and David very much and of course I will be so happy if they are dating but I dont know, maybe yes or maybe dont. Anyway they look so good together and hope they are more than just friends.

  • jojo

    I dont know why but i dont think thats selena. if it were tho, i think they would make a very nice couple.

  • Patty

    They so deserve each other. <3

  • a.m./p.m.

    2 very attractive people. They would be the best-looking couple.

  • andy

    @a.m/p.m. yeahhh totally agree ;)

  • inna

    they need to date. like, not even kidding. they are so preshh ((:

  • Emily

    I think they’d be so cute together. I’ve said it from the beginning – they’re adorable, the both of them. Plus David would treat Sel right, and Sel would treat David right. I think the thing that stands out most about Selena in these pictures, is the lack of makeup, or something. She’s completely natural in these photos. She looks beautiful with or without makeup. <3

  • hello

    I can’t imagine her dating anyone but Nick. But David’s cute too

  • Mina


    Agree even with no makeup she’s gorgeous!

  • P

    I love Dalena together. I ship them. But I am not putting up expectations that they are going out.

  • kassie

    aren’t they like siblings?

  • Chloe

    And dont say they cant date beecause they are brother and sister. You know they are actors and play characters. Selena and David are very close, they look good together and could be a beautiful couple because they are not brother and sister in real life.

  • Taylor

    Not gonna lie, I really really really hope they date! Hahah i love them together! :)

  • julez


    No, sister don’t look at her brother with dreamy eyes like Selena does to David, it would be creepy, lol

  • Ella

    Cute..but for me, they better be friends only. :))

  • dina

    they are nto dating, two co-stars that they a guy and girl can hangout, please do nto start anythign, they are like brother and sister having dinner together on wizards and off, selena loves beign single so let her be! they are just good friends hangingout and , it was nto rommtanc otherwise they would hold hands or kiss, and i do not thing they liek eachother in that way,, yo peopel need to get a life! them hagingout liek that does nto mean anything at all!

  • murwa

    she still looks better with taylor

  • haley


  • none

    They went out to dinner together. Big Deal! Like you have never gone out with friends for lunch or dinner before? This isn’t news people.

  • Jen

    You’re right, just because they’re hanging out doesn’t mean they’re dating, but just because they aren’t holding hands or kissing doesn’t mean it’s not a date either. Why would they hold hands and kiss when the paparazzi are following them? Selena’s always been private about her love life so if they are dating, she obviously isn’t going to flaunt it in front of cameras.

  • Alexis

    i’m a HUGE fan of Selena Gomez. she’s my idol. when i think of her, i think of her being my sister. that’s how great she is. david henrie and selena gomez sure do make a good couple, but they shouldn’t date. he is 3 years older than she is. that doesn’t work. also, i think people should just leave celebrities alone sometimes because they di nee their privacy! if i was a famous singer or actress, i’d be going crazy over papparazi taking pictures of me all the time. Selena Gomez is an amazing girl, and i hope she keps doing what she does best :) <33333

  • Whatever


  • Pattie_f3

    I noticed that she doesn’t wear purity ring. She hasn’t got ring a concert in Philadelphia, Indianapolis and Eureka. She hasn’t got ring a meeting, ” date” with David Henrie. Why?

  • laura

    I think they look adorable nomatter what they are ;) the important thing is that they enjoy each other compagny ;)

  • monica

    that would be really cute if they started dating, even if they play brother and sister

  • vinny

    I would let her sit on my face….

  • tiffany weng

    Selena looks so goegrous.They look so cute together.

  • caroline

    @Pattie_f3: There are sooooo many reasons why it’s not on her. Besides, I know there are married people that don’t wear their rings. :)


    david can do SO much better. selena is a…nevermind -.-
    well anyways i say he and bridgit mendler. hes hunky and sweet and shes pretty and sweet. DRIDGIT! or BRAVID! which ever one sounds cuter. DELENA and SAVID sounds like dog food! which is disgusting! so yeah! or maybe he and demi lovato. she should be over joe jonas and sterling knight because seriously, they only care about their hair.and david can beat em up cuz he works out and stuff. so my choice is.


    just NOT selena gomez!!!



  • Liah


    I find it so funny how you say their age difference is a reason why they shouldn’t date. Why is it that people had no problem with Jemi dating? They also had three years between them!

    I love David and Selena. As close friends or a couple, I love them together. :)