Mitchel Musso & Doc Shaw: Pair of Kings Premieres September 10th!

Mitchel Musso & Doc Shaw: Pair of Kings Premieres September 10th!

It’s official — Pair of Kings premieres September 10th!

The series follows the fraternal twins (Mitchel Musso, Doc Shaw) who must relocate from their Chicago home to the island of Kinkow after they learn they are the rightful heirs to the throne of this odd kingdom, one filled with peculiar superstitions and customs — and one that may not be ready for two teenage kings.

September is a big month for Pair of Kings, so check out what’s going on below:

Friday, September 10 @ 9PM ET/PT – Disney Channel will present an hour-long episode of Pair of Kings, featuring candid interstitials with Mitchel and Doc. The premiere will simulcast on Disney Mobile for Flo TV, MobiTV and Sprint TV.

In the hour-long special, “Return of the Kings,” Brady and Boomer discover their royal legacy and move to Kinkow to reign as joint Kings of this peculiar island. During the coronation ceremony, the boys accidently destroy a sacred ruby causing the island’s volcano, Mt. Spew, to erupt. With the natives in a panic, their devious cousin, Lanny (Ryan Ochoa), aided by his pet fish Yamakoshi, lead the kings into the clutches of the Tarantula people. will unveil a Pair of Kings show page featuring games, videos, and a Kinkow Puzzle where island secrets are revealed at each level.

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“Pair of Kings” Promo Montage

Monday, September 13 – Part one of the hour-long premiere will be made available as a free preview on iTunes.

Tuesday, September 14 – will launch a new game “Wild Island Rampage,” where players can help Boomer and Brady collect five magical Tiki statues while dodging the Tarantula People, Waka Waka bug, mummies and pirates.

Saturday, September 18 – Series’ mobile site debuts featuring “Pair of Kings Image Identifier” game.

Wednesday, September 22 – Disney XD will present the hour-long “Pair of Kings” special @ 7PM ET/PT, followed by the premiere of new episode “Beach Bully Bingo” @ 8PM ET/PT.

In “Beach Bully Bingo,” when Brady and Boomer have a run-in with a group of teen surf punks and their leader, Hibachi, they are banned from the beach. In order to win back Shredder beach, the kings must enroll in Mason’s surfing boot camp to compete against Hibachi and others.

Thursday, September 23 – “Pair of Kings” hour-long special and premiere episode launches on iTunes, Xbox Live and Disney XD Mobile VOD.

Monday September 27 – “Pair of Kings” becomes available on Disney XD on Demand on AT&T, Verizon, Charter and Cox.

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Credit: Bob DAmico; Photos: Disney XD
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  • kay

    can i just say, i think it’s RIDICULOUS that these two are supposed to be twins on this show? “fraternal” does not mean they can look nothing alike and still be twins. it means they still have half the same genes, so this entire show is completely unrealistic and unbelievable… no offense to anyone in it.

  • Iwillkillyourkittykat

    this is so weird. even if they’re fraternal, why is one black and the other white? doesnt make sense. so not gonna watch this.

  • Just Jill

    But it’s not unrealistic. Fraternal black/white twins have happened before

  • steve

    @kay: Kay, get over it. I have to applaud Disney XD for producing some original, live action content for their show. I’ll definitely give it a shot.

  • steve

    err typo… “for their show” = mean to say for their ‘channel’

  • Paige

    I think its kind of cool, and it comes out on my b-day! and even though its rare, there are some cases that twins come out looking very very different. And for people who are not going to watch the show, DONT. why even waste your time writing about how your NOT going to watch it. Leave these comments to people who like the show and who are going to watch it.


    Hmmm … I don’t get the whole ‘twins’ part but I might watch an episode to decide if i like it or not. I like Mitchel Musso too much not to watch it