Miley Cyrus Checks Out Justin Bieber's Concert

Miley Cyrus Checks Out Justin Bieber's Concert

Manned with a Sharpie in hand, Miley Cyrus heads out of Madison Square Garden in NYC after catching Justin Bieber’s concert in NYC on Tuesday evening (August 31).

The 17-year-old actress flew out especially for the concert, where Justin, 16, filmed part of his upcoming 3D movie which will be directed by Jon Chu.

Miley, who sipped on Icelandic Glacial water, joined a slew of special guests including Jaden Smith, Ludacris and Usher.

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus

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Credit: WENN, Jackson Lee, Patricia Schlein; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Michael

    That hair is good for her. It’s a good look. She looks happy too.

  • Leah

    i love her hair and makeup!

  • http://_lizprado Liz

    I love you!

  • blahhh

    ahhh as much as i hate to admit.
    her makeup and her looks really good at the justin bieber concert!

  • :)

    I remember she used to say she hates pop music… yeah Miley, way to go. You will get your bad-@ss rock diva image by attending Justine Beaver concerts, for sure.

  • amy

    She looks sweet here, like the old Miley. I love the look, the hair & her shoes.

  • andrew

    Her face isn’t all that great but I would do terrible things to that body.

  • blahblahblah

    i didn’t like the make up or the hair but i still love her and im still a huge fan

  • Pearl

    Clothes choice and hair is very nice for a change

  • tessa

    I love her clothes now :) She looks amazing

  • Tiffany

    Miley, please darken her hair again … LOL filming has ended, now, darken your hair, PLEASE!

  • Jenny

    omg i love the hair…but yh i do think miley looks better with darker hair but still she looks amazing

  • liri92

    haha you guys say she looks better with darker hair.. maybe she do.. but you know what?! she loves her hair now because of one reason .. first: she split up with liam.. second: nick loved the way when miles change her hair in more lightener brown.. so yeah I am kinda thinking about the niley reunition.. as weird as it sounds (:,, she still loves him (:

  • jordyn

    i’m sorry but she looks a little TOO skinny

  • mrsdestinyhope

    so looks mad pretty right now. Less make up, and still gorgeous!

  • Bria


    What is it with this “Niley” obsession so many people(or should I say teenage girls) have? Why do so many people swear these two are still in love even though none of us know how they actually feel. I hope they don’t get back together because getting back with an ex is moving into the past instead of heading for the future. And Miley said to 17 magazine that she HATED IT when Nick asked her to lighten her hair. That’s why she dyed it jet black days after they broke up. What kind of boyfriend tells his girlfriend to lighten thier hair even though they don’t want to? A BAD BOYFRIEND! I think she can do better. Anyway, I like her make up and hair alot. It looks like she just got out of the hair salon. I’m sure her makeup was done by a professional as well. And I agree that her hair looks best when it’s darker, her natural chesnut color.

  • mary

    She looks beautiful, i love her hair

  • JazMarie

    Her outfit is super amazing. And her hair is cute.
    People need to stop telling her what to do, it’s her life, if she wants to dye her hair green then don’t complain. You’re not her mother or father, so if you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut.

  • pearl

    has she had botox,her face looks fat compared to rest of her body?

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    she looks lik a hooker!! seriously wats da point in wearin clothes? best look was da flanel shirt w/jeans. she actually looked normal minus da see thru black shirt underneath… 100 % sure she wil end up lik lindsay lohan!!

  • Tiffany

    Her makeup is perfect. Get all of Miley’s clothes here

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    it does seem lik shes tryin 2 pull da “grease” look but its not workin. she needs an innocent look.

  • the honest truth.

    She looks really pretty but can i say.
    Anyone with that make up, or a proffesionaly hair stylist.
    would look good! :)

  • jane

    miley looks like a chipmunk.ugly hair and makeup. i thought she doesn’t like justin bieber’s songs

  • Chrissy

    love the new hair do

  • rachel-ES



    Miley pulls off long and short hair well! I dont know what i like more on her

  • melu

    im sorry but i think that hair looks terrible on miley, she looked way better with long hair, now her face looks like a ball.
    i still love miley, but i miss her old look

  • BBVV

    her hair looks so ugly its like she’s 33 like old people wear

  • BBVV

    well not that 33 is old but thats not her age

  • jasmine


  • http://Hfdieufvgis Hduiihefvouvfv

    I dont love her newhair :s

  • http://naotem nathalin dos s arates

    love amazing com justin

  • Kristen

    oh my god are you people BLIND? her hair looks HORRIBLE. look, i don’t like miley cyrus but her long hair is gorgeous. this just looks like an old person’s hair!
    guys… you cannot be telling me that this is a good looking girl.

  • just being meee!!!

    love her hair wish it was mine!!!

  • http://mileylover From turkey

    i love miley cyrusss

  • blahblahblah

    is she trying to carry on selena gomez’s look?
    bcuz if she is its sooooooo not wrking out fer herrr

  • Lily

    Anyone know the shorts that Miley is wearing? Where are they from?