Demi Lovato: Walmart with The Jonas Brothers!

Demi Lovato: Walmart with The Jonas Brothers!

Demi Lovato hangs off Nick Jonas‘ arm as they snap a few pics at the Walmart in Rochester Hills, Mich., on Wednesday afternoon (September 1).

Joined by Joe and Kevin, the famed Camp Rock quartet and BFFs signed several autographs and even posed for pics with fans.

The tour performed at The Palace of Auburn Hills later in the evening. MDot Finley tweeted after the performance, “Okay Michigan…U were really AMAZING! Camp Star!!!”

Who else loves our Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam site take over? 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Jennifer Mitchell; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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    Nick looks funny in that picture! lol Demi looks very pretty

  • rachel

    Nick totally has a crush on Demi


    thats cute……i guess

  • a.m./p.m.

    Demi’s got cankles

  • haley

    funny how Demi now stands next to Nick. LMAO! She barely give Nick any attention before.

  • Yolanda

    Look @ Nick with his headband – so CUTE!!!!!!

  • What’s up!

    @rachel: Hajahahahha lmfao so nicks a gentleman and lightly places his arm around Demi and that means he has a crush on her? Your crazy! From what I hear, Demi is a tad bit on the annoying side and the jobros have been keeping quite the distance from her on this tour.

    Fact: Demi is dating Travis Clark (the lead singer of we the kings) anyone going to the Florida show, be sure to look for hand holding and kissing. Photographic evidence to back up my fact.

  • Tyra j

    I wish you can shup she dated joe and I think its wrong to date a sidling ex

  • angel

    Hi what’s up! for you maybe it is funny things, you wrote things like you know what was happening between them, by telling bad things about Demi, who are you? are you miss or mr. perfect? do you ever make mistake in your life? look at the mirror and ask yourself! NO ONE IS PERFECT every body has their bad and good side, so pls stop telling things about others esspecially bad words, and you don’t have to know Demi or others personal life because if you are on Demi shoes you will exactly know what it feels when people are gossiping you around. So please clear your mind!

  • http://@DoudreamwtJonas Paula

    I wont mind if Nick and Demi date but i’ll get jealous as Im jeaslous of Danielle

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    come on people…. no need 2 dress 2 empress, theyr at WALMART!! LOL but really, nick needs 2 leav da bandana 2 JOE. LOLOL WISH THEY CAME 2 MY WALMART!!

  • Jenny

    WOW demi’s rocking straight hair after some time…they all look very worn out..LOL i guess the concerts are catching up to them

  • Carol

    The concert was a blast!!!! It was actually at DTE Energy Music Theater not the Palace…
    My friends and I waited at Wal Mart but didn’t get to meet them since there was so many people!
    The night ended great when my friend Stephanie got picked to dance on stage during “Heart and Soul”!!!

  • rosalie

    her legs look kinda huge

  • hii

    love nick with a head band!

  • leanne

    from what i hear,
    demi’s mature about relationships and the jonas brothers are not.
    and that demi’s hanging out with the other cr2 crew more and keeping distance away from them niggas.

  • chuchi

    not hating or anything, cause im not a demi hater…
    but it seems like she’s dressing up like jersey shore cast// kim kardashian style.?

    and that she got chubbier? i mean i like it on her, but idk it looked like she did, but she looks toned. i still like the old demi with the natural hair color but oh well.

  • sandy

    @leanne: Demi’s more immature about it than Jonas. Demi wouldn’t shut up about her and Joe’s breakup! and Joe kept his mouth shut trying to cope over it, like a real person does. and Their still friend. and btw, nigga’s is offensive to black people.

  • tay

    1st the concert was AMAZING best cincert I’ve ever been to :) It was my 7th Jonas Brothers
    btw it was at DTE Energy Music Theater not the Palace

  • Janie

    Nick has been brought up to be a gentleman and he is the only one who can soften the tension. Joe can’t or she will start clinging like he wants to date her, Kevin can’t because he’s married. Nick will be 18 in 2 weeks but hopefully has better taste then Demi.

  • Chelsey Baum

    It really seems like during the past few weeks Demi & Nick have gotten super close. Maybe something more is going on between them? If that’s true, Nick would treat Demi differently. In a good way. Nick’s known as the mature one, & so is Demi. It could be a really good match!

  • sandy:)

    Demi’s legs are chubby

  • Patrice

    What is everyoen talking about?
    1) Demi has never talked about the breakup voluntarily. Media ask HER about touring with your EX, she answers, End of story. The media never ask Joe. Go figure.
    2) Demi hasn’t clung to Joe since the breakup. Demi is a very strong girl.
    3) Nick and Demi is friends. The JB fam loves Demi. She is the only EX GF of a JB who is close to their WHOLE family, even grnadparents.
    4) Joe is dating and Demi is not dating Travis. She did put that to rest on twitter.
    4) Demi is very attractive and not fat or has cankles
    5) Get your facts and eyes straight and stop being envious or jealous.

  • http://iluv_IanJosephS Pauline

    joe looks gay..

  • Elisa

    so to me it seems like demi has been clinging to nick lately because of the awkwardness between her and joe, nick is going along with it, joe is trying to get things back to being normal with demi, and somethings up between demi and kev because you never see them talking, or hugging, or even looking at each other anymore, did he even go to her 18th birthday? i personally saw no pictures of him there!

  • Someone

    Demi looks reallly purttyyy, but Nick what the world is up with the pants.

  • kass

    Demi is NOT cute. I shouldn’t judge but their celebs.

  • Rebecca

    Screw Demi Lovato. If she doesn’t like the Jonas Brothers ( especially Joe) she can breakup their association with them if she wants to. I mean I don’t even know her but I don’t like her anymore because all she does is talk bad about Joe , saying he’s a heartbreaker and a player and doesn’t like touring or singing with him, the reason Joe and Demi broke up was because Joe wanted to keep their romance private and she didn’t like she told him to. I really dislike her for that and for dissing Joe so many times, he broke up with her only to save their relationship and she won’t accept it, too bad for her. I really feel bad for Joe because he’s hurt , sad, and betrayed because all Demi does is bash and crticize him. I hope he finds someone better than her (you know, one who’s not clingy) and treats him right and gives him the respect he deserves. I think that he, Nick,Kevin and Frankie are all true gentlemen. Peace, Love, JONAS. I THINK YOU GUYS ARE THE NICEST AND SWEETEST GUYS IN ALL THE WORLD, LOVE, your biggest fan, Rebecca

  • Rebecca

    @leanne: What do you mean Demi is mature about relationships and The JoBros are not? Of course they are! SHE’s the one who’s not mature about it! She needs to grow up! The Jonases are very good boys and are well-raised, so shut up!

  • amy

    @Rebecca: You have NO idea what are you talking about! You got it all wrong!

  • Kristen

    I still think their dating wasn’t true. I mean… I don’t know. I used to like her better than all of the other disney stars, but now it just seems something she and him would do. Maybe I’m wrong, but it lasted so little, and they didn’t even sped any time apart after the break-up. it’s weird…

    it puts things into perspective, though. you can see now why kristen stewart and robert pattinson won’t admit they’re dating. it’s a bit pathetic, don’t you all think?

  • Melissa

    Personally I think that we all should mind our own buiness its their lives not ours.

  • marie

    @Pauline: I TOTALLY AGREE, joe looks kinda fag*y always :)

  • Nemifan

    After the Joe split, Demi’s been getting EXTRA close to Nick. They were really close before but… wouldn’t it be awesome if they started dating? lol