Vanessa Hudgens: Minor Accident at CVS

Vanessa Hudgens: Minor Accident at CVS

Vanessa Hudgens shows off a bit of her toned tummy after a yoga session in Studio City on Wednesday afternoon (September 1).

The 21-year-old actress, who was seen picking up groceries later in the day, stopped by CVS Pharmacy on her way home and apparently ended up in a little fender bender.

According to a report, Vanessa backed up into another car causing a dent. Vanessa and the other driver exchanged insurance information with no need for police interaction.

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: LRR; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • ashytisdalefan

    she seems to get into accidents a lot, lol.

  • Ianhy Tisdale

    OMG… poor car .. I’m glad that Vanessa does not have passed anything wrong .. love nessa

  • Carol

    The grocery shopping candids is from yesterday not today

  • gracemarie


    You would too if were paps following you aroundt. She was probably trying to get away from them.

    They act like vultures

  • Ianhy Tisdale

    poor bb


    Papzz needs to leave her alone

  • Lalala

    Is that zacs car!!! IF it is then that sucks :(

  • Chanon

    WOW, is everybody that is saying something just a little bit insulting about Vanessa have Tisdale in their name. :/

    2)lanhy Tisdale

    We don’t go to Ashley Tisdale’s news page and point out flaws about her. -_-

  • Bradley Bobst

    Poor Vanessa the Paps Needs to leave this girl alone, But she Looks Beautiful and Gorgeous as always Love her Hat.

  • joan

    ugh paparazzi need to leave her alone. She gets followed everyday and she’s not even doing anyting special. go to paris hilton or speidi. they want attention

  • Ianhy Tisdale

    nothing serious

  • dfnerfjnefo

    lol shes not the first one to have a fender bender so this is whatever. and by the looks of it, i dont think there was much drama going b/w the other driver and her cuz there was a pic (which im not sure if its on here) where shes grinning at the guy haha.

  • Mac

    dude,i’m her fan n i gotta admit she seems to attract alot of car trouble. Poor hun! Haha,,love her nonetheless!

  • Boji

    Well who wouldn’t if there were paps distracting you and watching your every move!? Poor mite, I feel for her. Been there, done that at a time when I was distracted. We all have our moments. Hope the rest of the day went well.

  • ChaSe lauren

    She just has no luck when it comes to driving. But I dont think its the paps fault that she hits the cars because if you look at the pictures none of them are standing close enough to be in the way of her car. Oh well its nothing that cant be fixed, lets just hope it doesn’t happen again. I know Id hate to have my insurance go up especially on an Audi like hers, thats gotta be expensive!



  • kami

    ♥ i think the paps being around make her nervous and she tries to get away too fast. ♥

  • Tata

    yes, i agree that it could happen due to noisy paparazzi all around!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Wow.. how many posts in one day ? And honestly.. she’s not even doing anything ‘special’. She’s trying to live a paparazzi free life but no.. sadly, they have to face the annoyingness and craziness of paparazzi’s. They just need a money shot. But anyway.. she looks nice. There’s her Army cap again. I like it. Hope she and the person involved are okay though !

  • naomi

    no wonder why her car looks so ugly now, audis always looks like new, but not her car.

  • Boji

    What I’m saying that you are aware of the ever present paps, near or far. She obviously saw them and that didn’t help either esp. if you are preoccupied. My advice to V is get yourself a smaller car, girl, easier for manoeuvering out of a tight space and with better side and front mirrors, with front and back parking beepers to go.

  • naomi

    and didn’t she heard the beaping that makes those cars when is going back?

  • DAVID….

    WHY SHE’S NOT DEAD????:P:(


  • -pao-

    LOL!! poor Nessa… We still Love her! :D she’s the cutes ever… and Poor Car… :D LOL

  • Ego

    Whats the big deal? She hit a car and they exchanged information. It was the right thing to do. What’s the biggie?

  • mykamicks

    Hi there Boji! Nice suggestion… what about a mini cooper.. lol!

    That’s one of the uninevitable price a celebrity could encounter in their everyday lives. Anyways, nothing serious about it. Dont be upset girl. Despite of that you are outstandingly SEXY. So cheer up guys.

  • Fatty


  • babyg

    awww.. V..

  • annie1st

    thats not a big deal, and she take the responsibilities for the car’s damage im sure with apologies too, glad she’s alright be careful baby V, i found her clumsiness cute, its ok but dont drive too fast nessa thats dangerous

  • coco

    stop saying it’s paps’ fault. i don’t want to denfend them or whatever, but it happens than some people can’t seriously drive. vanessa is probably one of them. there’s nothing wrong with that, doesn’t make her a less of an actress, or person, for that matter. but maybe she should consider getting a personal driver lol

  • coco

    *defend yeah i can’t spell lol

  • Boji

    Hi back at ya Mykamicks

    No one is saying it is the paps’ fault. They are a distraction no matter what. I have had many minor fender benders, when I’m preoccupied, not focussed or distracted. It could happen to anyone and the focus here is on Vanessa, granted it was her fault and like any responsible person, she gave her details to the other guy. All settled amicably. It is not like she drove off or made a fuss or denied responsibility. The paps have nothing much to do anyway, except following any celebrity around in the hope of a big scoop like nip slip, caught pantyless, or doing the unthinkable. Tabloids pay mucho bucks for pics like that.

  • nathalia

    the important thing is that it is well
    and the other guy also carrro
    done deal
    I loved the clothes vanessa

  • teamhudgens

    Hugs for V…

  • Katty

    I love V as well, but she does seem to get in the occasional fender bender. But, it’s been less often as it was once. She is learning, so it’s all good.

    She seems to be out and about lately. Its nice getting the pix, but they don’t get as many comments because there are one to two a day, haha.

    Can’t wait for more news.

  • mike

    she should be more careful

  • zanessa

    poor v!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was just minor so thats good. but it probably was caused by the paps they really need 2 leave her alone

  • amy

    How many times has she been photographed in the past few days? About 3/4 times in one day?! That’s gotta be so annoying being stalked everywhere you go. Feel really sorry for V.

  • musicgirl

    as much as im like all the vanessa news we get, I really wish the paps would leave her alone,
    she looks amazing in everything, love her!
    I really hope we get some news about movies or other prodjects soon ;)

  • tina

    She must be an awful driver, she’s been in quite a few fender benders. but to me the best one is when she parked in a “handicap only” spot and thought she would get away with it because……after all she is a big star.

    self-absorbed loser

  • tin

    Ohh, can’t drive a car?
    She’s ridiculous :D


    Well I am assuming she’s not a good driver by the accidents she already had! But, you gitts love her bad driver or not!!

  • susan1

    she’s not an awful driver its only a minor accident deal with it loser.

  • http://jjj telma

    she’s wearing her army cap to support zac’s coming movie
    so sweet
    love her

  • Tree

    @susan1 You don’t have to be so rude. Vanessa has gotten into quite a few accidents in the short time that she has had her license. Doesn’t make her a bad person or the the person who said it. Facts are facts.

  • Emma

    @tina: shut up

  • angel

    I don’t know why the papz feel the need to follow her everywhere if they already have pics of her leaving yoga.. the poor girl must be all frazzled already

  • daniel

    what the heck ¡¡¡t why everyone is talking as if something big had happened, it was only a small blow to another vehicle.
    @ChaSe lauren about that ”She just has no luck when it comes to driving” as you say was the fault of the paparazzi . Happens to everyone .. AND i don’t think that has to do with luck.
    RADAR overreact

  • susan1

    @ Tree;
    Sorry! i dont mean to be so rude i said she’s not an awful driver i only answer comment no.40.
    I love vanessa so much you know!!!!