Selena Gomez & The Scene: 'A Year Without Rain' Video!

Selena Gomez & The Scene: 'A Year Without Rain' Video!


Check out Selena Gomez & The Scene‘s newest music video, “A Year Without Rain!”

Selena, 18, posted on her Facebook previously, “I am so excited and cannot wait for you guys to hear the next single!! Year Without Rain! We just shot the video in the desert :) Cant wait for yall to see it! Love you!!!”

Be sure to head on over to to pre-order your copy of their sophomore album — out Tuesday, September 21!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Selena & The Scene’s new video?

Selena Gomez & The Scene: “A Year Without Rain” Music Video
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Credit: Albert Michael; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • erinjey


  • betterthanU

    She looks absolutely breathtaking. My goodness. <3

  • rachel

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    I sent this in!!!

    Oh no they didn’t posted this first. Best site but I still like jjj

  • grace

    OMG i love it!! I thought the guy was Nick though and he does look a lot like Joe a bit!! But still another really good song. Well Done Selena!

  • Prettypurple96

    OMG!! The guy in the vid….when they first showed him i thought it was Taylor Lautner!!!! :O I was like freaking out…:/

  • http://@CARLASHERE carla

    Pues me gusta el vídeo O.o

  • Ashlee

    did anyone else think of taylor lautner when the guy started walking towards her from a distance..? LOL

  • http://@NOLWENNb-b nolwenn

    Yeah.. i like this =)

    (From a french fan) <3


    OMG She is LIKE AWSOME…………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH I WAAAAAANNNNNA MEET HER SOOOO MUCH

  • -

    she is so beautiful i can’t stand it!!!!!!!! <3
    love her & the song & the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • c

    @grace: Well she didn’t right the song so I don’t know how you can give her credit for the song. Plus the edited the heck out of her voice.

  • c

    And she is not the one coming up with the video ideas in the first place. But she does look gorgeous, can’t deny that. She always does. Just think she should stick to acting.

  • Allie

    This was not only painful to watch, but listen to as well.
    The song is terrible.

  • Daniella!!

    Beautiful video and song. Her best song by far. Honestly i think the inspiraton was Taylor Lautner cuz they went a year without seeing eachother. Whether they dated or not they are very close to eachother

  • liri92

    gorgeous..period.. haters get the hell out of here(: jealousy makes you uggly:P

  • amanda

    OMG mee toooo!!!! I thought immediatly of him !!!! haha funny =)

  • Saudia

    Ahhh Selena is gorgeous!! I can’t get over her beauty, she’s just so naturally beautiful. I think she should stick to acting though, singing is not her skill! I do prefer the original song :) I’ve been listening to it for almost 2 years now. Selena’s voice just isn’t strong enough. However, I cannot get enough of this video, it’s completely amazing :) .. is it just me or does the dude look like Joe Jonas ahah


  • NC

    @c: Who cares?!? a lot of celebrities have these things done for them. And how do you even know she didn’t have a say in any of this?

  • Chanon

    That was so much better than ‘Round & Round’. I really liked this song and music video. Plus, her love interest is HELLA FINE. <3 :)

  • Rafael

    OMG! She’s amazing. I was so excited about this video and I just loved it. I can’t wait to hear her new album :)

  • Skye

    The song and video are so amazing!!!
    Selena is sooo beautiful. <333

  • miss dannielle

    She is so beautiful and elegant. great role model for this young ones today.

  • Koenic

    Luv It Selena Is Flawless And Very Mature So Happy For Her.

  • ines


    you’re so right

  • ines

    her voice is so edited

  • bee

    @Daniella!!: she didn;t write it so i don;t really think she meant it for anybody anways i love this video shes so pretty

  • bee

    the guy looked like Joe Jonas + Taylor Lautner mixed

  • gadda

    As funny as this song is, I kinda hoped she would make her music a little more personal. It’s basically like round&round or naturally, fluffy love songs without any real (means “not acted”) emotions in it.

    So funny that she sells as all “mature” and stuff, while in reality she is as childish as a 18 year old ca be.

  • Naomi

    i really like the video, better than round and round. i like the part where the rain comes down and the two of them walk towards each other. for the vocals, i think she improved a little bit, but i think it was altered. the song is too big for her and i think that leona lewis should be singing this song because it suits her voice. selena looked stunning in the dress. i prefer the demo that has been floating around youtube for a while. i don’t think that this song will be as big as naturally, but it’s a nice song. overall, i thought the video is good. keep up the work selena.

  • Disney Girl

    She looks GORGEOUS and the song means so much.I wonder which guy this song is dedicated to Taylor Lautner or Nick Jonas or someone else hmm?????

  • Justzgirl


  • andy

    @gadda damn b!tch get a fuck!ng life!!!! seriously get out of here!!! dont you know how pathetic and jelous you sound????? stay mad loser!!! cause that doesnt change the reaility and selena looks totally stunning!!! is insanely how gorgeous she is… and the video wooo i just love it…. hot guy!!!!

  • andy


  • Wow !

    She Looks Amazing ! Soo Gorgeous !

    Plus I Really Like This Song , Love It !


  • Mari

    She is so beautiful.. love love this video..

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    A Year Without Rain” is her best music video yet! LOVE IT!!
    the video is soo Beautifully done! + she looks really pretty!

  • em22

    wow, finally, a song of hers that actually doesn’t sound like the others. normally all of her songs sound exactly the same but not this one. very good. she looked gorgeous in it. i did hate though how it end randomly when she touched her boyfriend’s hand.

  • gami

    AHHHH!!!! she looks amazing i love this song im going to buy it on itunes as soon as it is up! lol This is a great way to show that she isnt the little girl she used to be SELENA this is why you inspire me!! i love your work!! and we your fans are proud of u! <3

  • grock

    new |Zealand quake

  • J

    @ines: Welcome too the world of auto-tune, but she isn’t the only one doing it these days. I still love the way they went about making the music video, and it actually makes sense with the lyrics. I also forgot to mention that Selena looks stunting as always. :D

  • Sahina

    it’s a good video and song. better than Round and Round but i still like Naturally better.

    her version is good but i like the original better. that’s my opinion.

  • Jason

    Man, she always gets the best songs and the best music videos.

  • z

    omg she sounds horrible…

  • e

    She looks beautiful!
    I’m not so crazy about the song tho :/ Maybe it’ll grow on me.

  • Chloe

    I loved the video!!!!! Its AMAZING!!! And the guy is hot and looks a little like Joe. Congrats Selena for give us a sexy and beautiful video that children, teenies & parents can enjoy!

  • Kyle

    OMG gorgeous !!!!!

  • Midz

    To all the haters please get a life! By saying crap about how shows that your jealous & that by bringing her down just shows that your insecure about yourselves & that you think it will make yourselves feel better well think again cause it ain’t!
    And omfg whether she used auto tune or not ‘so sue her’ loads of people do, she isn’t the only one! And one more thing she never claimed to write the song apparently the real artist Alex Selina gave it to her as a demo to know if she wanted to use it!
    Personally I think she looked gorgeous & at one point the guy did look like Joe Jonas!
    I loved the video & song, I hope that it goes platinum like naturally & if not then Gold like Round & Round!

  • sar

    i have to say selena is starting to grow on me…but more as an actress not a singer. i think she looks gorgeous in it but i’ve been listening to the original by leona lewis for a while and this song really isnt meant for selena’s vocals. still..i like it i guess

  • ines


    i know that a lot of people do that… i like the music video but a really think that she is so much better acting than singing… music isn’t her thing…. just my opinion