Nikki Reed's Advice to Girls: Experience Everything!

Nikki Reed's Advice to Girls: Experience Everything!

Nikki Reed may not be the most experienced girl out in the world, and she’s first to admit that. But that doesn’t mean the 22-year-old actress doesn’t have some type of advice.

Catching up with, Nikki opened up about her own childhood, her friendship with DJ Qualls and fitting in. Check it:

On her friendship with DJ Qualls: “DJ and I have been best friends for I don’t even know how long now… since I was a kid! He was actually approached with the script [for The Last Day of Summer] before I was and they asked who he thought should play Stefanie and he said me.”

On growing up responsible: “I definitely went through a rough patch, but I wasn’t nearly as destructive as the character that I played in Thirteen. I think for me, growing up fast and living on my own, which is certainly not something for everybody, forced me to grow up and be responsible. I didn’t have the opportunity to go out and party like a lot of the young girls in Hollywood that all lived at home with Mommy and Daddy.”

Her advice for girls who don’t fit in: “I think it’s important for people to experience. I don’t like when advice is given and it just feels so unrealistic, like, ‘Oh, just stay true to yourself and don’t ever join the cool crowd.’ So just experiment and experience everything, but to a limit. Mildly. See things and do things but don’t lose yourself and don’t forget yourself in the process because it’s really so minor in the grand scheme of things.”

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  • good-one

    Nikki Reed delivered an amazing performance in the now classic, Thirteen. Innocence is the illusion that we have all the time in the world, when in reality, life is like but a blink of the eye in the grand scheme of things.

  • someone

    Gee, what a role model. She’s basically saying go ahead & do what the popular croud is doing, experience sex, drink a little, smoke a blunt at least once, etc. I mean seriously, that’s what she’s making it sound like.

  • Lee

    Someone, that is not at all what she is saying. She’s saying to experience life. Not being cool is a life experience. Being bullied or picked on is a natural life experience. Girls, and boys, who try too hard to fit in never experience these and therefore miss out on a valuable life lesson. A lesson that will teach them about self esteem and self respect. She’s telling young girls, and boys, not to try to be someone you aren’t because you miss the experience of being who you are.

  • TeamNikki

    @Lee Very well put!

    Nikki is such a beautiful person inside and out. A true role model! <333

  • jessica

    I love Nikki!!! She’s so sweet and genuine.

  • Anonymously beautiful

    I wish I was Nikki, and yeah, that is what she’s saying @someone