Zac Efron is Hoodie Hidden

Zac Efron is Hoodie Hidden

Hiding his growing beard under his hoodie, Zac Efron heads back to his car after hitting the gym in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (September 4).

In case you missed it, check out the new Wonderland mag cover that the 22-year-old actor graces.

Zac has been confirmed to star in the upcoming Art of the Steal. The flick is about a con man who plans and executes a series of elaborate heists, all while leading a double life as an upstanding citizen.

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Credit: DS/RR; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Miranda

    Sexy Zac Efron, even though we can’t see his face :)

  • BabyBooZanessa

    still looks hot with that Hoodie !

    Love you Zac!


    My dear…. why you hide…
    i want to see your beautiful eyes..
    is all that matters

  • Miranda

    We can see Zac wearing him and Vanessa’s new kuippo ring :)))

  • xLOVEzanessa

    woaaah. that beard is coming together. tbh, i’m not into that look. he looks a bit like weird. but yeah. it no excuse to hide he’s face. haha.

  • peggy

    For all you obsessed ring people he seems to have his on. Now we don’t have to dicuss it.

    Let’s talk about the beard

  • ashytisdalefan

    @xLOVEzanessa I’m not into that look either, I hope he shaves it one of these days aha but I’ll still think he is pretty hot. Just lets not hope it doesn’t turn into a brad pitt beard. ;)

  • lauren

    @ peggy
    hahaha nice,
    i know all the zanessa fans are like OMFg hes wearing the ring. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Katty

    I love Zac.

    He gets soooooooo many more hits in JJ than on JJJr. He should be mainly on JJ, but he isn’t. As should Vanessa. Why is it that Elle Fanning is ALWAYS on JJ and Zac Efron hardly is?? It doesn’t seem right.

    I can’t wait to see his movies. My favorite pick so far is Snabba Cash. I hope it lets people see him in a new light, mainly males. He has a pretty good female fanbase, but he needs males to respect him and want to see his movies too. Like, Leo DiCaprio. Girls love him and guys dig him, if he wants to assimulate, he has to do more manly movies. Also, like Fire and Einstein Theory.

  • beatriz

    so sexy but you face ?
    i dont care you are the number one in my heart

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Okay, JJJ, I’m sorry to say that it’s sorta pointless to post this when we can’t see his face.. but I do appreciate your work and effort to bring us Zachary news. :) Even though I can’t really tell that it’s Zachary; looks like his beard is still growing. Lol. I wonder if he’ll leave it on for a while..

  • kami


    ♥ and how do you know it’s a kuuipo ring? have you seen the letters kuuipo on it? just cause him and vanessa have matching rings doesn’t mean they are kuuipo rings. ♥

  • good-one

    Zac Efron playing a bad guy, is like Selena Gomez playing a mean girl. It seems just such a stretch, gonna have to see it to believe it.

  • pop86

    The paps were probably being annoying.

    with a beard or a hoodie, he is still sexy.

  • Katty

    What the heck does kuuipo mean???

  • Bradley Bobst

    I Think The Beard is for his role as Logan in The Lucky One Like the shirt he is wearing. I’m so Super exited for Art of the Steal can’t wait all the amazing and awesome Projects Zac’s Has Lined up.

  • Rob

    Why is he wearing abercrombie and fitch jacket.

  • Iwillkillyourkittykat

    ZAC PLEASE LOSE THE BEARD! then i’ll come back to loving you.

  • good-one

    @Katty: Probably because Elle Fanning does more “R ” rated movies.

  • abby

    @Iwillkillyourkittykat: I think its for his new role. Most of the time when Zac has a beard he doesn’t wear it as long as he’s had this time, I’m 99% sure its for his role. I think he looks sexy and more grown up. He looks like a 20 something year old where as before he kinda looked like a 19-20 year old.

  • amanda..loves…

    @abby: I AGREE WITH U:)

  • love efronn

    LOVE HIM:)<3

  • Katty


    That doesn’t really mean anything. She is still twelve, or however old she is, and she is only in one movie, a movie that doesn’t even look that good. Just because she is in a rated R movie doesn’t mean that JJJr can’t report her day to day activities or whatever. It just means she can’t go into much detail when he describes her movie.

  • Brenda Song FAN

    He’s cute!

  • Brenda Song FAN

    @Katty: Elle Fanning is known among adults, her movies are independent films aimed towards the adult demographics and she has appeared in major studio films for an older audience that isn’t JJJ’s auidence. Elle isn’t well known among tweens.

    Zac is best known for tween movies, HSM movies and 17 Again (to a lesser extent). That is why Zac is always on JJJ.

  • kelly

    Aw he's wearing the ring. Hahahaha

  • amy

    I love his jacket and i don’t really mind the beard. Hoping he at least trims it for European promo though (:

  • mike

    like the guy

  • Musicismylife

    @Rob: What’s wrong with wearing abercrombie and fitch? Lol

  • Olivia

    like omg he’s wearing the ring. lol haha jk

  • susan1

    i like the jacket with the hoodie and his bearb is growing well doesnt matter still look cute to me.

  • sheila

    @Musicismylife: actually, i would bet that’s v’s hoodie. look at the sleeves. he probably grabbed it out of his back seat just so that he could hide his face under the hoodie.

  • http://j cf

    i love his jacket and shirt, pls zac.. CUT THE BEARD!

  • angel

    don’t get me wrong but zac’s awesome but seriously with that ugly beard. NO!!!!!!!! shave it man u look better with no facial hair.

  • angel

    don’t get me wrong but zac’s awesome but seriously with that ugly beard. NO!!!!!!!! shave it man u look better with no facial hair.

  • Hmm

    The beard grows funny. He has a hard time growin hair on his chin area. Odd

  • Hmm

    The beard grows funny. He has a hard time growin hair on his chin area. Odd

  • Hmm

    I think Jake gyllanhal and Robert pattinson grow the best celeb facial hair. Jakes looks full and well kept and not all nasty and wiry and Roberts beard always looks so soft and fluffy

  • Karen

    A beard is kind of a fashion thing too—like a hairstyle. Everybody’s beard is not the same and guys keep them trimmed up in a certain “style” so to speak. So, maybe Jake’s looks one way but RobP has one that looks a little different yet. Can anyone remember what Brad Pitt’s looked like some months ago? Did it look the same as everyone else’s?

    Several women as well as men may start wearing a hairstyle that is similar and then someone else will wear their hair completely different and not like the current style at all. Well, beards can be like that too. The same goes for mustaches too. So to say Zac can’t grow a beard is really incorrect.

  • mykamicks

    His beard actually for me, makes his sex appeal more sronger. Nice shot Zac hide your face sometimes with those irritating paps..

  • kyle

    Beard or no beard, it doesn’t really matter. You don’t stop liking a person because he’s grown a beard!

  • amelia25

    beautiful Zac!

  • carly

    aw he’s wearing the ring…can’t wait to see more zac and vanessa!

  • kyle

    He is wearing the perfect hood against the pesky paparazzis.