Ashley Tisdale: Fashion's Night Out!

Ashley Tisdale: Fashion's Night Out!

Ashley Tisdale and Blake Lively give in to a little girl talk before they head in to the Lincoln Center in NYC to attend Fashion’s Night Out: The Show on Tuesday evening (September 7).

The 25-year-old actress tweeted afterwards, “Had so much fun at Fashion Night Out, it was my first fashion show. A-MAZ-ING!”

Ashley told Seventeen magazine about the important of friends and cited BFF Vanessa Hudgens as one of her greatest. She shared, “Vanessa is just such a great friend. Like recently, we were at a premiere and I saw a reality star who I thought was really cool. I’d watched her show; so I was excited. But she wasn’t nice to me when I met her. All I really wanted to do was take a picture. So Vanessa stood up for me — she confronted her and was like, ‘Hey, Ashley’s actually a really big fan.’ She is one of those girlfriends who has your back. I love that about her.”

FYI: Ashley wore a lovely Cynthia Vincent gray dress with Guiseppe Zanotti booties. She completed her look with a cute Alisa Michelle “Evil Eye” necklace.

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale

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Credit: Jemal Countess, Stephen Lovekin; Photos: Getty
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  • tata

    Awww! it’s so nice! but why there are no their pictures together?? i miss ashnessa! but maybe it’s better for them that they are able to hide from the paparazzi!

  • wraith

    I don’t like her dress or colour.

  • Jannii

    She is awesome!!!
    Looking sexy =D
    Cant wait for Hellcats …awww its gonna be HUGE =D

  • brianca

    am sooo happy that ashley and vanessa are still frendz but i havent really seen any pics of them recenlty ….. but i agree with tata

  • blahblahblah

    i love ashley and blake so much :0

  • blahblahblah


  • Grace

    Love Ashley, Its funny putting Blake and Ashley together, she’s soo tall and ashley is not! lol AWWW about the story of Ashley and vanessa, my god i won’t to know who it is! I’m guessing Kim Kardashian….actually I don’t know.

  • neGro xoxo

    Love Ashley and Vanessa. they are greatest friend. and Vanessa really has a very good personality and they always got each other backs. i wish they always be as perfect as now in their friendship. and if the woman in story is Kim kardashian…. i actually hate her. she is not lovely and ash shouldn’t be her fan. love vashley or Ashnessa

  • nessy

    she look adorable!!

  • http://none gigi

    I really like what shes wearing. And her hair looks amazing.

  • robert

    @gigi: I totaly agree with you.Love her and Blake’s friendship…

  • amanda

    ashley is gorgeous love her dress shoess……….
    her hair is adorable she is the best.Love her and blake…

  • amanda

    Blake and Ashley is adorable<3

  • leighton

    @neGro xoxo: yes I total agree wit you.I think so.She is Kim.Hey guys we understand Ashley and Vanessa went to gala=)

  • leighton

    Blake and Ashley is grgeous.Love ashley’s dress colour.

  • xoxoJanexoxo

    I want her hair!! Can’t wait for Hellcats…. TODAY!!

  • Chanon

    I miss Vashley news. When are they gonna hang out again? And Vanessa does look like the type of girl who would stand up for a friend. :)

  • Olivia

    Does anyone know what premiere this was? I dont think weve seen them at any recently.. x

  • linna_RDL

    ashley is such a great friend.. she really is.. I love her even more.. my role model for sure (;

  • pop86

    I agree I think it was Kim Kardashian.

  • tisdale fn

    @linna_RDL: yes I agree with you.Ashley is gorgeous.She is so pretty and cute.She is so succesful adn beautiful.Love her style and dress always.This dress is flawless.Her hair is adorable! Want her body! Cant wait 4 hellcats tonight!!

  • tin

    Aw, Ash and Blake <3
    That’s so cool (:
    Ashley’s hair looks so amazing, her dress is pretty, too!
    I love this girl!

    Ash is just amazing, so cute how she’s always talking about how much she loves Vanessa. I’m wondering, why Vanessa’s never talking about her like this O.o


    who will watch hellcats tonight? What do you thing about it?
    This show will be succesful?Please answer..


    @tin: Because Ashley is so sweet and great friend but vanessa not like it.

  • tin

    @ZASHLEY: Agreed :D


    @tin: thanks what do you think about Hellcats? Ä°t will be succesful?

  • Unbelievable

    If Vanessa stood up for Ashley why doesn’t Ashley stand up for Vanessa? Why does Ashley support that snake perez Hilton when all he does is spread lies and talk trash about v and Ashley doesn’t say a single thing. That’s what I think and I’m stickin to it.

  • peggy


    You asshole!!!!!! Vanessa has talked about her friendship with Ash so many times.

    If you dont know what you are talking sbout keep your mouth shut

  • andrea

    Ashley look gorgeous and hot!
    Blake is so cute!
    I love ashley’s hair so much! But I dont like blake’s hair.They are adorable..

  • mike

    love ashley and vanessa

  • andrea

    @peggy: You will watch hellcats?

  • Ashley

    I really don’t like her dress.

  • http://deleted carie

    u r totally rude…i mean V stood up for ur idol Ashley n u still r so rude to V…C’mon it shows how bad fan u r…

    And V talks abt her too….i mean there was one recent interview where she talked so nicely abt her but obviously u don’t like to see that.

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    Im not really digging the dress but her hair looks lovely

    Its sweet that she said that about Vanessa, she does look like a friend that stands by you and defends you, and I love that about her <3

    And to zashley and tin: Vanessa has talked about Ashley like that many times, maybe its the fact that you may not like her which has made you forget it :)

  • Taya

    i love her!
    Ashley looks adorable

  • karla

    Ashley is the best friend I have ever seen!She look gorgeous!Love her dress.Her dress is so beautful@Ashley:

  • ashfn


  • ashfn

    she look amazing!
    love her dress.Love ashley and vanessa’s friendship but I dont love vanessa.Ashley is the best.Love ashley’s style.I think her style is the best.
    I think vanessa trough.
    She is not sincere.
    I think vanessa fan I’m sorry.Please dont give me answer.

  • Kourtney

    They look gorgeous!

  • gossip

    go hellcats!!!!!!!!!

  • gossip

    she look amazing<3

  • armani

    blake and ashley are adorable love they so much go hellcats!!!!!!!

  • isabella

    Kim Kardashian is actually VERY nice…I would have to guess someone else like lauren conrad or something

  • Vanney

    @Zashley @tin actually Vanessa talked about Ashley more often. Vanessa is such an amazing person <3 Ashley doesn’t look like someone whou could be a good friend. and you’re so pathetic. Ashley said about nice things which Vanessa did to her. it makes Vanessa being a good friend, not Ashley, duh?

  • sc

    luv u ash she luks great!!!
    watever who was that reality show girl I HATE HER!!
    n i support nessa n ash as well!

  • carly


    I agree with you. I understand that ashley doesn’t want perez Hilton to start talking trash about her but she should at least stood up for vanessa.
    friendship has to go both ways. & i actually remember when aly stood up for vanessa when they where filming bandslam. And i do recall vanessa talking about ashley.

  • Christine


    Totally agree with this. There was a radio interview I listened to where this guy was totally trashing Vanessa to Ashley’s face, and all Ashley did was laugh. But when Vanessa was with some other guy who was trying to pit her and Ashley against each other, Vanessa wouldn’t have it. So yeah, Vanessa’s always had Ashley’s back, but the only person who’s ever publically had Vanessa’s is Aly.

    As for the reality star, I don’t think it was Kim. I think she’s ditzy and an attention seeker, but she doesn’t seem like a b!tch.

  • ashleyfan

    @ZASHLEY: i also agree

  • http://deleted carie

    yeah i agree with you…you are so right. I mean Ashley has never ever defended V in public.

  • paris

    she is amazing love her dress=)