Miley Cyrus is Panera Bread Pretty

Miley Cyrus is Panera Bread Pretty

Arm in arm with her brother Braison, Miley Cyrus heads into Panera Bread for a little bite to eat in Studio City, Calif., on Thursday afternoon (September 9).

The 17-year-old actress just returned from Paris, where she wrapped up filming on L.O.L. The film is set to premiere in 2011.

Miley also just signed on to Tom Vaughan‘s So Undercover, in addition to her other pending projects Wake and Wings.

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Credit: Clint Brewer; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • hanni

    Since when did Braison become taller than Miley?
    He’s 14 years old…

  • taylor

    those glasses make her look like she has a uni-brow.
    i’m just sayin.

  • m

    Miley’s brothers are messed up. No offense but Miley is probably feeding the whole Cyrus family.

  • http://@erikkaJay ErikkaJay

    She’s the new Taylor Momsen. She used to be so pretty, classy, & cute… now she is trying to hard & she is downright weird!

  • taylor

    according to imdb he’s 16…

  • Kristina

    Braison is 16 years old. He’s only a year younger than Miley.

  • Steph

    She looks very pissed!!!! About to beat someone up…

  • Steph

    @ErikkaJay: I agree shes trying to be Taylor Momsen the way she is dressing, i dont like it. Shes trying to hard to change

  • emmapuma

    She looks pretty.
    But the sunglasses g2g

  • Sahina


    except Taylor Momsen is more provocative.

  • LUCY

    Wow Miley looks stunning.!

    Shame about those fugly glasses. Please get rid of them Miley. I beg of you!!

  • good-one

    Ugh. People hate legs? I adore both Taylor Momsen and Miley and their lovely gams. Here’s to gorgeous legs:

  • Tiffany

    She looks cold. Get all of Mileys clothes here

  • nathalia

    those glasses make her look like she has a uni-brow but she looks GORGEOUS, as always.

  • lb

    I love this girl =’] she’s so awesome! I just wish the papz would leave her alone some more. Can the girl like get some free time after an 11 hour fight?

  • Bria


    Miley is only around 5’5 1/2, (she said so in an interview about her height difference with Liam) and everyone knows that for the most [art, boys are taller than girls ;)

  • Jenny

    love miles but those glasses need to makes her look as though she has a monobrow

  • Bria

    I agree about the sunglasses, they have that extra bar that does make her look like she has a unibrow! I love Ray ban wayfarers and aviators, but these ray bans aren’t too flattering on anyone! I think it’s great she has so much going for her career wise. I hope she gets an acting lesson or two, She is great with comedy, but I know “wings” is a fantasy-drama and I’m sure that “wake” is probably a drama too. I love Miley, but any unbias person will admit it it; it was painful watching her in “The Last Song” She seemed like a rookie. I hope she does better in her next movies! P.S. I love her sweater!


    @hanni: He’s like 16 or 17!! He’s only a year younger than Miley

  • good-one

    And as far as Justin Bieber wanting to collaborate with Miley in some sort of dust-up remake, sequel or version of Grease, maybe there’s something to it:

  • Spirit

    @hanni: He’s not 14, he’s 16. They’re like a year apart. He’ been taller than her for a while now.

  • blahblahblah

    i hate her brother but i luv her and she looks cute as always

  • Larissa


    Why would you say you hate her brother? You don’t even know him. You can’t even hate him beause of that.

  • Precious

    @Sahina: For now…who knows, maybe she’ll start dressing like Taylor; her style is what Taylor’s use to be a year or so ago but now look at her…

  • gaby

    I don’t know Why She trying to changes, Maybe She wants to be a adult,But i mis youMiley Who like a dreamt teenager girl…… Miley was so swwet with her long hair and his Normal dress ….But i always Love you Ind that never changes…..She decided Who want be…Love you !!
    But one does not change…I never see you befor that cute,beauty, Human, frank, and can’t be tamed girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GossipGirl

    @ErikkaJay: @Steph: both of you need to stop puffing what ever it is u idiots are high off of . Miley is TEN TIMES MORE CLASSIER than Taylor Momsen will ever be. NEVER put her in the same line with that CHAIN SMOKER

  • Precious

    @GossipGirl: Never say never! You don’t know who she’ll be in the future; Miley doesn’t even know who she’ll be in the future so what makes you think you do! Who knows, maybe she looks up to Taylor but just doesn’t say anything….

  • SSL


    I see what you’re saying, but I actually think it’s the other way around… Miley’s the type to lead the pack… so I think Taylor might secretly look up to Miley… and it’s true, no one can say “who she’ll be” (which in this case, actually translates to “what she’ll wear” – not really a reflection on personality at all) in the future… in any case, I hope she’s successful. Although, paparazzi in LA are vicious, she’ll probably get annoyed reaaally quickly.
    Still love her though…

  • Warren

    That’s a great place to eat. Miley has good taste and seems she eats there a lot. She eats at sushi places a lot too. I don’t know as much about that. I too wish Miley would lose the shades because I want to see her beautiful eyes. But WOW what sexy legs! Miley is hot!

  • monica

    i think miley cyrus just needs to get out buisness, she is a total waist to watch, she is so 3 yrs ago

  • GossipGirl

    @Precious: who said I did? And u people sit and call her THE NEXT LINDSAY LOHAN like u know for a fact she’s gonna go off and do drugs in the futures. so how’s about putting a sock in it?

  • GossipGirl

    @monica: and I think u should should get ur misreable @ass off this post. If u don’t like her, don’t pay attention to her. IT’S THAT SIMPLE

  • ak

    she is pretty, personally I don’t like how she is dressing lately but she is pretty

    it’s how she always make that face, like with her mouth

  • Precious

    @GossipGirl: Did I ever call her the next Lindsay? No. I didn’t. All I said is you don’t know who she’ll be in the future; she can become the next Mother Teresa or the next Lindsay Lohan (I’ll use her as an example since you brought her up). Never say never is all I said so don’t get an attitude with me.

  • GossipGirl

    @Precious: don’t tell me what not to do. I do what I want in this free country . H.A.N.D.!

  • HIH

    is that how he looks now….

  • mrs.Jonas

    @hanni: if u read Mileys bio book ‘Miles To Go’ she says in it tht her Braison’s really tall and he was 10 or something. If u think thts tall i’m 5’11 or higher AND im just 15! im sure he’s shorter then me.

  • blahblahblah

    god i don’t hate him hate him but i hate his hair and face ur right i don’t even know him !!

  • Tiffany

    I liked the old hair Braison … but okay. So nice to see Miley having fun with your family … I love this girl!

  • http://yahoo lynn

    i think it’s sweet to see Miley wtih her brother here in this photo i didnot like him and trace in her 02 d.v.d. it was very racy and sick for her age i mean come on his her brother for God sake..

  • Fleur

    where are her shoes of? i really like them!

  • kym

    omg Braison looks so different. i thought he was cute when he was like 14 but now he has kind of a rock star look. it fits him but i dont really like it. and also, they are all so tall. omg i guess in a few years noah will be about their height too.

  • sama

    i love miley but i wish to break this sunglasses and i don’t like hen new style before she was more classy

  • sama

    i don’t like miley to change before she was more classy and i want to break this sunglasses

  • Precious

    @GossipGirl: Wowww, real mature; yeah this coming from the person who told me to “put a sock in it”.

  • dee

    @hanni: he is 15/16 depending on if he has had his birthday this year

  • z

    @taylor: exactly what I thought!!! LOL!

  • http://website maci

    i am sad to shes chang i wish she was 11