Taylor Swift is a Kitson Cutie

Taylor Swift is a Kitson Cutie

Taylor Swift keeps it fun with a floral skirt and tailored jacket as she heads into the Kitson boutique on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (September 10).

The 20-year-old “Mine” music maker also dined at Carter’s Deli before heading over to do some retail therapy. She picked up some new shoes from Aldo and stopped off at H&M at the Beverly Center.

Taylor just returned from performing at the 2010 NFL Opening Ceremony in New Orleans.

T will also be at the 2010 MTV VMAs tomorrow, Sunday, September 12th. 20+ pics inside…

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Credit: Michael Wright; Photos: WENN
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  • nessa

    she is not pretty at all. Take away that blonde hair and all you have is a typical looking girl. She can’t even sing for crying out loud!

  • Evie

    @nessa Agree. She has the most unfeminine body ever. Zero curves. That and she sucks singing live and needs to start adding depth to her songs. Enough with the stupid fairy tale stuff, you’re 20 years old!

  • frucht

    i like her. although i listen to other types of music. i don’t know what it is, but i find her very attractive. =)

  • Ashley

    I like her songs but I do wish she would sing about more diverse things. I’m not going to judge the album until
    I hear it though. I love that she’s hanging out with her band, I think it’s great. So few artists are friends with there band.

  • linna_RDL

    @nessa.. you are really rude.. I mean I agree about that, that Taylor can´t sing live that good.. but if you call her uggly.. what is miley cyrus, then..??.. or demi lovato.. those are then super-uggly..

  • harley

    I don’t get what people expect her to sing about to be more ‘diverse’ – she writes based on experiences. I’m a 20 year old girl and her life sounds a lot like mine – friend problems, boy problems, love problems.

    Anyway – she looks really cute. No, she’s not the best live singer. But she puts her heart into her music, which makes me want to listen to it.

  • Amy

    @Evie: What does her new song “Mine” have to do with “fairytales”…do people say that just to sound stupid? “All her songs are the same thing, it’s about fairytales”….y’all sound really stupid when you say that. Every single song is either written or co-written by her. She doesn’t steal other people’s songs so she can only sing about what goes on in her life. She sings about love, which is a topic I prefer far more to singing about sex, drugs and alcohol like every other singer out there today.

  • Marlene

    She can’t please everybody’s taste, no one can. But there are millions of people that like her just they way she is. And we think she is beautiful, the way she looks. We totally like and relate to her music and do’n't want her to sign about other things (there are plenty of other people to sign about other things) and we like the way she sings recorded or live.

  • bella

    Taylor is a songwriter, she sings from personal experiences and that is why people connect to her. NO ONE EVER SAID SHE WAS THE BEST SINGER IN THE WORLD…and people use that to dismiss her other talents. Haters love to come to web blogs anything Taylor, to discuss how supposingly un-talented and fairytale-like she is, it’s fine not to be a Taylor fan but you people who are hating just look pathetic hating on someone who doesn’t harm a fly!!…WHILE YOU PEOPLE SIT THERE TYPING NONSENSE AND COME UP WITH SILLY COMMENTS RUDE MEAN AND CRUEL…..Taylor just keeps living her life picking up awards touring the world and every venue is sold out, her new album “speak now” is going to sell big, so as long as taylor is on top of the world,THAT IS WHAT MATTERS, THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS IMPRESSED WITH HER, HER FANS DONT DISAPOINT so really the haters are just little pesky flies smelling their own feces.

    by the way, Taylor doesn’t only sing fairytales, listen to “change”, “my place in this world”, “tied together with a smile” and “best day”, etc… their good songs with good messages and there not faiytales.

    her new song “mone” is not fairytale listen to the lyrics before you judge !!!

  • bella

    by the way, Taylor Swift is a very beautifull girl, she has pretty features, its not because shes blond and because she has pretty hair…her face is gorgeous so any hair looks good on her, she even looks great as a brunnette!…

    she’s very thin and tall she may not have curves but that doesnt mean shes ugly,…no one likes to be called fat thats why the word curvy is described for the heavy girls so why is it ok to say nasty things about the thin girls!!….hmmmm double standard//

  • Laaa

    @Amy: oh, please. She doesn’t sing about what goes on in her life because last time I checked she wasn’t a scarlet letter, she was a “careless man’s careful daughter”, she isn’t married with a kid… Mine is a fairytale. Not in a traditional sense like Cinderella, but the couple happily gets married.

  • rachel

    @Laaa: that is unfair. she does write about her life i have 2 of her albums and alot of them are written by her, so just quit hating

  • Eve

    @Laaa: She isn’t married with a kid… we know, its just a video!! and the songs are written by her, and each has a theme and for Love Song she made it relate, if you’ve ever read her lyrics…

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