Taylor Swift to Kanye West: You're Just An 'Innocent'

Taylor Swift to Kanye West: You're Just An 'Innocent'

Taylor Swift makes a surprise performance at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (September 12).

The 20-year-old country singer performed a song called “Innocent,” which was reportedly directed at Kanye West for last year’s award ceremony where he stole her spotlight after winning her first award.

Taylor wore a cream D&G dress and performed with no shoes!

DID YOU WATCH Taylor’s performance? What did you think?

Taylor Swift – “Innocent”
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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • KC

    she said “yo’re still an innocent” not “you’re not that innocent”

  • Liz

    taylor showed kanye up in a classy way! hats off to taylor who brought tears to my eyes with this song. i am sooo excited for her new cd!! taylor looked amazing and so grown up & i am sooo happy for her!!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    She got a few shots in but remained classy! “your 32 and still learning”

  • NorA

    Loved it! She looked so beautiful

  • harley

    Her best live performance to date.

  • Maya

    Taylor looked beautiful as always i love the song

  • Liz


    agreeed, if u go to http://www.people.com/people/package/article/0,,20302940_20425307,00.html (people’s website) it says she sang “You’re still an innocent”

  • http://www.youtube.com/hsmzanessafansite3 HsmZanessaFansite3

    It brought tears in my eyes.
    She showed Kanye the classy way.
    <3 you Taylor!
    can’t wait for the new CD

  • Joochi

    If that’s the way to make hits than I guess it’s okay to keep writing about your life so people don’t forget what happened to you. Use your imagination instead of writing about people that crossed your path, if that’s the case write a book! with all the songs you did a book could have been done a long time ago.

  • mishelle

    Taylor Swift is a Class Act! The song as well as her performance of it was so emotional it moved me to tears. I waited to see if KW would “respond” at the end of the show, but as usual he just showed everyone what a total do*che- b*g he truly is. TS has more class and more talent in her pinkie finger than KW has in his whole person. Go Taylor!!!! Class Act!

  • Mykey

    hate u taylor hope the worst for you

  • Neil

    I loved the performance. It was really moving. I think it was probably hard for her to forgive him but in the end as she said, “we are all messed up, your still an innocent.” I can think back to mistakes I have made and regretted and wished for people to forgive me. I have lost friends because of it. Thank you Taylor for that moving performance. I hope Kanye listened.

  • http://www.twitter.com/luisfgo1 Luis F. Gomez

    This whole thing… the song about Kanye reminds me what she did to Joe Jonas with “Forever and Always”… I dont know why in the blue hell she is always making a huge drama out of everything… come on girl, you can do it better… I know you can…

  • http://twitter.com/eliizaaabeet Andrea

    Taylor looked stunning!
    I loved her hair and she was absolutely amazing..

  • Liz

    I hate when people have something negative to say. Whether you talk good or bad, you’re still talking about her.

    This song was so beautiful and her performance brought tears to my eyes. She is so amazing. And it was so mature if her. Love you Taylor :)

  • lol


    You are an immature dufus like Kayne.

  • Tiffany

    I loved her look! Taylor, my sweet girl was gorgeous as ever … and she loved being barefoot … lol

  • cam

    I agree completely. Taylor is a classy talented girl & I can’t wait for her new cd.

    Kayne on the other hand is the biggest a$$ and was most definitely using Taylor to try to get back into the good graces of many & to sell his cds. Kayne will always be the biggest immature a$$ on earth.

  • wow

    @Luis F. Gomez:

    seems to me that Kayne is the one that can’t let it go. Please act like a grown up stop bashing Taylor (unlike Kayne the 32 year old baby).

  • lol

    All country music is like that. People have & will use music to tell their stories and many can relate to things in their own lives through these songs. I much prefer this kind on music to the crap that is out there filled with lirics about murder, drugs and sex – how is that helpful or uplifitng to anyone.

  • http://twitter.com/phoe5be Phoe5be

    she looks weird here, she looks old. i’m not a hater, i love her

  • Valentina

    It is very easy to talk when you were not embarrassed in front of millions! Taylor was beautiful, she did a great performance and she was very cute barefoot on stage … lol.

  • peggy


    Why don’t you try knowing what your talking about – he has not bashed her you fool.

    ALSO PEOPLE: She wrote the song to forgive him and I hope none of you ever need forgiveness because you’ll probably never get it – you have to give it to get it

  • http://twitter.com/emzagada Ella

    LOL XD

  • Ashley

    I thought it was good. I ws surprised that she wanted to bring it up again but it was a good performance. Also, loved the steel guitar very cool.

  • Bob

    Isn’t this the same clown who asked why a black man couldn’t win a music award when 50 cent, a black man, actually won that award years ago?

    Kanye is a racist and always will be. For Taylor to pander to a low rent racist is the epitome of “PC” hyperbole.

    Come on kid. Didn’t your parents teach you better? Next she’ll ax for a mosque at ground zero.

  • Laura

    Wow, That song brought me to tears. Defiantly a classy way to get revenge Taylor!

  • anne

    taylor is a classy talented woman. she handled it very well. and the song is so beautiful and also haunting. im going to buy her new album for sure. best of luck to her. she’s a very kind person

  • Gaddy

    Lol is she still whining about what happend last year… And she needed one year to write a diss? Very talented…

    Damn that’s pretty childish, get over it Taylor. It wasn’t even personal from Kanye’s side…

  • wow


    Well saying that Taylor makes a huge drama out of everything is hardly a compliment – so maybe you out to learn how to read. and I never said anything negative about Taylor or her song of forgiveness – again you neeed to learn how to read before butting you 2 cents in. Seems like you are the FOOL!

  • paul

    She is younger who becomes professional singer and in music after Kayne; however, her handling things, especially on this forgivingness to Kayne are a lot more professional than him. It is not too late for Kayne to learn and to act professionally without always showing anger on racism.

  • n

    but taylor is a drama queen .. she looked good but not her singing
    and she is acting like the innocent wise lady
    she couldve just ignored it

  • wow

    Did you even hear that douch kayne’s song? He was making waves for a couple of weeks about Taylor & asking forgiveness one year later – what a jerk & what a fame w–ore. I think Taylor handled it like a lad\y & I think her song was a song of forgiveness & Kayne’s was a song for publicity. Taylor is the innocent one here.

  • TayBR

    I followed the VMA from Brazil and Taylor was really wonderful! She sang for real and did not just pretending with your lips like some did. I loved her dress, her bare feet … a great performance! Love you Taylor!

  • danni

    The fact that she is still milking the “incident” a year later bothers me. He apologized, she said she forgave him…let it go. This performance last night proved once again that she’s a terrible singer. She is just not good live. How is it classy if you still are trying to get “digs” in. Pathetic. Over hyped drama queen.

  • Meow Meow

    EWWW TAYLOR SWIFT!!!! GO AWAY!!! No one likes you. Taylor you look like a gorillas left butt cheek!!!! and she has no shoes on on stage AHHHHHHHHH BIG FOOT!!!!! EVERYONE RUN!!!!!!

  • http://justjared Jan

    Don’t agree she should have made a song of this pathetic event. She handled it all graciously at the time and that’s where it should have stayed and leave it there.

  • sarah

    She is such a bad live singer. No matter what she sings. This drama queen is a lucky gal who can’t sing and still get huge attention just like Justin Beaver. The two singers prove that you don’t have to sing well to be a star in today’s music.


    “performed with no shoes” !??

  • mbart

    I’m sure she’s a sweet “women” but her voice is painful to hear, just not enough range. Absolute studio voice…live is pretty bad

  • http://twitter.com/Ashlaf4ever Ashley

    I loved this. She is such a sweet talented person. And a great singer live. Can’t wait for her new cd”Speak Now”.

  • http://11LALA11 labeabahroxsox

    i love her guitar

  • http://www.twitter.com/Nkeeyahdunn Nkeeyah

    I love Taylor! The negative comments are immature and ignorant. Seriously are you that jealous because she is making good music and winning awards. Kanye west did not make her famous. Her talent made her famous. Taylor was winning awards way BEFORE Kanye acted so ignorantly.


    i dont get why horrible singers like taylor get into the industry while there are tons of AMAzING performers out there.

  • kay

    i really liked the performance. no one expected her to take the high road that she did. she pooled herself into the the group of people who make mistakes. she didn’t try to make herself seem better than anyone else.

    people say she is over dramatizing it. um what about the people who made a huge deal over this. or even the fact that kanye never stopped talking about it. this is her one response and quite a sobering response at that.

    how people can still find a reason to ‘hate’ is beyond me. like does it bring some sort of satisfaction in finding the negative in something that was clearly meant for positive. society baffles me sometimes

  • Chenz

    It’s been one year, she needs to get over it.

  • sam

    @n: she is a song writer and song writers write songs when something inspires them and she probably wrote the song right after it happend and you can’t hate for for writing a song and it’s a good song so she probably wanted on her album cuz it was a good song. Saying just ignore it is kind of stupid cuz that’s like telling people who write songs when they get inspired by something that happend to them to ignore the inspiration and write stupid songs about something you know nothing about.

  • good-one

    The song rose above the frivolous din, her pain showed through, the audience was moved and the twitter numbers reflected it.

  • n

    i know i really respect taylor and i luv her music but its been a year and she shouldve performed mine and she didnt sound really good
    in my opinion both taylor and kanye are seeking attention and being drama queen what if the just performed together i think that wouldve been epic and saved them both hate comments
    taylor have always been seeking scandles remember joe break up

  • http://dressliketaylor.net Emily

    @Gaddy: Who even said it was written a year ago? Taylor’s been writing the songs for Speak Now for the past two years. Ever since Fearless came out she’s been writing. I’m sorry she doesn’t share all of her songs with you right when she writes them..

    And it wasn’t a diss. The song may or may not have been about Kanye, but she wasn’t DISSING him. “Who you are is not what you did.” She’s saying that he’s more than what he did to her. She’s saying it’s never too late to change who you are and to fix what you did.

    And seriously, it’s not personal to Kanye? What the heck? It’s Taylor’s album. She writes songs that are personal to HER. She didn’t write the song FOR Kanye. But hey, I’m sure Kanye can relate to it. I’m sure after hearing it and paying attention to the lyrics, he’ll realize, “oh hey, I can change who I am. I’m not this mean person everyone hates.” Really, though. I’m sure she’s over it. It hurt her, though, so it’s going to be on the album. Kanye went off on a Twitter-rampage recently about it all. Where’s the people telling HIM to get over it?

    I know she may not have sounded perfect, but which singer did? Don’t even say Usher or Bieber. Half the people who performed last night were lip synching. At least she sings live. She did amazingly, and the song is perfect. And seriously, you don’t have to just relate it to the Kanye incident. I’m sure people have felt the same way about other things. And to the person bringing up Joe Jonas – You’re insane.