Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato: Jerry's Deli Duo

Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato: Jerry's Deli Duo

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato aren’t amused by the cameras as they finish up dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli in Studio City, Calif., on Wednesday night (September 15).

The girls covered their faces and tried to avoid the cameras at all costs as they headed back to their car.

Demi just posted on her Twitter that she’s now involved in TwitChange, the first ever celeb charity auction. The goal is to help raise funds to build homes in Haiti. All proceeds benefit Check out Demi‘s auctions at!

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • ashytisdalefan

    you should see the video of her getting mad at the paparazzi JJJ. Its pretty upsetting for miley. But I love memi and these pictures. I’m glad miley and her went to nicks party. <3

  • Theoracle

    Do not want.

  • Jenny

    grrrrr i hate paps!!!!!! if anyone saw the video of miley being hounded you’d know how bad it is they take pics againt her will aswell btw miley looks tired and worn out over here?!?! demi looks very sparkly tho….anyway who cares both girls are beautiful ladies whom i love VERY much

  • yoyo

    baaaahhhhh…Good that Selena n Taylor r BFF’s…Actually the better and more talented BFF couple plus they’re more beautiful and not fat :/

    PLUS Justin Bieber likes Selena and Taylor MUCH more

  • Ryan

    Demi & Miley look fantastic, but what’s not so great is the paparazzi hounding them as they did here. As well, the video of D & Miles leaving the restaurant turned my stomach, just seeing how these idiots love to prey on celebs & do what they do just to get photos to sell to the “informative magazines” BKA tabloids. They kept hounding both of them, especially Miley, and as a best friend, Demi stepped in & yelled at them to stop w/ the photos. They were asking to be left alone, but that didn’t stop these jerks.

    The ‘razzi get away w/ far too much & it’s time that the government looks into revising the Bill Of Rights, thus limiting the freedoms the ‘razzi/M&P have in regards to celebrities. What they’ve done here to Demi & Miley, to countless other celebs goes well beyond Freedom Of Speech & Invasion Of Privacy.

  • wraith

    I love the way Demi dress.

  • me

    papz need to leave them alone, they’re disgusting.

  • Rachel

    Poor Miley .. paparazzi are idiots

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    The video was hilarious and the paps all ignored Demi. They arent dumb, no one cares about her. Miley is where the money is at.

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    oh hey look mileys wearing a see-through shirt. who would have guessed it lol

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade
  • Sammy

    The Memi dinner date was cute until they left. Memi ftw
    I understand that it’s the paparazzi’s job and this is putting food on their tables, but god, there has to be a limit.

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade
  • andy

    why miley always has to looks so trashy and ugly??? she has zero style!!! why is her pathetic obssesion for show her bra and always is the same bra sooo gross!!!! also she has the crotch fat, soo disgusting and she always looks like she doesnt even take a shower, seriously miley loves yourself a little bit more…. and do something with your nasty hair!!!

  • wraith

    Poor Miley. The paparazis should have stopped after they got pictures of her and Demi.

  • Sahina


    get lost you flippin moron. stick to your Selena posts, you insecure brat. go sort your grammar out.

  • mel

    @yoyo: haha justin wants to make movie with miley because she is perfect – she can sing, dance & act (selena can’t sing & dance and taylor can’t sing, act AND dance) and if justin likes selena or taylor more why is miley in justin’s 3D movie? you failed here

  • mel

    @andy: no one is forcing you to look at her pictures and read the news about her dumbfuck get a life

  • andy

    @mel hahaha you fail moron!!! those rumors about he wants to mak the remake of grease with miley wasnt true!!! in fact he say he loves to act with selena…. SOOO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGTH!!!! oh and miley can sing, dance or act???? since when???? hahahahahaha you make me laugh!!!!

  • kass


  • Warren

    Wish those paps wouldn’t crowd Miley so much. It’s getting out of control. Miley was always OK with a few pics, but these paps are just being mean to her now. They camp in front of her house, follow her everywhere and are even stalking her outside as she eats dinner. There ought to be a law. Everyone deserves a little privacy.

  • Sia

    I’m sorry but Miley is just so nasty.

  • Sahina

    we all know who fails in life on here, butt-head. it’s you. you have no life because you like to insult people you hardly know, scrutinise them by what you see and in the end you become the hypocrite.

  • Tina

    @Sia Really so do you live with her sleep at home to know if she’s nasty. Your the nasty and disgusting one for coming on this post if you don’t like Miley then don’t comment. Miley is awesome get over it and get over yourself. You suck get a life skank.

  • wow


    who said they went to a party for Nick whoe birthday is today? where is that written?

  • Warren

    @Sia: Yeah, nasty as in sexy, smokin’ HOT! Miley has the most beautiful face and the sexiest legs on the planet! I love her beautiful hair and how she dresses. She is a dream girl. I Love Miley!

  • Zippy

    That video is just horrible. Miley asked them to stop taking pics, as they had good ones already, and then Demi said it. Ignored both times. Leaves the girls alone for crying out loud.
    And yes they weren’t really interested in Demi as Miley is where the money is at. Plus Demi wasn’t reacting like Miley was, so in their eyes, she wasn’t interesting enough at the time. No biggie.
    Demi will get her rewards for talent soon enough, but if the paps come with it I’m not sure I want her to.
    Demi & MIley went out to dinner, then bowling and also said happy birthday to Nick (who was at the bowling place with Joe and band dudes). No double dates or anything like that, just friends going out and meeting up for a few minutes.

  • Lena

    Am I the only who noticed that she wears the same black bra almost everyday?:S


    Gorgeous? I don’t see it. She’s very average looking imo. And yes, she DOES have makeup on in that pic. I see girls who look like this at school, at the gas station, everywhere. All the time. Nothing special.

  • ashytisdalefan

    @wow theres a video of them at his party and there are pictures of the girl sarah with all four of them.

  • Gossip Girl

    @listen to mayday parade: Just because u don’t like Demi dosen’t mean nobody else dose hun. Lots of people like Demi. And the funny part is u admitted on another post that ur a fan of Demi’s acting.

    anyhow , I love both girls. And seems to Me MC is becoming more and more aggravated by the paps. In 2006-2008 she acted really friendly with them. but now I guess she just wants to be left alone by the paps

  • andy

    @yoyo: i’m so agree with you!

  • itsmeagain

    @andy: Dear Lord, u are much too obsessed with Miley’s looks. But God Forbid if us Miley fans should say anything mean about your goddess SELENA


    @yoyo: W T F ? :/ HAHAHAHAHAHA :D LOL U R SO STUPID ….

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @andy: since when can Miley sing dance or act? Since when can Selena do those? Last time I watched her preform, all she did was jump up and down like a jack hammer and mumble out her words. I rather pay 1,000 to see KESHA before I torture myself to watch her preform

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @yoyo: and we care why? If u enjoy Selena so much-then why da eff are u on a DAMN MILEY POST? I swear u and BlTCHES like ANDY give Selena fans a bad name

  • m

    demi quit twitter but she still promotes stuff. Yay?

  • nesa

    im not a big fan of Miley.. but i like these two as friends!
    Demi is such an amazing singgerrr omg!

  • nesa

    demi wasn’t making a big deal like always.. so they ignored her, that’s the only reason. The papz were going crazy because of Miley’s reaction..the papz wanted pics of these two together.. big money!

  • namehere

    Sorry, it looks tacky that she’s showing her bra yet again. Demi looks good though.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    @Gossip Girl: I Do like demis acting I never said I didn’t. All I said was that the paps aren’t stupid miley is where the money is act. Magazines don’t care about Demi, unless she’s dating someone important. Demi is pretty responsible and doesn’t really male headlines. So why bother taking her picture. You can’t see her bra so no story lol

  • Tiffany

    They both look amazing! Get all of Miley’s clothes here

  • anon

    Thats Gindi Thai in Burbank… not Jerrys Delli

  • kaylee

    err mileys no offence to milerz, love her but that outfit. no. pants to high, shoes too chunky, and shirt to sheer. demi’s outfit is okay, love the leggings but different shoes maybe.

  • Demi fan

    @iTellItLikeItIs: Since when can miley dance and if you want to see selena dance then watch another cinderella movie.

  • TayBR

    It was the b-day Nick, my baby, making 18 year old …. Aaaaawwwwnnnnn, super cute! So good to know that Nick and Miley are friends and that Demi and Joe do not care about the messages some stupid people . I love them very much!

  • Valentina

    My cutest things in the world! I love these girls!
    Miley could have used a jeans …

  • Tiffany

    I saw the video of Miley and Demi leaving the restaurant surrounded by paparazzi … that is abuse! That girls need more protection!

  • martin

    MEMI & NILEY ROCKS!!!=)… and 2 all the haters¬¬… GET A LIFE B*TCHES!!!

  • tara

    love ya miley (: