Miley Cyrus: Natural Foods For Me!

Miley Cyrus: Natural Foods For Me!

Miley Cyrus shares a conversation with a fellow shopper as she picks up a few items from her local Erewhon Natural Foods store in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (September 15).

The 17-year-old actress was seen holding onto several juice jugs as well as a berry smoothie.

In a recent online poll, Miley was voted the third best celebrity role model. Angelina Jolie won the top spot as Best Celebrity Role Model, and George Clooney came in second.

is the best celeb role model?

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus

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Credit: Matt Symons; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • cassy

    yeah she inspires me to look like a nasteh hoe

  • maddie

    Give her a break! She may not be a role model but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t inspire people. And I’d like to see some of you people perform like her!!

    I think Nina Dobrev is a great role model.

  • jolie is not a good role model

    Well Jolie is NOT a good role model. Kids, you shouldn’t be looking up to a person kisses her brother (it’s called incest), who uses humanitarianism to whitewash her image and who gets in the middle of a married couple’s relationship.

  • kass



    she is just amazing. love her normal style, and i really love seeing her acting like a normal person. love her.

  • HIH

    I like smoothies…

  • JAnine

    I think Miley used to be a good role model up until the point where she began trying to prove herself. But you can’t blame her she’s only 17, it’s really her parents fault.

    And as for Angelina Jolie, i think she fully deserves the spot! She’s NOT a husband stealer, don’t steal a person from another. The person leaves on its own account,’s such an insult to Brad Pitt, he has a mind of his own.

    And she’s definitly not incestuous, that’s just ridiculous. She won an Oscar, she was happy, I would have kissed my brother a billion times that night if he were there with me!

  • Meh

    The best thing about Miley is that she doesn’t feel entitled to things just because she’s famous. She’s down to earth. She can carry a conversation in the market like any other person in the world – she just looks cuter than most of us while doing it.

  • m

    that why you’re so depressed. stop stripping for money.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Ok enough with the see-through shirts miles. Same black bra needs a wash.

    Also I hate Angelina Jolie. I agree with the girl above, she broke up a marriage and somehow came out the good people while people insult Jennifer Anniston. Jen went through a horrible thing. She was so in love, and ave brad all her trust and then Angelina swoops in and steals all that. Home wrecker. Brad may have made the decision to leave, but she made the decision to sleep with a married man over and over again. Also adopting and having all these kids just to let nannies raise isn’t a good role model thing to do. Everyone forgets her nutjob ways 5 years ago, no me. She wore blood viles around her neck, made out with her brother and got naked all the time. Learn from her kids! Be exactly like her and see what your parents and friends say about you after lol

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Eva longoria is a great role model and never gets stuck in a scandal to up her fame. She is the definition of classy.

  • JAnine

    I think we need to redefine the term role model. Personally I thought we were all grown up and over that perfect christian no sex before marriage and never make any mistake image and we finally got to learn from people that made mistakes in life and didnt go with the crowd.
    Angelina made some mistakes when she was younger, she was a punk. But at least she got to express herself, experiment a litle bit and turn herself into a good person.

    @Listen to mayday parade.
    And Brad decided to cheat over and over again. If you love Jen Aniston so much u should consider that and see that he didnt deserve her in the first place.

  • rania

    Miley is so pretty, she is amazing!

  • layra

    @cassy: at least she dresses the way she likes to and that IS inspiring

  • Harshi

    wow! that”s really cool miley was voted as the thired best celeb role model! congratz !!! You are a great role model for me!!!

  • Ofcourse


  • Sean Stewart

    If i pick maybe is miley for the best role model? What i thing of her not beacause her is friendly to us.And the fan also,Some people like celeb to connet to other people like us. Are very nice to other kind if you vote other people you can to that,If i vote for maybe good like person that be miley cyrus.

    Sean V. Stewart

  • JAnine

    lol how is that a bad thing, and again, how is that her fault?

  • nicole

    Alright, her shirt is literally see-through. What about that says good role model?

  • Warren

    Oh Miley is so hot and sexy! I like the sideview pic. Wow, Miley is beautiful!

  • Megamileyfan1

    l,’m a huge fan of miley’s,& l think you could do worse than look up to miley as a role model.But that doesn’t mean doing everything miley does,like you have no ideas or thoughts of your own.What everbody needs to remember is,miley is foremost,a human being,& as such,will undoubtedly make mistakes along the way.Try putting yourself in miley’s position sometimes,& the pressures of ppl watching everything you do,under a microscope.Most of you ppl,wouldn’t last 5mins,in the public gaze.lf you make mistakes you just ask whoever is with you,at the time to keep it to’s not so easy for miley.Plz,just have a heart.Personally,l don’t think miley is doing too bad.She’s not interested in drinking or drug taking.She obviously takes care of herself,by the things she eats & Drinks.l think miley,is a wonderful,beautiful girl.Plz just stop hating on her.Miley you’re amazing.lf l had one wish in this world,it would be,to be lucky & privalaged enough,to be like one of those ppl in that shop,& meet her.But that would take a miracle,& as god is all out of miracles,that will never happen.But l will continue to love & support miley,from my laptop.Ur wonderful miles.Godbless:)XXX

  • brooklyn

    Miley Cyrus && Lady Gaga are the Greatest Celebrity Role Models ever !

    Yes Miley makes mistakes but she is only human . people aren’t suppose to live for others but for some reason that’s what everybody wants her to do.

    MIley doesn’t listen to the criticisms she follows herself . She doesn’t care why people dilike her she just care about making the best out of her life && her career . && if you don’t like her ,, SO W H A T !

  • shannon


    totally agree with you :)

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @Ofcourse: most teens do that already. u people try so hard

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @JAnine: no, that was the image Disney now wants kids to gorw up with. I really wish people would get it out their flipping mind that Christians have to live THESE PERFECT LIVES just because THEY CLAIM TO FOLLOW GOD. That is the dumbest logic I ever herd in my life.

  • JAnine


    Don’t get me wrong I dont mind christians at all, I just think that people should finally realise that you don’t have to be christian to be a good person.

    What I really like about Disneyshows is that they teach u how to apologise,.. I mean basically that’s what every show is about, isnt it.

  • ckwmm

    Mary Lou Retton is still the perfect role model in the solar system! She is a gymnast who won a gold medal in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. She was not involved in any scandals and she is still married.

    I admire Mary Lou Retton!

  • Dunamis

    @maddie: Me too

  • TropicalBarbie

    Miley’s a great rolemodel and proves that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Seriously sick of people putting her down. :/ MILEY ROCKS!