Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Katsuya Date Night!

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Katsuya Date Night!

Miley Cyrus chats it up with her makeup artist as they head to set to film a commerical in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (September 16).

The 17-year-old actress was spotted out at Katsuya in Brentwood with on-and-off flame Liam Hemsworth later on in the night.

A JJJ eye-witness tells us that they “looked so in love as they cuddled up on the couch in the Dragon Room. Luckily their friends were happy entertaining themselves as the couple clearly had lots to catch up on after their two-week break!”

Miley apparently also has a bit of a sweet tooth. She was seen eating milk and cookies while whispering into Liam‘s ear.

So sweet! 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Juan Sharma; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • anonymous

    Where are the pics of her & Liam?

  • kass

    Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Katsuya Date Night!??? picss??? ohh wellll!!! jummm
    love u cyrus!!!

  • Gaby

    It should be sac-religious to cuddle with Liam on Nick’s B-day. LOL.

  • rozana

    This is the best pic of her I’ve seen so far after the Can’t Be Tamed release. She looks great in those normal outfit. It looks like she’s just like me, a normal teenager for once. She looks way BETTER with those conservative outfits. Miley should dress herself like this everyday. Seriously, this is less provocative, but more beautiful. It creates the fact that MILEY LOOK GREAT AND STAND OUT EVEN IN NORMAL CLOTHES AND THAT SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO ACCESSORIZE HERSELF TO LOOK LIKE A HOLLYWOOD STAR. SHE IS NATURALLY ONE. Anyhow, Miley, I am and will be your biggest fan ever regardless of what you wear! <3 you Miles…

  • ronnie

    She looks great in jeans, curvy and everything, don’t understand why she rarely wears them. I find this sexier that most of the other stuff she wears.

  • Melanie

    the old miley is back! :D

  • Meghan

    Wow she looks gorgeous. I’m glad not to see her in one of those see-through tops she’s been wearing lately. She looks so normal and beautiful. I haven’t seen her look like this in a while, but I hope she dresses like this more often cuz it really suits her.

  • Jesse

    she looks much better dressing like that!

  • Jesse

    she looks much better dressing like that!

  • gabyyy

    Sweet Miley. LOOk like a real Miley. Love it!

  • rachel

    She looks gorgeous

    Liam is a idiot!

  • lil

    she looks hot in jeans and a shirt like this

  • blahblahblah

    if only nick was the one who she was cuddleing with not liam :S :S

  • Lawrence

    Hasn’t Liam wised up yet?*lol*, you want a winner! drop that Chicken Dinner!*lmao*

  • tessa

    Miley looks so cute!

  • tessa

    “Liam is a Gigolo, he has a rich life without working, NEVER WORKS and Miley pay his house, food, clothing ..

    Liam never works and he cheat on Miley … Poor Miley She is so innocent”

    Agree w/ my best friend Liam is a Gigolo

  • shannon

    Love Miley’s outfit :)

  • emma

    I love her outfit. I DON’T LIKE Liam!. He only wants her money/fame/contacts (directors, producers and celebrities)

  • lol

    There are pictures of Liam & Miley going out the back of Katsuya on other sites. And as far as that Jonas boy – yuk! I was not a fan of Liam with Miley in the beginning, but he is way better than Jonas. Those Jonas boys think they are god’s gift to girls & they are players (except Kevin – he seems to be the only nice guy).
    BTW, Liam is about to start making his next movie. Miley is not supporting him.

  • Jez

    LOL why do people act like they’re close friends with Miley and Liam and knows them so well? You don’t know what happened to them. How did you know he cheated on her? Did Liam or Miley tell you all of this? My guess is no. Miley obviously sees something good in Liam otherwise they wouldn’t be together for more than a year. I don’t consider myself a Miley fan but stop making assumptions because you don’t know what they’re like or what they do when the paparazzi is not following them. Grow up and get some common sense.

  • ashlee

    Liam cheated on Miley, was confirmed.
    Liam cheated on her ex Laura Griffin too.

  • ashlee

    Liam cheated on Miley, was confirmed.
    Liam cheated on his ex Laura Griffin too.

  • Jolie

    I don’t like Liam. Miles looks cute anyways.

  • taylor

    dressing all normal and stuff.

  • geral

    She’s looks amazing! I really wish she dressed always like this!
    Natural beauty :) she doesn’t need to wear “sexy outfits” It’s better if she keeps dressing like a normal teenager<3

    By the Way. UGH I HAATEE LIAM!! He only wants Miley’s fame and money!

  • linna_RDL


  • ashlee
  • ashlee

    2º Liam and the girl of the beach and hotel? – pic September 8, 2010

  • Emy

    @ashlee Liam doesn’t cheated on miley or laura. Do u really believe the media? I think Miles know what she do!!
    And she look s beautiful in this outfit x3 just like a normal girl


  • ashlee
  • ashlee
  • ak

    omg loooove to see her in this outfit

    I like her way more dressing like this, sweet, and beautiful and still sexy

  • emma

    Nooo pictures or video of Miley & Liam Katsuya Date Night! .. this date nigth is just a rumor!

  • layra

    Finally she looks like the Miley I (used to) like!

  • TypeO-n

    On a lighter note…

    “She was seen eating milk and cookies while whispering into Liam’s ear.”

    Didn’t anybody read that and laugh? First thing I pictured was her stuffing a cookie in her mouth and some milk while proceeding to whisper in his ear while chewing and swallowing. Funny stuff.

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    I really wish u Niley stans would stop PRE JUDGING LIAM. He has done NOTHING to YOu or MILEY so NONE OF YOU have reasons TO HATE HIM. I really don’t know why you guys do this? U just want every reason to hate on every guy Miley d8s that is NOT NOICK JONAS. All you guys do is make up lies and rumors about MC’s BF and then convince other Miley fans to believe it. And you also find everything Miley says about Liam to BE A LIE. I mean seriously- U GUYS ARE JUST AS IGNORANT AS MILEY H8RS. If u can’t learn to respect whomever Miley d8s, then DON’T YOU DARE call urself a MILEY FAN. Most of u Niley kids keep ur heads up Nick J’s CROUCH anywho’s since u seem to care more about his feelings and getting him back with Miley then you do about MC

  • linna_RDL

    to be honest.. I really am not a fan of miley but you know what.. it´s liam fault that miley changed so much.. I mean its ok to grow up.. but ive never seen someone changing for such worse that miley did in one year.. and this is just liam´s fault.. shame on him..

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @linna_RDL: nothing is Liam’s fault. Miley changed because she wanted to and not because Liam forced her to. Miley has been the same girl she’s always been. Stop looking for reasons not to like him.

  • Soni

    I thought this was a Miley and Liam post. But unless Liam turned into a woman with black hair all of sudden, I think you have the wrong the post and pictues. Next time do a proof reading before you post. It might help.
    I would like to see Miley and Liam together again.

  • Rachel

    @linna_RDL : TRUE …. it´s liam fault that miley changed so much and changing for worse

  • suri

    only Haters and Nelena fans love Miam, because Liam is a bad influence for Miley

  • Gossip Girl

    @suri: no, Niley stans are the ones h8inhg Liam. I am a HUGWE Miley fan and I respect Liam. And if half of u are TRUE MILEY FANS like u claim. U’d respect him to because he makes MC happy and that is all that matters. Seriously people? What happened to SUPPORTING MILEY NO MATTER WHAT? have we turned into hypocrites now?

  • suri

    @Gossip Girl

    I am a HUGWE and TRUE Miley fan

    respect him?.. what? Why? I respect Miley NO Liam, he cheat on Miley and he does not have work only he lives of the money of Miley

    he makes MC happy? .. what? HA .. Miley was a happy girl, friend of paparazzi and of the whole world, She was always with a smile, beautiful outfits… now with Liam She is always angry, rude, not smile, her outfits are …

    I do not want a Gigolo for Miley. Liam is a bad influence for Miley.

  • eofieowkfnmowienf

    FINALLY some long pants and somthing to cover her chest

  • amy


    No one really knows what Liam did or did not do or if he cheated on Miley anymore than anyone knows for sure what Miley did or does. I am a fan of Miley’s, but I find it funny that her fans are ready to disregard anything said or printed about Miley as LIES, – OK – but everything said or written about Liam is not necessarily true either. What we do know is that Miley said she loves Liam & he is the first guy who made her want to be in a relationship. We know that Miley has not said anything about their break up (not confirmed by Miley) and nothing about them being together. We DO know they most definitely are together – the make out pictures ARE proof. IF you are a Miley fan – stop this niley crap and let her live her life & if Liam is her choice, which he seems to be – maybe, just maybe Miley knows what she wants and who she loves – be happy for Miley. AND maybe Miley is angry because she is being harrassed constantly by the paparazzi and she cannot leave her house unnoticed to even go to a local store. How would you like to feel like a prisioner in your own home, unable to go anywhere without 20 or 30 paparazzi following you, constantly taking picture, yelling comments out to you and making it impossible for you to go anywhere and feel safe or even to have your friends feel comfortable and safe with you because of those creepy paparazzi.

  • suri


    about their break up was confirmed by Liam and Liam Rep.

    She always was being harrassed constantly by 20 or 30 paparazzi taking picture and She was happy

    when miam break up she looks happy, always smile, cute with paparazzi… now with Liam is always angry and rude …when Miley is with Liam is not Miley

  • tommys twins


  • natalie(mileys biggest fan

    @rozana: i agree with u i rather her with normal clothes then the other stuff she wears

    anyway luv ya miley

  • amy


    Believe what you want to, but Miley is not always angry looking when with Liam – maybe you should look at the pictures of her & Liam kissing and making out in her car a few days ago. Stupid niley freaks are ALWAYS in denial. When will people get that who MIley dates is her choice NOT the niley freaks. When she was dating Justin she was happy, so as a fan I was happy for her. Now she is with Liam, & I am happy for her. You may think you know Liam’s character, but you do not know – none of us do – Most of the tabloids and web print stuff that is not correct & IF what you think is true about LIam is – it seems that Miley still loves Liam – get over it! & she is much more angry with the paparazzi because they are becoming more agressive with her, especially when she is out alone – the paparazzi are bullies. They scared her the other day & she had to call her security who sent the police to help her – I would say that the paparazzi are out of hand – have you not seen that there are about 20 or so that surround her wherever she goes flashing their cameras at her making it impossible for her to even walk safely. Why do you defend the paparazzi – ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

  • blahblahblah

    Your UGLY not her and i can tell that from your comment :| :O WOW How Old R u sweeti !!!!