Miley Cyrus is a Westwood Woman

Miley Cyrus is a Westwood Woman

Miley Cyrus shows off her cool cowboy boots as she meets up with friends in Westwood, Calif., on Thursday afternoon (September 30).

The 17-year-old actress completed her hot weather look with some cutout shorts, a plain white tee and a dreamcatcher-esque necklace.

Miley was recently spotted out at Newsroom Cafe meeting up with a producer pal.

20+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus out with friends…

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Credit: RIV; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Jenny

    OK…this may just be me but has miley toned down the blonde in her hair…it doesnt look as blonde as it did…if she has Im kinda glad its made her look rough recently….darker hair FTW

  • http://@jobroslovemiley kaltromileylover


  • Rachel

    Miley is so beautiful!

  • jocyrusfan

    Thanks for the picture she is beautiful and it looks like there must of been 2 or 3 paps there who were not RUDE or in her face .

  • airplane21

    I understand not wanting to wear a bra from time to time(I’m a female). But when you wear a white shirt you should probably wear a bra. Especially when you are only 17.

  • suri

    she always is happy without liam :)

  • kass

    pretty baby!!!!love her!!!

  • Jonas Brothers

    Miley is pretty and hot!

  • tessa

    Miley looks so pretty


    and here we go again with the biggest attetion whore ever!!! can she be more pathetic, show her saggy tits, ewwwwww

  • Meow Meow

    Go away no one likes you!!! go drool over Selena Gomez. miley looks BEATUIFUL!!

  • Mika

    I can’t understand how anyone with sanity would call her beautiful with this photos. Her shirt is RIPPED … the whole appearance looks like she’s homeless. I’m not being mean and i’m not jealous .. i’m just saying the way she’s trying to look is really not attractive.

  • Gossip Girl

    @Mika: find a penis and SUCK IT .

    MC looks gr8. LOL! even when Miley’s not’s flashing her bra, Selena fans want some reason to trash her. Can Miley not satisfy u guys at all?

    Jeesus Christ.

  • kass

    @Mika just shut up!!!! “I’m not being mean and i’m not jealous” just
    Go away she is amazing pretty …and popular …miley rock bi…!!!!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Mika: UGH, u two aholes again? Can u Selena Cheek Kissers give Miley a break for once? I mean even when she’swaering decent clothing ur gonna sit and puth and call her sIuttly? She just can’t win with u guys can she?

  • Mika

    I’m really laughing at you miley worshippers.
    Last time I checked this is the comment section where you can post whatever you feel like posting.
    @mrsdestinyhope: I never called her slutty, try reading again stupid.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Mika: I wasn’t dressing that comment at u but at the other idiot. Maybe u should try re reading

  • itsmeagain sweetheart, you have to be staring at Miley really hard to see her bobbs. Maybe u should back away from ur screen for awhile. Ur eyes must be straining from staring that hard.

  • Warren

    Finally, Miley without the shades on! She has such a pretty face and the sexiest legs in the world. I love how she is dressed this time for sure. I Love Hot Miley!

  • Mika


    No .. YOU try re reading okay? You addressed your comment to @Mika.

  • Warren You must not only be jealous, you are GREEN with Envy! Miley looks real firm and perky. She has the most beautiful body. I’m getting excited just looking at those hot Miley pics. Miley is hot and you are not. Get over it. MmmmmmmmMiley!!!

  • CANE

    miley rock baby i love her legs and she looks A M A Z I N G!!!

  • UzTawkin2me

    Miles is lookin good =]

    u lil jealous h8r bitches can stfd =]

    Miley<3 xoxo

  • Warren

    @Mika: I don’t know, most guys like peek holes in girl’s clothes. Her outfit looks brand new and stylish, but I wonder if the rips this time might be caused by some of that neck-wear. Some of it looks sharp enough to poke holes. Could be risky without a bra. Wish I was with Miley later in the day to see if maybe some of those rips got bigger. Miley is such a sexy, hot dream girl!

  • justjaredisafag

    I dont think u can get more white trash then Miley Cyrus. She looks so greasy and her hair looks terrible. Who wears a white t-shirt, that has holes in it, with no bra? and she just looks so stupid with those cowboy boots

  • nathalia

    she’s gooooooooorgeous (:

  • Meow Meow


    stupid person! listen up k? can you do that??? So your saying Miley looks homeless?? k so what if Selena Gomez,Taylor Swift or Demi was dressing like Miley? You would problay say its not bad as Miley. Why are you mean to her? If you cant stand looking at her why are you talking about her and looking how she dresses? well sorry you cant change the way she dresses. She only can. What if you were a star? and people were calling you homeless like how your calling Miley that? hm would you get sad or mad? So think before what you say okay? and Just because Miley did some mistakes why do you have to hate her? What if your favorite star did that you would problay still LOVE her. and just to tell you im a BIG! Miley Cyrus supporter so watch out! i might say bad stuff about your favorite star like how you already did to mine! and who asked you if miley was attractive?

  • ally

    all you miley defenders can fuck off, because everyone has the RIGHT to tell their own opinion. If you love her great, if you don’t, fine. but no one should be insulted for telling their opinion about a person’s look. because yes, it’s a matter of taste. some people like the way she dresses, some don’t. so where’s the fucking problem ? I don’t like her outfit here, because it looks messy and yes, you can see her n…

    and guess what? I’m a fan! and still I don’t feel the need to like everything she wears, says or does. think about that kiddos

  • Meow Meow


    Well im just saying my Opioion and i think the miley haters should LEAVE! And go drool over selena taylor or demi or whoever! if they hate miley so much why do they bring the madness to us? and in every post there always has to be a hater. and Yes you are right. But the Miley haters should GO! No one likes them espically the Miley Supporters like me.

  • CANE

    @aliado U ARE @mika lol hahahahahah!!!! so pathetic!!!! lolllllll!!!!!

  • Mika


    LOL. :) You’re hilarious. Miley IS a sexy girl .. she’d be even sexier with nicer clothes, but this is her style, I get it .

  • headstrong

    lol talk the selena stan, your idol has shown her whole tit hanging out and her nipples more than once. so? you can barely see miley boobs at least youre staring at Miley really hard, creppy one.

  • itsmeagain

    @ally: yes, everyone has their opinions. But if U don’t like Miley, why waste time reading on her and commenting on her? i don’t like Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez and yet u don’t see me on their post.

    U can have ur opion’s m but some thought’s just need to be kept in the mind. And not put out in public. I also find it hilarious that Miley h8rs get pissed when Miley stans defend her. If u don’t want the drama, there’s a simple solution: AVOID IT.

  • Haters Suck!

    there is having an opinion and then there is just being an a$$. Insults are not opinions you just can’t insult someone and say oh it’s just my opinion. Most haters of any celeb cross the line way too often with their comments.

  • itsmeagain

    @Mika: yes. Half of that comment was adress U and the other half ws adress another person which u obviously couldn’t see because u don’t comprehend well

  • amy

    Wow there are a bunch of jealous cats on this post. I see nothing wrong with what Miley is wearing or how she looks. She looks cute. And that comment about the saggy chest, really? Miley is young thin & firm – no sagging. Pull your claws in will you. As far as MIley looking happy only when she is not with Liam – well she looked pretty happy last week while they were having their makeout session. You niley freaks need to get over it – niley is dead & thank God because Nick is a douch.

    And btw, I lke Selena too. It is possible to like both Miley & Selena. I think it is the crazy fans of both that are in the war; I don’t think either Miley or Selena is interested in this war & both seem to want to concentrate on their careers & their fans.

  • Tiffany

    wow a bunch of pu*** haters here today, i dont defend miley all the time but i really dont see anything wrong with what she is wearing. She is just wearing a normal t-shirt and shorts, thats it, shes not showing anything, so whats all the hype about? she doesnt always have to wear something classy all the time. Also u can say ur opinion if u want to but dont hate and start fighting with everyone

  • Bria

    I think she looks great! Yeah, sometimes she does/says things I don’t like or agree with, but at the end of the day, she is a very pretty girl. I think she’s sweet, too. She just going through that teenage phase where she has to figure out who she is and what she likes (as chessy as it sounds, everyone goes through it.) Miley being in the public being told who to be, only made this rite of passage harder for her. She’ll get past the bra-flashing and pop-culture hating. I like reading about Miley, but going on Miley post are tiring. There are so many people who hate her, and those who get angery and hate those who hate her. Everyone should just not read about people they don’t like, and not have to bring up Selena on every Miley post and vice versa. It’s not impossible to be fans of both, ya know.

  • emma

    The hater is only 1 fan of Selena, just a idiot. She is in all the Miley post

    Miley is amazing and so pretty

  • dyen


  • nu

    people I love Selena, Miley, and Demi, I can’t decide who to prefer. They are all beautiful and talented, each one stronger in some point

    But when any of them look bad, or is dressing ugly I can admit

    Miley is gorgeous, I LOVE SHE LOOKS HAPPY, but this is not her best look, she really looks homeless with that shirt and shorts, I know is her style but she can so much better. I’m almost sure she is not wearing a bra.

    anyway she being that gorgeous always looks good, but can be better

  • nu

    oh I want her legs

    but wtf with the hair

  • Harshi

    She looks great!! love the style!!!!!

  • blahblahblah

    I Love Her, Gr8 Outfit For A Hot Weather. And Haters Leave Her Alone !!

  • rania

    I love her

  • brenda

    Miley is so cute :)

  • http://@jennajune16 Jen

    Usually she looks beautiful, those pictures are horrible (in my opinion). By the way, those are the boots she wore in the Party In The USA video.

  • blahblahblah

    @Jen: No Shes Beatiful , And I Noticed The Boots 2

  • blahblahblah @Mika: I Think I Know Your Probelm , You Don’t Have A life , If You Don’t Like Her You Shouldn’t Be Here From The First Place And claudis85 I’v Seen Your Nice Comments On Selena’s Post So Just Like What Meow Meow Said Go Drool Over Selena .

  • sarah0056

    omgee!!! someone tell this little girl to wear a bra!!!! it looks like she isnt wearing one!!! if she is…. its a shittty bra.