Ashley Tisdale: Hellcats Bikini Babe

Ashley Tisdale: Hellcats Bikini Babe

Ashley Tisdale shows off her bikini body as she cools off at the Wet Republic pool at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino on Sunday (October 3) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 25-year-old actress joined her castmates Robbie Jones, Matt Barr, and Heather Hemmens at the pool party, which served as a belated birthday celebration!

Ashley tweeted “I had the best time in vegas!! So sad its over! The best group of people to spend ur belated birthday with sans [Aly Michalka]! It was amazing!!”

Ashley‘s boyfriend Scott Speer and BFF Vanessa Hudgens also joined her for the party!

10+ pictures inside of Ashley Tisdale celebrating at the pool…

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Credit: Ethan Miller; Photos: Splashnewsonline, Getty
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  • mrsdestinyhope

    WOW! She looks amazing

  • Daniela

    Love her!

  • Mary

    awww she is sooo beautiful ♥ i love her sooo much :D

  • lari

    awnnn tizzy ♥

  • neto


  • Renata

    so beutiful *–*

  • kris

    where’s vanessa’s pics?

  • Thumper

    @kris: Vanessa is behind Scott and Ashley. She is laying down in the floppy hat.

    Ashley and Scott is so cute together. There are more pictures of them on Ashley’s website.

  • Jenna

    @kris: Vanessa is in the background with her floppy hate in the picture of Scott and Ashley lol she is laying in a chair keeping it low key

  • http://j chelsea

    nice of her to make her bday bash so public

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Whoa, does Ashley have abs !? Hot. I see Scott and Ashley (how cuute ! :)
    And Vanessa in the background.. Well, that’s close to an Ashnessa sighting..

  • kami

    jj has “Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Scott Speer”

    so vanessa is dating scott now? lol

  • jilly

    she is stunning. lover her!

  • mike


  • ME

    she has the abs but she doesnt have the curves :S anyways love her and ness is on the back :)

  • taylor

    Ashley and Scott are so cute =)

  • sc

    hot ashey!

  • Joochi

    @ME: I noticed that too but she still looks fit and healthy.

  • kami

    I like her bikini a lot but not that white thing she’s wearing.

  • Lawrence

    Scott and Matt are total hunks!.

  • duduche29

    going to a party for Guess, going to a party for Planet Blu, going to some parties all week end at las vegas…. congrats vanessa for doing nothing

    she must be so tired after all of this…

    ash and scott are abolsutely ugly

  • osam

    amazing! blazing hoTT!

  • lauren

    does it really matter is vanessa was there or not?
    its ashey’s party. can all of you shut the hell up with oh maybe zac was there or whatever.

  • xoxoJanexoxo

    wow she looks soo hot … Hellcats is my new fav show! <3

  • Qiana

    Okay um douch…douchebag whatever your name is, if you don’t like Vanessa or Ashley don’t visit their posts….. simple.

    Vanessa has just finished two movies and a play give her a break.

  • tin

    @lauren: You’re totally right! It’s about ASHLEY not Vanessa -.-
    She looks great and Scott & her are so cute <3
    Love you Ash (:

  • musicgirl

    vanessas name is in this post ! so we have all right in the world to write a comment about her!

  • Taya

    i love her!
    she is the best !

  • kat


    Haha yer agreed and Ashley gets both of them! lol

  • teamhudgens

    VASHLEY is back <3

  • dakota

    she is the best she look gorgeous and amazign!
    she is freaking hot!

  • andrea

    she has amazing body!so gorgeous girl1

  • ashytisdlefan

    She looks great!! Glad vanessa was there, I was worried they weren’t best friends anymore. Love Ash and scott <3

  • ZJ207

    She looks so hot! She’s so fit and healthy and her body just looks wow!
    Scashley + Ashnessa + Hellcats cast = ONE HOT PARTYYY :D haha
    I would’ve loved to be there!

  • Vanney

    even on ASHNESSA post Ashley’s fans are so mean to Vanessa? .__.
    ofc Vanessa looks HOT even if we can’t see her xD

  • ashley fan


  • ashley fan

    so hot!!!!!!!!!!

  • vale

    i love it!

  • federico

    so great! ashley is very hot..

  • maria

    Ashley looks like she has Victoria’s Secret underwear on. That’s a ridiculous bathing suit, if you can call it that. Otherwise, her abs are in good shape. I think it’s nice Vanessa was there; Ashley never goes out of her way for Vanessa. I think Brittney has been a more supportive friend to V than Ashley for the last few years now. Ashley is all about herself.

  • mJ

    @maria: what!? ashley is working in Vancouver!!! and before that in toronto and other places.. she can’t just live to be with Vanessa :/ and nessa hasn’t gone to see ash either so they’re even.. they’re still best friends they just don’t see each other that often cause they’re working

  • ashleyfan

    ashley is so perfect , diva ! lov her ♥

  • nina

    @maria: Seriously?
    At least Ash is always talking good about Vanessa. It’s Vanessa who’s NEVER talking about Vanessa so don’t talk trash like that.

  • Haters Suck!

    is that why Ashley also supports that worm perez Hilton when all he does is talk crap about Vanessa? Don’t get me wrong I like Ashley well enough it’s just always bugged how she can support someone who does nothing but trash and spread lies about someone she says is one of her better friends.

  • Meghan

    Woah she looks hot and stunning. Her body is amazing. ;o And @maria how would you know what’s going on between them? Ash and Vanessa could spend a lot of time together, we just don’t hear about it or see pictures of it. Just because Nessa and Brittany have been out in public a lot together, doesn’t mean they are better friends than Vashley.

  • Vanney

    @nina: which good thing? you meant when ashley said that VANESSA is a great friend? wonder why and shut up.

  • andrea

    @Vanney: Shut up ashley said it in last mounth!
    ashley is sincere!Not like vanessa.Vanessa is so pouler with zac and her short dress shut up vanessa fan! she is the best!

  • 123

    she is the best!
    she has the best body i have ever seen! vanessa’s body is disgust !

  • venne

    she look amazing,freaking hot!
    she is hsm’s hottest girl!

  • cenkhan

    she is my diva she is my model she has great body!
    dont love vanessa here about ashley!