Demi Lovato: Purple Boot Beautiful

Demi Lovato: Purple Boot Beautiful

Demi Lovato stands up tall in thigh-high purple fashion boots as she waits for her car outside of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon (October 7).

The 18-year-old singer/actress had a late lunch meeting with a colleague.

Earlier in the week, Demi stopped by Grape Elementary School in Los Angeles as a part of OfficeMax’s Day Made Better program. She presented one lucky teacher with $1000 in school supplies plus performed a few songs with her band.

10+ pics inside of Demi

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Credit: Sam Sharma/Nathanael Jones; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    shes soo pretty! shes such a good role model! TEAM DEMIII!!

  • MA

    i love her so much!!!!
    GO DEMI ♥

  • MA

    i’m only going to the jonas brothers concert because she’s opening it

  • demirules!


    DEMI <3<3<3<3<3<3

  • ryan

    Even when she’s out & about, Demi still looks beautiful beyond compare. Loving everything about her in these photos – her outfit, hair, shades, & those very fashionable boots. I’m glad she’s getting to live life & enjoy herself instead of having to work & perform 24/7. As well, seeing all the charity events she’s attended recently + performing for those special kids yesterday shows you she’s not all about herself, but instead doing more for her fans & others.

  • tori

    those boots are so ugly. they make her look stubby

  • Mika

    Demi needs a stylist. This outfit is wrong on so many levels.

  • menna

    would never wear that outfit, the boots are outrageous.

  • Jenna

    I really don’t like the lighter hair. I hope she goes back to the brunette (not the hideous black).

  • http://maferbongi mary

    those are really ugly boots! but i love heer!! SHE IS AMAZING!! the greatest singer on disney channel!”

  • dani

    love her. hate this outfit. (omg the boots..)

  • dani

    This outfit could be amazing if it wasn’t those boots. I like the boots but not for Demi. Demi is short so the boots should have been above her knee, besides there’s nothing in her clothes to match the purple of the boots.
    Anyway, she is gorgeus, and if we forget the boots, she looks gorgeous too. Btw, love her hair and skin here (it seems she is a bit less tanned which is good).
    Glad to see she’s enjoying her life and going out with friends, but at the same time doing some charity work.
    But most important than what she wears, it’s her talent. Gosh, so much talent in just one person should be forbidden and divided.

  • anonymous

    Actually I love those boots!! True though that maybe they are not quite right for her being a bit shorter. Still you need to have a bit of fun with fashion and just not go for boring or safe options.

  • bree

    I like the boots, just not on her. Shorter girls look better in shorter boots.

  • leena

    I like when Demi tried things which is outside “normal” word, she is not afraid to try something diffrent. who said purple boots only for purple dress. the fact she still looks gorgeouse!

  • aniee:)peace4everybody(l)


  • Koree

    i love Demi and her style, however i feel these boots are not for this outfit.
    They seem more fit for a minidress outfit or something else. maybe a simple tee with a blazer.

  • nu

    I agree 100% with @dani

    HATE THE BOOTS ON HER. I like the rest of the outfit

  • anyta

    Holly crap the whole outfit is horrible. Burn it and hire a stylist asap.

  • Ella

    go back to brunette Demi..

  • tia

    i love demi !!
    shes gorgeous !!!

  • mary

    BIG FAIL!!!

    she’s isn’t the tallest person, but with these boots she looks even shorter…..

    I like her, but not in these shoes…

  • Fleur

    These shoes are really ugly, she looks fat in it!

  • demi love

    OMG she did the same thing as selena but its really good .

  • Ana

    demi, stop looking depressed.

  • LpkwL

    I LOVE Demi she’s a great role model proves u DON’T need to be size 0 to make it in Hollywood and be gorgeous (FYI size 0 is disgusting!)

  • dan_nessaRox11

    Sorry but she doesn’t look good at all. But I like her, don’t get me wrong!!!

  • mandy

    Haha, what a nice name “Grape Elementary” ! same color as her boots. Dude wish i could meet her! luvV her hair in this pic..cute:) She kinda looks like a diva in this pic..but better than when she used to look UBER awkward in the beginning. Yeah…these boots r totally love/hate. Half of the commentors adore em and half r like ew. In my opinion they’re not that great.

  • mendomamir

    you guys are rude.. so what if she doesnt look good in those boots.. are you guys looking 24/7 perfect.. and having millions of people fucking watching you.. give her a friggin break, please..

  • sarah


  • iTellItLikeItIs

    she looks like she had a rough day

  • nesa

    she’s gorgeous, but the boots need to go. Hey at least this girl can sing, unlike the other disney twit Selena Gomez.

  • nesa

    and i love her curves.. all you little girls calling her fat, are plain rude and disgusting.

  • Wow

    @Mika: yeah

  • mandy

    @mendomamir: whats UR problem. Darling, I wasn’t even that rude, I actually <3 her and if you read my comment u would have seen that i wanted to meet her!!! And whatevertf your name is, the whole purpose of the comments section is to state whether u like em or not. So put on YOUR ugly thigh high boots (i bet you’ve got a zillion) and stomp out of here NOW. :)

  • sineicys

    hola demi lovatoy que te dieron arranque de purprra hermosa por jonas a si disen las noticisa y que te gusta

  • sineicys

    por que no te comunicas con migo demi yo te puedo a ayudal a resolvel tu provlema

  • sineicys

    demi comunicate con mi go disculpame pense que era joe

  • tmj

    mandy is so totally right and i lov ur 2 posts ur hilarious! but i dont care 4 the boots but i lov demi im her #1 fan and i wish me and my bff could meet her we would freak out we lov her so much

  • http://bg vicki

    who cares they are only boots big deal p.s it is sweet that she loves her sis so much not like my sis !

  • lily

    I’m very sorry to Have to tell u this but she doens’t have the legs for thows purple boots

    it cut her in 2 just Horrible
    sorry but look by your self and be honnest…..