Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Baby On The Way?

Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Baby On The Way?

Is there a Jonas baby on the way?

According an InTouch Weekly witness, the newlyweds were spotted at a Rite Aid in West Hollywood earlier last month buying a home pregnancy test!

A friend near to the couple shared that it wouldn’t be out of the question, even though they’ve only been married for nine months. “They’re mature for their age, and they want to start a family. They’d consider it a major blessing if Danielle was pregnant,” the friend said.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Kevin and Danielle adding to their new family?

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  • 3niefronhudgie

    I THINKS what is so NICE
    a baby jonas? PLEASE GOD!

  • s

    That would be really cute! I love them!

  • Jen

    Yes Yes Yes A MILLION TIMES YES!!!! JONAS BABY HERE WE COME!!! I have been wishing for this since month one of their marriage… All I picture is a little girl with Kevin’s hair, eyes, and nose, and Danielle’s skin tone, lips, and facial structure. ☺♥

  • Mirah

    He/she is gonna be THE luckiest baby on earth..!Having the cool & gorgeous parents,the talented & sweetest uncles, also not forgetting the amazing, caring grandparents..Kevin & Danielle’s child will definitely be gorgeous/handsome & talented..Cause music runs in the Jonas family..Can’t wait!!(:

  • kaylee

    I knew a few months ago even though they said they wanted to wait a long while before they had a family that they were probably gonna have a family pretty soon.

  • Jenny

    Awwwww thats soo sweet If its true I am very happy for them…Im not the biggest Jonas fan but it would be cool if this happens…as you can see I get all mushy when it comes to babies…i love em lots! *_*

  • Lu

    I would suicide. No kevin please, I love you :(

  • anny

    i know they want a family..but they said they were going to wait longer. and doubt this is true because she was just seen in london with kevin drinking wine. i doubt dani would drink if she knew there baby was on the way

  • kaylee

    @kaylee hey you stole my name

  • lulu

    Aww yay! Would be the cutest baby ever! Wow, wish the Jonas Brothers were my Uncles. Except Nick, that would be weird if I fancied my uncle hehe ;) x x x

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Smart move that way if they get divorced, Danielle can still get tons of the Jonas money.

  • Evie

    Sorry, I know most people see this a a good thing . . . but come, on! I’m in college. I am around people that are Kevin’s age. And 22-23 is WAY too young to be married, let alone have children. They may think that they are mature enough, but they are far from it. Besides, everyone knows the reason that they even got married in the first place was so they could have sex. That is not a decent reason to wed at such a young age.

  • mary

    OMG!! i hope this is true :-) kevin and danielle’s baby would be the cutest baby ever. i’m hoping they have a little girl. although a little boy would be awesome too….he would be a mini-Kevin. i wonder if kevin will name his son Paul Kevin Jonas III.

  • Amanda


  • Lauren

    @listen to mayday parade & @Evie

    U two r soooooooooooo stupid

    If this is ture, I’m really happy for them

  • jayme

    @Evie: my mom had my sister at 21 and they had me at 23 so i don’t think them have one at 22 and 23 is too young but that is just my opinion

  • http://wtvrrr ilovenickjonas

    Aww! I hope it’s true:D

  • rain

    that’s awesome they are TRULY in LOVE and BABY will make their bond even STRONGER!

  • Felicia

    Lol @ people who act like they know better than Kevin & Danielle. They know how their relationship is and if they’re “mature” enough. Just because you’re 20 something & not ready for a baby/marriage doesn’t mean Kevin & Dani feel the same.

    If this is true congrats and i’m so happy for you guys <3

  • Vickie

    yeah, i’m happy for them and all, but um, byebye Jonas Brothers band.

    just sayin’

    you try traveling on the road while you are pregnant. that’s not going to work out. do you think he will leave her by herself during this time? nope. absolutely not.

    but still, i wish them the best <3

  • Jordy

    I think its cute they want a baby and sruff, life is precious and i think he’d be a good dad. :)

    I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that he might not be a virgin anymore… ew.

  • http://sarahjobros Sarah

    Having a baby is a big responsibility. I think Kevin is going to be estranged from his son for his work, tours and other things. I love the idea but I think it is too early to raise a child. I love the Jonas Brothers

  • jazzy
  • nathalia

    that would be the cutest thing eveeeeeeer!

  • Aline

    When you see the way Kevin acts around kids you just know he’ll make one heck of a dad, any kid would be lucky to have that! Danielle looks like she’d be a sweet, caring mother, as it should be :)

  • lauren


  • gabyyy

    I just think that is be a great :P

  • julie

    Danielle is 24 and Kevin will be 23 in just a month. I don’t think they are too young to be married or have children. I think it’s great! So happy for them if this is true. They seem to adore each other and obviously that baby would be in a loving home, what could be more important than that?

  • z

    ah yuck!

  • prettyGirlSwagg

    If that’s true I’m happy for them. I can’t imagine if they gunna be parents !!!!!!!!!!! And joe and nick being uncle ! Their child must be the luckiest baby on earth !!!

  • http://@xinick silvana

    ehh soy una gran fan de los jonas incluso estoy haciendo todo o posible para ir al concierto de ellos pero quiero saber unas cosa si Kevin va a hacer papá que va a pasar con la banda …??? no creo que se separen por que yo hay me muero estoy feliz por Kevin por que va hacer papá y va a ver otro Jonas Pero solo quiero saber que va a pasar con la banda ..??? Estoy Feliz Por Kevin Incluso Lo Felicito Y Le Deseo Lo Mejor Del Mundo Con Danielle..!! ¿ Que Va A Pasar Con La Banda?

  • Stephanie

    If it is true that baby would be spoiled rotten by his/her Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents. That baby would be so cute.

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Yeah why not?? A baby would be totally awesome! Another Jonas around this World would be just fine…

  • Inna

    omigod. a baby Jonas.
    I hope they’re blessed with that opportunity one day. It would just be so… different. I keep forgetting he’s married in the first place!

  • kbyers

    They are adorable! I would love it if they had a baby! That baby would be so loved!!!!!!!!!! Hope it is true! follow me on twitter: kbyers

  • Lauren

    Ok, InTouch is not a great source

    The best source ever is Kevin & Danielle themselves

    We have to wait & see if this is true or not & if it is true I’m so happy for them

  • goldeng

    nooo :S!! im a major Kevin jonas fan i love him so much… im just getting used to the idea that hes not single/virgin anymore :S! and now a baby?! just too much… its not like hes not prepared for that… (i mean hes the eldest brother and he just go crazy around kids and looks adorable playing with them…!) but its like too soon…!!

  • shanghai

    STUPID!!! Yes I love them as a couple but they need more time to just have fun being married and together. Going to be difficult touring or traveling with morning sickness and then with a young baby.

  • kalee

    seriously? jonas baby.
    it would be one pretty baby. and would have two very hot uncles. (and hopefully i could eventually be its auntxD)
    but i think that they are mature enough and ready for this baby if there really is one.
    the only problem might be like tours and stuff . . .
    oh well. they’re the jonas brothers. they’ll figure it out xD

  • Chanon

    I think it’s a bit too early for them to be having kids but they would make a cute family. :)

  • kennedy sessions

    i think they are way 2 young to have a baby they just got married they need to slow down

  • J

    I want Nick to get someone pregnant and finally admit he isn’t a virgin, thats total BS, Im sure he gets major pussy!

  • armyofkitties

    it’d be kind of weird for the baby coz its dad is a jonas brother and playing a high school student on disney shows.

  • Kasley


  • abby

    Oh my gosh! NO!!!! This would honestly tear me apart but I guess in the end I’ll be happy for them. :(

  • SB

    People their age are too young to be parents…but, the reason most people say this is because they should have time to spend with each other see the world, experience time together and make sure they have enough $$ to support their child. It is clear that Kevin and Dani have enough $$ to support their child, can afford great nannies if they choose to do so and have a great family to support them as well. None of the issues that people of their age have really put them into the same category……. I say, go for it. Have those kids early. They will have all the support in the world!!

  • aniee:)peace4everybody(l)


    you realize what you wrote? and what the note said?
    why there so many stupid with a computer?


    I definitely agree with Lu, if that happens…. I would suicide :’(

  • Ella

    Baby Jonas soon please!! We want to see the first baby of a Jonas Brother member!!! Sooo excited!!!! :D

  • Ciara

    Guys if Dani and Kev have a baby. It’s making no difference to any of your lives. Kevin Jonas is a happily married man and will NEVER be with you. It’s totally awesome if its true. But they are only married 9 months. :)

  • bambiii

    i don’t know if they’re mature enough or not, but honestly : this would be the enf of jonas brothers … who wants a daddy in a teenie band ? and he probably wouldn’t have the time to tour around and a baby at the same … ^^
    means,either nick and joe do solo careers,which seems the best to me,or little frankie gets kevin’s role…>.<

>>>>>>> staging1