Beauty Battle: Miranda Cosgrove vs. Kendall Jenner

Beauty Battle: Miranda Cosgrove vs. Kendall Jenner
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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • shannon :)

    is this headline REALLY beauty battle: miranda cosgrove vs kendall jenner

    i wonder who0o0…
    tough one..


  • Jenny

    Hands Down Miranda!

  • Jolene

    definitely miranda cosgrove’s

  • Joochi

    Kendell Jenner of course, she looks her age and not overdone.

  • yeppp

    miranda!!! kendall looks almost 18!

  • jasper

    There’s no competition. Miranda is definately more beautiful.

    Kendall is cute and all, but she’s no beauty.

  • hala

    u are kidding me sure Miranda Miranda andddddddddddddd Miranda

  • lalla

    kendall look like a mom ,miranda looks amazing !!kendall is not even a star OMG!!she doesnt do anythin except commercial so wtf!!!is the all this!!!doesn’t mean that her sisters are star that she one!!!i wonder what the world will be like if everybody was a star!!llet’s just say someboday in each family in this world were stars is that gonna the members of the family stars too!!weird ok!enough with the talking!!
    All of tem are pretty but kendall wearig tooo much make up makes her look like a mom!!!

  • nicole

    Hmm. I like Miranda’s.

    That “are Bonnie and Damon” going to become a couple article is freaking me out. It’s like the writer didn’t even watch the show. Bonnie literally despises Damon. She has frequently attempted to kill him, blames him for the mess that Caroline is in, and blames him for the death of her grandmother and that random boy at the carnival. Also, Damon isn’t exactly the type of simply chase a challenge. He chased Katherine because he thought they were in love, and he is chasing Elena because she cares about him. If Damon was ever going to love anybody, they would have to express some sort of non-hatred for him first. And Bonnie would never do that.

  • steve

    They both look good but Miranda looks better. She is really beautiful.

  • Kayla


  • David_Rawr

    Kendall anytime Miranda is cool but she looks like Michel Jackson lost child and that freak me out a little xD

  • Liz

    Miranda looks better but not by a lot. both look good.

  • jenny

    i prefer miranda

  • Patricia

    Kendall, definitely. She isn’t a Wilhelmina model for nothing.

    On the other hand, I do think that eyeliner doesn’t do any of them justice. They’re the type of girls that look so much better with a little bit of makeup. Eyeliner makes everyone look so harsh! Not good.

  • Kira


  • Mandy

    Miranda… Kendall is really pretty but Miranda is absolutely beautiful