Vanessa Hudgens: Taking A Journey To A Mysterious Island

Vanessa Hudgens: Taking A Journey To A Mysterious Island

Vanessa Hudgens is in final talks to play the female lead in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, the much-anticipated sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth.

According to THR, the 21-year-old actress will play a Pacific Islander who gets swept into the adventure and end up falling for Josh Hutcherson, who will still be playing Sean Anderson.

Production is rumored to start late October in North Carolina and Hawaii.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Vanessa in this role?

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  • BabyBooZanessa

    Congrats Vanessa !

  • BabyBooZanessa

    I’m excited to see Vanessa on this movie !


  • lisa

    yay! Im so happy for her this sounds awesome specially since the rocks in it!

  • Joochi

    OMG!!! I was just watching the 1st Journey to the Center of the Earth last night and I never get tired of that movie, the movie was great. Vanessa will also be awesome in that movie she’s so fit and ready for the adventure, can’t wait for it to come out.

  • ehryle

    OMG!! that was great… i cannot wait to see Vanessa filming again.. excited : xoxo V

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Whoo, unexpected but I love it. It will be interesting to see Josh & Vanessa.. but I can’t wait. Wow, Vanessa’s on a role !! Beastly and Sucker Punch and now this !! Go Vanessa !!! :D



  • musicgirl


    omg Im so happy, im like jumping :D we have been wating so long for this :D ITS GONNA ROCK!!!!!

  • musicgirl

    wait, this october? thats like really really soon :D

  • joanne

    ooh hawaii! it’s gonna have action in it

  • vanessacrazzed

    this is so great! I cant wait i love josh hutcherson even though he seems alot young for her? but aw weelll im soo excited for her!! woot!

  • kami

    great news. but i think she’s taking a journey to a “mysterious island.” not the center of the earth. does late october mean the last week in october? what fun to shoot a movie in hawaii.

  • thedancingprince

    cant wait ‘the rock’ will be in it also

  • joanne

    she’s also working working with dwayne johnson and michael caine

  • Christy

    That’s great…Yeah, i am excited for it….i hope she does get that role…

  • peggy

    Double oscar winner Michael Caine that’s pretty great.

    And Jared the sequel is based on Verne’s Mysterious Island not Center of the Earth

    The first film made approximately 245 million

  • Tata

    Finally!!!! Next movie for Nessa!!!!!!!

  • duduche29

    i’m not excited because the first one was horrible

    doesn’t she have do to the reshoot of beastly??

  • kami


    you’re right. everything about this is great for vanessa. and it will do great at the box office because science fiction fans will run to see this movie.

  • mykamicks

    Go Girl! One two & three ( soonest to confirm) movies in row… Good luck Vanessa.

  • sky10

    THANK GOD!!!woow! I’m so happy with this good news about Vanessa,…go Vanessa,GOD blss.

  • annie1st

    Go girl!. good luck nessa, this will be based on jules verne story “the mysterius island”, so im really excited yay

  • Ashlee


    $245 million. That’s awesome. And great that Michael Caine is in it. Yeah, for Vanessa.

  • annie1st

    i hope brendan do this, but dwayne its ok coz he’s so funny ^____^, and josh is a cute dude he he

  • duduche29

    filming oct 25 (3 first day in hawai) to dec 15

  • peggy


    it made 245 million and got a 77% from top critics on RT – as usual you sound like a fool

  • ak

    The first movie sucked. The second will be even worse. What a worthless sequel that doesn’t need to be made.

  • duduche29

    peggy… i only say what I was thinking about the movie, i’m not talking about the critics… think before say something wrong

  • duduche29

    peggy … fuck you

  • gracemarie

    Here everyone

    The first movie cost 60 million to make

    Total Lifetime GrossesDomestic: $101,704,370
    + Foreign: $140,290,781

    = Worldwide: $241,995,151

  • duduche29

    i only say that I didn”t like the movie…. that’s made me a fool???

  • annie1st

    lol you guys funny, this is just a movie…grow up lol

  • Juliet

    @duduche29. @ak : Shut up

  • annie1st

    if it could be like king kong, that would be awesome coz i love that kind of movie, movie is for fun guys to entertaint people so chill people

  • ak

    @ Juliet: We have the right to speak our minds too. Even the critics who gave the 1st Journey to the Center of the Earth movie a positive review called it “cheesy” and “pointless.” It’s not like people have been clamoring for a sequel. This movie is totally unnecessary.

  • annie1st

    so what if you dont like it, do you have to point it out,LOVE IS LOUDER

  • mykamicks


    I respect your opinion if you dont like the first movie.

    About the production thing, maybe if you are part of the production or producer you may suggest to have a reshoot of her Beastly. But the thing is your opinion is very far out at the moment..

    There is no problem with those nega opinion of yours since the very beginning you were an obvious critic of Vanessa’s thread and we are getting to used of that. Btw, . thanks for being an insider, by knowing the sched of Vanessa. It somehow helps her fans more EXCITED for the upcoming project of hers..

    I think for this post of JJJR, it answers your questions also lasttime about Vanessa’s itinerary.. Our girl will be busy again coming in and out of the counrty if said movie will push through…

    I have a big smile in my heart for Vanessa. Good Karma is always on your side.

  • LpkwL

    Ccant wait for Sucker Punch I was gutted about Beastly bein pushed back
    I did and didn’t like the 1st. Journey movie so I hope this is is do like all the time
    I love Vanessa :)

  • annie1st

    let see how this movie turn out, at first i dont really sure about beastly before i see the teaser and the trailer, so for now i just have a positive hope and positive thinking for this ^_____^

  • babyg


  • b

    I can’t stop stressing this…I LOVE THIS GUY ever since Little Manhattan and now that he’s all grown up….I just want him for myself. Oh and another thing…don’t you notice that Vanessa always gets hotties in her movies…I wish I was her.

  • duduche29

    excuse me but i wasn’t talking about vanessa but the movie

    as for the schedule that was mentionned on TH


  • ehryle


    Of course u will feel not excited,, Y? coz u dont know what the feeling of being happy .. you are full of nega and u cannot appreciate good people and things around here since from the beginning!! LOVE is LOUDER!!

    btw thanx for the info & time for keeping eye on Vanessa’s update..

  • mykamicks


    But its still nice that you are roaming around Vanessa’s post / thread and spread her sched all over. I love the time youve spent on her . I just imagine if Vanessa Hudgens later on will become
    a huge superstar.

    I like your style of comment actually. If your reader/s is not attentive the way you subjectively state you comment its either you put them in a silly reply and make you laugh or your target is to make people on this thread get irritated or annoyed with you. But these past weeks I have caught your style & purpose why your are doing this on Vanessa’s thread. Keep it up.

    As what I said on my above comment, Go Vanessa, GOOD KARMA IS ON YOUR HANDS ALWAYS!

  • Angelica

    Yaayyy!!!!! Woo-hoo!!! I’m so excited for Vanessa!!! Can’t wait! =D

  • duduche29

    ehryle…. oh my god!!

    the feeling of being happy and not being excited for a movie…. are 2 things… go back to school to learn the difference

    i don’t why i must be excited for the sequel of a movie that i didn’t like

  • Nicole

    Yes, please. I hope she’ll keep getting awesome roles. :D

  • Heather

    I live in NC!!!

  • nathalia

    I loved the novelty
    always great to see vanessa
    new progeto
    I think very good cast p

  • shan

    where in north carolina? where is zac? are they split?