Amber Stevens: Torchwood's New Girl?

Amber Stevens: Torchwood's New Girl?

Amber Stevens tosses a ball in hopes of getting in a cup as she celebrates the launch of ABC Family’s College Chef held at SPiN Hollywood at the Mondrian hotel late last week.

The 23-year-old GREEK actress is the front-runner for the role of Esther Katusi on Torchwood. EW reports that Esther is a “CIA Watch Analyst — in other words, a grunt — who, against all odds, has both an unshakable faith in human nature and a monster crush on Rex Matheson.

Enver Gjokaj and Chad Michael Murray are both looking at the role of Rex. Torchwood is set to premiere on Starz in summer 2011 and will feature series regulars John Barrowman and Eve Myles.

DO YOU WATCH Torchwood? What do you think about Amber starring in it?

Amber is also pictured at In Touch Weekly‘s annual “Icons & Idols” celebration earlier last month. 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Todd Wawrychuk, David Livingston; Photos: Getty, ABC Family
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  • Sahina

    Torchwood is coming back?! awesome!!

  • Pat

    I watched Torchwood and loved it till it was transformed in a cheap manipulative copy of Spooks with season3, destroying my love for Captain Jack and killing the fans beloved character Ianto Jones.
    It’s a show who doesn’t respect his fans and kills his characters to make drama. And if fans dare saying they are not happy they are just dismissed…
    Poor Amber…Don’t get attached to her character as she will die during the season to make you cry…

  • Stephanie

    I really love Torchwood and I can’t wait for it to come back. I don’t know about her as the new character, I have never seen anything with her in it but I’m open minded. However, for the roll of Rex I’d rather have Enver Gjokaj than Chad Michael Murray, I’m not really a big fan of CMM…

  • pop86

    Love Amber on Greek. Can’t wait to see her on Torchwood

  • Torchwoodfan Uk

    Ianto Jones was Killed of at the request of the actor who played him who wanted to go on and focus on his music career, In other points i can’t wait till Torchwood come’s back to the uk after the new series in America has came out. Captain Jack and Gwen make a good team and i can’t wait to see who they bring in. A new season, I can’t wait for it. I’m willing to give anybody a chance in the show

  • jaclyn

    Can’t for the next season and what are you talking about ?? Season 3 was the best out of all of them. I mean I was super mad about Ianto, too( he was favorite character) but it made a very emotional moment and really big tear-jerker.

    And WTF?! some “scream-queen” actress from Greek? are you flipping kidding. I’ll be hard-pressed to watch Torchwood, if she’s in it

  • sofie

    Am I the only person on the internet who liked the way Torchwood ended?!? And who DOESN’T want to see another season, and deffinently not an american version of the show?!?

    I absolutely LOVE Torchwood, but I can’t see how it’s gonna work, with only Jack and Gween still alive. And NO the solution IS NOT to resurect Ianto. Just accept that something good has ended, if you can’t deal then read some fanfictions…

    And besides, we all know Jack needs to leave Earth so he can go become Face Of Boh, so he can’t keep staying at Torchwood ;)

  • Rav

    To Jaclyn: I don’t watch a scifi show to get mad, be emotionally broken and get a big tear-jecker….I like to be entertained, not crushed….

    To torchwoodfan UK: where did you read this big lie? This is just plain wrong information…

  • botox melbourne

    Torchwood is a great show. Loved the Children miniseries

  • gab

    @Torchwoodfan Uk Ianto was not killed because Gareth David-Lloyd wanted to leave, not at all.

    I loved TW because was different from the other shows, then the producers decided they wanted “drama”, turned the show in a boring soap-opera and destroyed everything.

    The synopsis for the new series is just crap and the actors they will choose will be plastic!Hollywood people. TW will be a bad copy od Dawson Creek.

    No thank you.

  • DVanB

    @Torchwoodfan Uk:

    That is an absolute lie or really bad information you have there.

    The truth is the actor didnt even know his character was going to be killed off until his agent told him he was only needed for 3 or 4 episodes out of the 5.

    I think which what they did in season 3 basically killing/destroying the all best things about the show and leaving Jack an incompetent shell of a man who last we saw ran away after murdering his grand son and Gwen with a baby on the way and husband who if in his right mind would not let his wife and mother of his child any where near such a dangerous job ever again.

    But if this is to be a retooling of a previous show I wish Starz luck just kind of wish they called it something other than Torchwood or left Gwen home with the baby and Jack somewhere in space

    Do I care about new cast? no not really. Does any one see a problem with a 23 year old CIA agent? Intern maybe, but not a watch analyst…some one is not doing their homework

  • Ray Newton

    The actor did *not* ask to leave.
    Torchwood was brilliant, CoE an abomination with everyone acting stupidly and out of character.
    Watch the new programme by all means, but don’t get attached to any character – TPTB will destroy them on a whim.

    I wish JB and EM all the best, but good luck America – you don’t know what you’re in for.

  • Mark

    @Torchwoodfan Uk: Huh? Gareth David-Lloyd didn’t ask to leave the show. He only found out he was leaving when his contract stated he was only required for four out of five episodes.


    Please if you are going to comment make sure you have your facts correct. The character of Ianto was killed for the storyline and not because the actor wanted to move on. The decision was that of Russel T Davies I have mixed feelings about series 4 but will give it a go

  • iantogal

    @Torchwoodfan Uk: Um, actually Gareth David-Lloyd DID NOT ask to be written out of the show. His character’s death was just as much a shock to him as it was to the viewers. Just thought I should correct you on that…..

  • Sarah

    Awesome. I can’t wait to see Jack and Gwen back in action again.

    (And Rhys!)

    Withholding judgment on the new actors until they’re cast and I see publicity pics.

    Ianto was fine but extremely overrated by a portion of fans. They’re going to be butthurt about their ship forever. LOL.

  • JAY

    The only way i will watch the trainwreck being touted as “Torchwood” will be if Gwen and Jack BOTH are gone. No, not killed. RTD proved that too much death is just that — too much. How many people had to die in a 5 episode series just for the sake of drama? Ianto, Steven, Frobisher and his family, Jack multiple times (3 times alone the first day!) and all the people in the Thames house. And I’m sure more died off-camera, trying to protect their children from the military people storming their homes. So no, I wouldn’t want Gwen to die, or Jack to find a way to end his ‘curse’ and die. Instead, have Jack leave (for good) and Gwen retire from service to be a real mother and wife and leave us with just the new faces and maybe toss in a couple more. Start completely over. Get rid of the old, the washed up, the over-used. Bring in fresh meat. Otherwise, no parody of a once fun, unique show. It’s already far too Americanized for my tastes. Plus, if series 3 is any indication, it’s pointless to even bother liking the new characters because they’re merely canon fodder.

  • family lawyers melbourne

    Love Torchwood. Love Captain Jack.

  • twfan4life

    Torchwood is a brilliant show, Children of Earth took it to another level completely that was intensely gripping from the first minute to the last.

    I actually hope they find unknown actors for the new roles in this fourth series. Give us some new talent that will work well with John, Eve and Kai.

    Can’t wait for this to air, no matter who gets those roles, though!

  • Adella Reavely

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