Taylor Swift: Selena Gomez Flipped Out over 'Speak Now'

Taylor Swift: Selena Gomez Flipped Out over 'Speak Now'

BFFs Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are really like sisters.

Taylor, 20, dished to Radio Disney’s Ernie D during her take over about their super-close friendship. She shared, “She and I are very similar. We are sort of like sisters in a lot of ways, and the way we deal with each other is very sisterly. We [both] realize there is no cure for what we have, which is this need for love to make sense, and it just doesn’t, so we both just go to dinner and vent about it.”

And what about Selena‘s reaction to Speak Now? T said, “It was really, really awesome. She knows me so well that she could tell exactly which song is about which person. Her favorite was a song called ‘Dear John’…because she knows the story behind it.”

Taylor‘s Take Over will air TODAY, October 25th @ 3PM PT/6PM ET on Radio Disney.

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  • Mika

    It would be so cool to be in the middle of this friendship. Knowing all the secrets and spending time with them to get to know their real side. :)

  • diane

    i love love love them. (:

  • andy


  • selena

    taylor and selena are so sweet, they both are mature and classy ladies, it’s super awesome to have a best friend who is like a sis and who will be there for you when life sucks, i get that from these two girls that they know how to be true friends who really love and care for one another, and when life gets hard they can always make you laugh. i think they are awesome and the fact that they know so much about each other is magical!

  • Dania

    Wow this is so cool bc that’s exactly how my relationship with my BFF!!:) I can totally relate!:) <3

  • claudis85@hotmail.com

    they both together are really extremly adorable together!!! sooo cute and real her friendship!!!

  • claudis85@hotmail.com

    @andy complety agree!!! they both are gorgeous, talented, amazing, genorous, rich, young, and with such a good heart!!! and the most important thing thet ayer sooo down to earth ;)

  • mk

    This friendship is one of my favorites. It’s nice to know that Taylor and Selena have this bond! I have one with my best friend too are friendship is also like Taylor and Selena’s friendship! :)

  • Chloe

    The best friendship of LA LA LAND! Taylor and Selena are two genuine people who are sucessful and the MOST important…. they’re NICE.

  • http://@Mellz89 Mellz89


  • Ashley

    The album’s awesome btw.

  • tmj

    come on what about demi u wouldn’t b bragging about demi lik that and its so obvious u miss demi so stop talking about taylor lov demi selena and taylor but seriously sel shes not ur only friend i haven’t heard u say 1 thing about demi in 4ever and remember he co-star joey king in ramona and beezus its lik all u ever talk about is taylor this taylor that blah blah blah enough about taylor when is it gonna b time 4 demi

  • http://www.melbournelaserclinic.com.au botox melbourne

    Good to see there are friends in Hollywood

  • Ocean

    Selena and Taylor are the best Hollywood BFF’s!

  • Lucy

    I love selena and taylor but i dont know why i think their friendship is fake :/

  • amy


    I agree. I just love them both. The new album is awesome, gonna get another one tomorrow as a gift for a friend. If you don’t have the album, you should get it. Taylor is awesome.

  • headstrong.

    i love when your bff knows you better than you do. that shows is a beautiful friendship.

  • Bria

    heard “better than revenge” and I must say, I am VERY dissapointed in Taylor. First off, Camilla didn’t “steal” Joe, Joe broke up with Taylor so he could hurry up and date Camilla.That’s why it was over the phone, so he could quickly be with the girl he REALLY had love for. I highly doubt it was an affair. Secondly, she has NO right to say that Camilla is “better known for what she’s done on the matress” when Taylor is connected to a new guy every week! y (Taylor Lautner, than John Mayer than Cory Monteith, than Taylor Lautner again,Than the boy from her ‘Mine’ video and now Jake Gyllenhall.) Camilla always try to keep her relationships on the DL, she hardly ever linked to anyone. I’m conviced she only dates guys to write bitter songs about them. The whole Joe-Camilla thing happened what, two years ago? GET OVER IT! She needs to grow up and stop begging for sympathy in her songs. Joe must have been one hell of a boyfriend if she is still SO bitter! If all this CD is going to be another CD where she pretty much says eveyone is evil except for her, than I won’t be buying it :/ She needs to start singing about something else. I do like Taylor’s music, but her obvious immature jabs at people are getting annoying.

  • Bria

    They honestly seem to be really close, not just two girls who hang out for the sake of it. It’s also nice to know that Selena was there for her with the whole “John” incident. I think they really are bffs, if not they are really good at faking it, Because when they start talking about each other, their eyes light up.


    xx COOLNESS xx

  • Jenny

    @Bria: She is not being immature or taking jabs at anyone; song writing is just what she does to express herself. She doesn’t write songs to spite other people and get a reaction out of them, and she also doesn’t do it to gain sympathy. And there’s a song on there called Back To December and it’s an apology song, which is far from evil, in my opinion. If you have even seen one video of Taylor in an interview then you will know she is not a malice or mean person. Also, Taylor has said that this album is about all that happened between Fearless and now, which is two years. And just because Taylor is “connected” to a string of guys by tabloids doesn’t mean it’s actually true. I agree that Taylor was unfair in saying that mattress comment about Camilla but Taylor hasn’t done anything wrong by being more successful than Camilla and she can’t help the fact that her private life or rumours about her are talked about more in the media; just because we don’t hear about Camilla’s boyfriends doesn’t mean she doesn’t have them, and just because Taylor has a lot of rumoured boyfriends (key word being “rumoured”) doesn’t mean she has dated all of them.

    I’m really tired of people saying Taylor is “bitter” and “petty” and whatever else. I don’t know her, but from my point of view, she seems the opposite of that and I really believe song writing is how she deals with things and gets everything out – just like how some people exercise or paint. It’s just what she does.

  • neGro xoxo

    i love them both. they are so coooooooooool and lovely

  • sima

    i love taylor

  • Kristina

    I can’t picture them being that close of friends for some reason their two different people…

  • courtney

    I kinda feel like she stole Selena away from Demi Lovato. I’m glad Demi has Miley, though.

  • user

    I’m SO over Taylor Swift using people for songs. She either has the relationship maturity of a twelve year old girl or just makes up “stories” for songs. Dear John is a joke. There was never anything romantic at ALL between them – if she got a crush on him, that’s on her. But John Mayer has never been anything but complimentary about her and her talent and to trash him in a song is just wrong. I like her songs, but if she doesn’t stop trashing everyone, while she sits on her pedestal, she’s going to be up there all alone… No one is going to date her or work with her because their scared of her delusions!

  • http://www.twitter.com Anwen

    I love Sel and Taylor !!! My most fav track is ‘back to december’ .I’m like addicted to it! Love the lyrics..i can totally can connect to it.

  • http://@Mellz89 Mellz89

    That is what they called ‘TWO DIFFERENTS WORLD COLLIDE’ :)
    most beautiful thing ever..they complete eachother..

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    Great friendship

  • Tia

    Love them:-)!they’re so cooool.

  • faith

    @Bria: Pfft. Immature? YOU are immature. Taylor is a nice person, don’t judge her because of her songs. That’s just her way of expressing to people what she feels. On my opinion, I think you’re mean and have judging problems.

  • faith

    @Jenny: I very much agree with you. :)

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