Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Pool Pair

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Pool Pair

Joe Jonas keeps a tight grip on his girlfriend, Twilight hottie Ashley Greene, as they play a game of pool in Baton Rouge, Louisiana late last week.

Joe played a few games with Ashley‘s BFF and costar Kellan Lutz.

Ashley is currently in Baton Rouge filming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and Joe had a few days off to visit his girl.

What an adorable couple!

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Bria @ 1:05 am on 10/26/2010

I’ve never been a huge fan of Joe or Ashley, but I love them together! They seem like they really like each other! And I think Joe deserves a break, after two years Taylor Swift is still mad at him and writing songs about what happened. What he did to Demi is worse but she seems less bitter than Taylor. Hope all this lovey-doveyness is real.

Luis F. Gomez @ 1:05 am on 10/26/2010

Woooow… you gotta admit it! That is one hot girl! hahaha in deed!!

katt1102 @ 1:05 am on 10/26/2010

this is adorable! the picture of joe holding ashley is so cute! i love it!

Anon @ 1:07 am on 10/26/2010

They’re so pathetic. And they both seem to love the media’s attention. I guess they’re a match made in heaven. Now if only both of them can gather the Jonas and Twilight crazies… oh I mean fans, put them on an island and explode it. Joe and Ashley included.

Valerie @ 1:07 am on 10/26/2010

Cute and adorable together. Love them :)
They both look truly happy together :)

what a happy couple, they make a good pair, best wishes

daynaa @ 1:09 am on 10/26/2010

Uggggh i’m getting so tired of them.Don’t get me wrong HUGE Jonas fan and all but Jashley fan? Uh not so much.Or even at all. They’re EVERYWHERE. We get it they’re dating. Geez.

Nora @ 1:10 am on 10/26/2010

Ashley came with Joe to the concert they gave in Guadalajara,Mexico last saturday.
Rumor has it, she was in Mexico’s City show too.

j-ann @ 1:13 am on 10/26/2010

This goes to @Anon, what are u talking about media attention? Don’t u see these pics were not from the paparazzi, but from a fan? And how does being affection in public a crime? How does that mean they want attention so much? Are u saying when it comes to going out in public, they can’t do anything like hug, kiss or hold hands? Any couple can do that, whether they are famous or not. They should be comfortable being affectionate to each other in public and not care what others think or see. That is what being in a loyal, trustworthy, and committed relationship is. So come on, just give them a break!

j-ann @ 1:15 am on 10/26/2010

*Oops when i said “And how does being affection in public a crime?” i meant “affectionate” not “affection”

What a hot couple

SJS @ 1:31 am on 10/26/2010

Shaunae is gonna love this. lol.

And to everyone who claims they’re doing it for media attention, they never went to events (unlike he did with demi), nor do they talk about it. They don’t hide indoors all the time, that’s all.

I don’t know much about Ashley, but if he’s happy then good for them. They’re cute together.

ryan @ 1:34 am on 10/26/2010

Can these 2 be any more annoying? It’s bad enough all the publicity they get, especially for Joe who is a player & hypocrite as far as I’m concerned. Ashley is no better & is just in this relationship for the publicity. She has no respect for herself, nor respect or feelings for any of the fans – especially those of Demi’s.

There is no excuse for how Joe has been towards Demi, the guy has zero respect for her feelings & has done nothing but humiliate her w/ flaunting Ashley in front of her as he’s done. I’m glad she’s done with him, she deserves so much better than some guy who is thinking w/ his head, but the wrong one.

I honestly can’t believe there are people who actually support these 2 & do nothing to condone their actions. Very naive & fickle, I say.

Evie @ 1:38 am on 10/26/2010

Joe look like a child compared to Kellan in that one picture. Lol.

marge @ 1:48 am on 10/26/2010

@ryan: amen!

nidsi @ 2:02 am on 10/26/2010

hey its true

Jonas Brothers @ 2:32 am on 10/26/2010

I like this couple

Now I want Nick and Miley together :)

JBLOVER @ 3:22 am on 10/26/2010

they are too attach to each other:) but they still look good together!!

lulu @ 5:20 am on 10/26/2010

@ryan: I agree! Joe is such a player! He has only just split up with Demi and all of a sudden dates Ashley? Tbh, it wouldn’t suprise me if Joe met Ashley before hand and dumped Demi so he could have a shot with Ashley. I don’t see the big deal with her anyway, she’s not even that pretty I don’t get the whole fuss of her and she can’t act. Plus we can all tell Joe has given up on his promise ring, which I’m really disappointed in. I love them for their music and always will but I had so much respect for them, not so much with Joe anymore :( and why is he always dating? Stay single for once!

Oh, and @Jonas Brother Sorry to burst your bubble, but Miley and Nick dated when they were like 13. It ain’t gonna happen again :P

amy @ 5:55 am on 10/26/2010

@ryan: agreed!

SJS @ 6:00 am on 10/26/2010

Doesn’t take a genius to see the hardcore Demi fans. I’m a fan of Demi and I feel bad for her, but apparently none of you believe in walking a mile in someone elses shoes. They had over a month away in between the end of their relationship & the start of tour. He didn’t bring her in the beginning. Should he have to keep his girlfriend away just cause Demi might not like it? It’s not like he has loads of free time while touring.

If Demi was bringing a boyfriend around, none of you would pity Joe. Let’s be honest and just admit when we like one better than the other & are gonna take sides despite any possible logic. Thhis is teen angst- the most LOGIC VOID concept ever to exist.

Leelee @ 6:18 am on 10/26/2010

Joe is sweet, talented, adorable. Demi is the one who ruined that friendship by throwing herself at him and when he decided it wouldn’t work and moved on, she won’t let go. She’s the drama and the awkward one. He has every right to have a new girlfriend and to bring her into his life, wherever he is. He didn’t ‘treat’ anyone bad, he is professional and Demi needs to learn to be. She’s the one ruining the relationship by stomping around like a woman scorned rather than a bff turned gf turned ex and bff again. Lol at all the little Demi lovers who accuse Joe of being soooooo bad to her (hah) when they break up and he brings a new gf into his life. Not.

sunny @ 6:24 am on 10/26/2010

I’m not a fan of any of these people, especially Demi, but I think it is HILARIOUS that Joe no longer sports a purity ring with her. HILARIOUS! I think that it a not so hidden message to all.

Lauren @ 6:38 am on 10/26/2010


Joe is NOT a player!!!!!

If Joe is happy, u should be happy too

gabyyy @ 8:43 am on 10/26/2010

I love Joe <3

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