Bella Thorne & Zendaya 'Shake It Up' on Radio Disney

Bella Thorne & Zendaya 'Shake It Up' on Radio Disney

Bella Thorne and Zendaya take a seat in the Radio Disney studios as they talk about their new show, Shake It Up!

The girls chatted with both Ernie D and Jake about the dances on the show, take calls from fans and even show Jake a few dance moves. Let’s hope he can pull them off!

You can hear Bella and Zendaya on Radio Disney @ 6PM ET/3PM PT TODAY!

Shake It Up! premieres THIS SUNDAY, November 7th!

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Credit: Rick Rowell; Photos: Radio Disney
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  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    i personally like zendaya better but i have a feeling that bella is going to be more popular…..

  • Lola Yasmine

    Odd, Bella look exactly like my friend, exept my friend is blond rather than having red hair

  • tristan

    ok yeah bella is gunna be more popular cuz she is sooo pretttttttyyyyyy and a good actress just sayin.

  • ambry

    I love bella!!!! shes such a super star! this show will soOoOoO be a hitz! <3

  • http://myspace shaleia everett

    i love dhiss show sooo much!!!!!!!……..

  • gstory

    love. love. love. bella. saw show on demand really good. saw it live 2. awesome.

  • kAYLA

    i love shake it up!!!!!!!!soSoMUCH :]:};]XXXXXXDO U?????

  • michelle

    i saw it 55 timesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx}

  • SHAKE it up fan #1

    I love ur show were can i learn how to dance like that?????????? hey i want to adition for a tv show on disney any advise?????????

  • fashionlover101

    I love Zendaya’s clothes… where can I buy them?

  • bebe

    rockey and cece are off the world when it comes to dancing i wish i could dane like them.

  • Shiday

    zenedaya is the bestt love her style & loves how she dance she has nicee hair & pretty clothes how can I have her style I guess it’s a one of a kind kind of thingg !<3

  • http://twitter 956pal

    zendaya is the prettiest grl i’ve evr ceen hope i could meet hr someday she is way prettier than bella no ofense it’s just an opinion…..

  • Zendayacoleman

    I think that Zendaya is the best……SHe pretty nice and a better dancer than cece and she should go out with duece haha thay should!!

  • Zendayacoleman


  • http://Gmail Cici

    Omg…………I go to the mall and look for their awesome clothing but it’s no where to be found!!!! I get so mad cause I idle these people I’m 11 if I could meet them it would be my dream!!! We could actually be friends but no all the actors don’t believe in meeting their biggest fans!!!! Even if they love the same things!!!!!!!!!! Thy man is none other than thy woman! Sorry had to put that (brothers) gotta live with em well got to get off the phone ttyl! Omg,,ttyl..bff…………………..

  • http://Gmail Cici

    I’m fan #1!!!!!!!!

  • Christiana

    I love ceces and rockys clothes!!! I wonder where I can get them!!!!!

    My friends call me cece!!!! That is so cool!

  • http://facebook zara

    yo wassup, wats zendayas second name.
    luv da show

  • hgdfgvg

    her hair is dyed red it really blonde

  • amy

    i love the show shake it up, but i love cece jones’s cloths, where are they from? I WANT THEM!!


  • amy

    i would LOVE to meet them both, but it would never happen:’( dreams like that don’t come true

  • nunya bid ness :)

    well in my opinion idk y they have there own show
    they r good dancers, actreses n all but it isnt really
    worth spending your money on and btw im not a fan
    and i could do way much better ;)

  • nicole


    there clothese are mostly made for them. But you can try delia’s and forever21

  • Bella

    my friends say i look just like her and the funny thing is we have the same name LOL!!

  • Bella

    i luv bella she has become my role model and i look just like her except i am i brunette and the funny part is i am also dylexic and me have the samr namr

  • anaya

    u no htis is awsome

  • Snowball13

    @nunya bid ness :): well if u could do sooo much better than let me see you make your own hit show but until then you don’t have any room to talk about what you could do better because shake it up is a great show.

  • ary

    zendaya rocks everyone in my school pretty much loves zendaya

  • littlemisscutiepie

    i am a huge fan and i would love it if u all would teach me how 2 dance in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i would love 2 see u in person on my b-day nov.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://google ZendayaROCKZ

    Me personly LOVE Rocky better than cici but i like cici because shes funny BUT I LOVE THERE CLOTHES ITS AMAZING HOW THE DANCE (NEED TO LEARN’N)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOO ZENDAYA AND BELLA THORN

  • http://facebook jenna

    i love shake it up i dance lie them well try and try to look like them too i got all thair clothes from target and i pretend to be thair bff when i am really lol i love them they rock i wish i had alll of there clothes try to find them i spend hours on the computer to find thair clothes lol everyone wonts thair clothes like 90% of coments say i wont thair clothes lol I LOVE SHAKE IT UP i am the #1 fan i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1