Miley Cyrus: Boutique Shopping with Brother Braison!

Miley Cyrus: Boutique Shopping with Brother Braison!

Miley Cyrus is still sporting her bindi jewel as she shops for a few new items at a local boutique in West Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (November 13).

The 17-year-old actress/singer was joined by little brother Braison at the shop. Miley just returned from a quick trip to NYC with mom Tish.

Don’t forget — Miley will be performing at the 2010 American Music Awards along with Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and more!

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  • Listen to mayday parade

    Sorry Miley but that jewel isn’t cool. And is probably disrespectful.

  • emmy

    i love her!

  • tessa

    I love Miley. I hate her bindi

  • azalea

    love her outfit :))

  • haha

    She looks flawless and I love her! And bindis are fashion accessories nowadays, I don’t see the big deal.

  • http://@marissapiercexo Marissa

    Love her bindis. To all who don’t, fuck off. You don’t decide wht she can or can’t wear.

  • Rochel

    People only hate Miley bindi cause their jealous of her.
    I hate too tell you this but where I live all the girls have been wearing bindi’s for a long time way before Miley started wearing hers.
    Its not disrespectful either its a fashion statement.
    I model and I have to wear them sometimes in my photo shoot.
    So people need to stop making smart remarks about Miley wearing a bindi

  • Koree

    i want her boots, plain and simple.

  • Itspouc

    I love her outfit :D

  • mileyfan89

    I love this look

  • ness

    @Rochel- why would i be jealous of this girl? I go to a top university. She is simply not cute and has no substantial talent.

  • Samantha


    I’m jealous of her?

    Can’t I just make a remark that I don’t like it & personally I wouldn’t wear it.

    She can wear it all she wants, I just don’t prefer it on her. So how the heck am I jealous of her?

    Just wondering!!!

  • Warren

    @ness: UR soooo JEALOUS. Miley is so sexy and UR NOT! Miley has millions of fans, unlike U. U have to go to school and Miley has already made more money and did more than U ever will. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Eat Miley’s dust LOSER!

  • Gossip Girl

    @ness: Did she call u JEALOUS in particular? I think NOT, If u don’t like Miley, then why the hell are u reading her post?

  • Warren

    Miley has the most sexy lips. Wish I could kiss the hottest woman in the world!

  • blahblahblah

    Simple 3 Words I Love Her .

  • blahblahblah

    WOW!! You Came On This Post Just To Say Bad Stuff About Miley !!!
    Why Are You Even Here Hunii ?

  • paroo

    its cool if she wants to wear a bindi….but as an indian its annoying that she’s not wearing correctly. the bindi is supposed to be lower on her forehead, right between her eyebrows. i hate to see it smack in the middle of her forehead. not right at all!

  • hiha

    Oh lawd! Someone plz call fashion police! I was super excited when I saw the title… I mean hillbilly shopping is good news cuz… well look at her clothing! but then it seems she’s at some hillbilly store! Jared tried to put it nicely (local boutique) but we’re no fool!

  • Annie

    @Warren: you are so rude and of course sick .I personally love Miley to death but it doesn’t mean that I attack to the way sicence can’t be replaced by fame or money.

  • headstrong

    Get over the damn bindi. She likes it.
    Her hair looks so good!!!
    i like it!! lol at the fact some people think she wears the same shirt allt the time, clearly is not.

  • headstrong

    @hiha: she can buy wherever she wants, bitch

  • frankiee

    he needs a hair cut lol bless him :P
    love you miley <3

  • Sahina

    erm…what’s wrong if she wears a bindi??

    lots of people wear them, even if it’s not part of their culture!

    is it a crime? no.

    if she likes it then she can wear it if she wants to!

  • Sahina


    oh get over your “anti-hill billy” attitude.

  • http://marirosi06 Merirosi

    Oh, I love her!*-* <3

  • Kelly

    Her brother needs a haircut.

  • q8yGirl

    WOW!! love the whole outfit ! elle est superbe :)

  • headstrong

    @Kelly: IA
    whe he was younger he was cute now eh..

  • Logan

    @hiha: Do you have a problem with hillbillies or something? She is in a store with boots and cowboy hats. So what? I’m so sick of all the bashers and sterotypical people on the internet. Just because you might live in Hollywood, this is how some people actually dress and live.

    God bless you, Miley! So many people are bashed for being “hillbillies.” Finally there is a real celebrity that people like me can look up to! People are truly beautiful wherever they come from.

  • Em

    Looked preg. In the 3rd picture. Love her tho

  • dcstarinthemaking

    she looks like the trailer park trash she really is.

  • blahblahblah

    WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dee osment

    she’s always so natural ,never fake it up…tht’s why i love her always…btw milez,where’s avan?

  • lolaa

    Looove that outfiit. O.o <3

  • poonam

    i like her.i hope that i will meet u

  • the next supermodel

    Bindi is Hindu symbol which protect her from things that are negative.
    And the large turquoise necklace brings you good luck and positive energy.

    Btw, why people says that her legs are amazing and so on?? I don’t see nothing special about them. Maybe the jeans are just so badly made that her legs looks just horrible.. Sorry fans, nothing against her.

  • Warren

    @Annie: Huh? Read her post. She was dissing Miley and I was just telling it how it is. And Miley is smart too and could go to any university, but doesn’t need it because she is super rich and already gives back to society.

>>>>>>> staging1