Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Shopping For Marlo!

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Shopping For Marlo!

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene keep warm in long-sleeved tops as they head into a pet shop in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (November 22).

The duo picked up a new bed plus some new toys for Ashley‘s puppy, Marlo. Joe and Ashley just arrived back in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Don’t forget to catch Ashley as she hosts the CW special Fashion Forward: Making It. The program airs Wednesday, December 8 @9PM ET/PT.

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Credit: SCOTT/CHRIS; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • amtfan

    They are cute but I’ll always love jemi better.

  • SunLight Princess

    DAYUUUM! Joe is looking HOT!

  • Lawrence


  • JC


  • http://justjaredjr Jonas lover

    Joe’s gettin hotter and hotter

  • christina

    Shopping again? Good thing Nick works so they have money to spend.

  • Ella

    yeyy!! Joe granted my request. He just got a new haircut again!! Thank you my Boo!!! <3

  • ma

    jashley won’t last…

  • ma

    @christina: hahaha

  • Lucila

    I’m really sorry, I used to love Joe, but nowadays I can’t stand him and her new girlfriends, can’t he be single for one month at least???

  • wow


    God one. ha ha & probably true.

  • sophie

    i dont know maybe its just me but.. they are really really annoying.
    they are the perfect match.. empty headed peolple go well toghether

  • n

    they are turning into kaniel 2.0
    shopping all the time :D

  • whatgoesaround


    Excuse me? Joe has worked every bit as hard as Nick or Kevin for the success of the Jonas Brothers Band. How he chooses to spend the money he’s earned is none of your business.

    Kevin, Joe and Nick don’t see themselves as being in competition with each other, if you were a real fan, you wouldn’t either.

  • Anonymous

    poor ash heard she’s sick, it quite shows here..still pretty though!
    I’m not Joe’s biggest fan but her looks hot, glad he got a new haircut

  • http://justjared shamilah

    woah! about time there was some new pic of joe! He gets hotter everyday i swear! loving the new hair cut ;) & the whole style he’s got love it.. guess he’s dressing to impress :p ashley is one lucky girl, hope she knows that.

  • gabyyy

    Joe <3 <3 <3
    One day you will be main :p

  • lilysoocute

    @ma: yeah ok soo what have you been telling yourself that for like what 5 months now!! Even E news is like ok this just might be the real deal!

  • Jonas4ever!!!

    I hate his new haircut
    I miss his long hair but still he looks sexy

    THIS MAN IS FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • melissa

    eww hate them together,srry fans but i do love them seems like they r obsessed with each others or sum thing cuz they hang out together 2 much

  • melissa

    @ma: yepp i think the same thing

  • Lauren

    @ma @Lucila

    Can’t u guys relize that he is happy with her

  • Lauren


    u too!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joe is nice, kind & sweet, people shouldn’t hate him

  • Jonas4ever!!!



  • Janie

    Love those two! Hope they have the best Holidays together and Nick and Sam too (if they are seeing each other). I always liked any Jonas girlfriend with the exception of Demi and Brenda.

  • kelly

    ALL those bags are for the dog? Weird.


    kudos to WHATGOESAROUND……Joe does work hard for his money just like Kevin & Nick…. Joe also outside of the band has his own work and earns money for it….
    Why cant fans just be happy for them & stop with the hate…Its useless & stupid and all the excuses they make are dumb & uncalled for…Lets be happy for them & with them too!!!!!

    God Bless Jashley & JB too…. :) <3

  • shanghai

    Nice couple but have to agree that I have really gone off Joe because f just dont feel that he does respect his girlfriends, friends or ex girlfriends.

  • Lauren


    He really does respect them, he is a nice & respectful person

  • Curtis


  • http://deleted marimadness

    @christina hahahahaha funny. The youngest is the bread winner @whatgoesaround chill its just a joke. Dont take it too seriously it was pretty good. Id like jashley. My stomach churns wen i see ashley. She gives me the sceavies and looks like she very mean. Idk y. And joe looks like he thinks hes all good. But its not joe im nt very fond of its ashley. I want joe to be single. I miss single joe. Now hes all bout gfs. Sigh. I just dont like the pair i get a bad feeling when i hear of them. Idk y…can anyone else agree???? *love the earth, not yourself* p.s. That dog is krazy spoiled! Wish i could pamper my dogs/cats like that. My concern, do they even pay attention to it? (same question with kev and danielle but not bringin em up cuz this is j and ash’s thread not kevin and d)

  • Amy

    Wouldn’t mind a few LESS posts of the JJ.

    Actually I wouldn’t mind zero posts of them at all. ;P

  • beatriz

    joe is hot :)
    ashley is a BITCH!!

  • anonymous

    Doubt if his ex girlfriends or ex friends would agree with that!!! Would not treat my worst enemy the way he treated his so called best friend Demi.

  • ma

    @lilysoocute: I think they haven’t broke up yet just because everyone says they won’t last. They’re just trying to prove people are wrong. i mean, what does she see in him? please… she can do sooo much better

  • chang

    Jemi fans are such losers! Dont come to Jashley post, losers!

  • Katherinejoyce

    Just Hot !!

  • jblover130193

    Agree with you

  • jblover130193

    yeah right, like with demi?

  • dreamer

    Ashley’s sense of style isn’t so spectaular since she’s been going out with Joe. I really used to like the way she dressed.

  • michelle

    @shanghai: and you have nothing to do with he’s friends or ex girlfriends or girlsfriends. and you don’t know joe or the people who know him and you have no proof.

  • michelle

    @anonymous: tell me me what did he do to demi ?and where you there? HELL NO.

  • melissa

    Ahh enough of these two like seriously I do love em both but I just dont “LIKE” them together something just seems soo off about this relationship!!! However if they are both happy I am happy for both of them.