Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Christmas Tree Time!

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Christmas Tree Time!

Joe Jonas gets a head start on the holiday season, lifting up a Christmas Tree box and heading into girlfriend Ashley Greene‘s place in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (November 29).

The couple have been almost inseparable lately.

While Joe headed back to her apartment with their new tree, Ashley made a quick run to a medical office in Burbank to a check up.

10+ pics inside of Joe and Ashley

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joe jonas ashley greene christmas tree 01
joe jonas ashley greene christmas tree 02
joe jonas ashley greene christmas tree 03
joe jonas ashley greene christmas tree 04
joe jonas ashley greene christmas tree 05
joe jonas ashley greene christmas tree 06
joe jonas ashley greene christmas tree 07
joe jonas ashley greene christmas tree 08
joe jonas ashley greene christmas tree 09
joe jonas ashley greene christmas tree 10

Credit: Cigar; Photos: FlynetOnline, INFdaily
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  • ma

    i don’t like them together… just saying

  • katta

    i love joe and winston

  • AB

    @ma: and who are you the mother?? is their bussiness not ours!!

  • sophie


  • Cassidy

    @ma: They don’t give a fu*k about what you think… just saying.

  • kaye

    Tired of these two. They just do things to draw attention to themselves and then get made when people pay attention. They don’t work do they. Always shopping, walking the dogs, eating. And Nick continues to work. Please stop showing us these two. We get it. He hopes he can get publicity for the CD he’s hoping will sell.

  • Miya

    Good luck to them. It must be difficult to have a relationship when a majority of the teen and tween tards are rooting against their happiness. How they ignore these childish, asinine comments, I have no idea.

  • poppy

    I hope he proposes over the holidays!

  • ma

    @AB: @Cassidy: hahaha you act like they need you to defend them…stick to be just a fan, there’s no need to get angry about someone not liking them as a couple :)

  • temari

    No one is forcing you to look at Joe and Ashley’s post. They just came back from their tour, they deserve a break. If Nick chooses to
    work it is his prerogative to do so.The brothers are not attached to the hip.Immature JB fans like you who is always debating who is the best brother are one of the reasons why no one take them seriously.

  • maria

    @poppy: After dating for a few months??????? Are you serious?

  • mia

    she proberly had to get the morning after pill

  • http://justjared shamilah

    well doesn’t joe look very HOT! i’m glad there’s always post’s about him ;)
    i find them cute as a couple! but would prefer if Jared would post a separate post on joe, since there both not really at the same place lol

  • Janie

    Love these two!! Hope they have fun putting up the tree, time with dogs and each other! Wish them happiness in everything they do!!

  • Maryam

    Joe’s getting angry,
    lots of paparazzi these days

  • chels

    okay, for those who are telling people to not post if they don’t like the couple, shut up. they’re just stating their opinions, and it is a free country to say what you want.

  • Bebe

    Wow. Joe is totally whipped.

  • Aylin

    They’re overexposed, I’m getting tired of seeing them on so many gossip site every day. They could keep a low profile if they wanted to (e.g. Sandra Bullock hid a baby! ).

  • lol

    i want u people to look at this link THIS is proof the world has gone mad ,i mean wishing death ?? on a girl you dont even know ?? WHY?? this just doesnt make sense to me at all ,, i know most here are young and dont know what they are doing but please wishing death or suicide on something so childish like the fact she may be dating Joe Jonas ? this is just sad and this doesnt just happern to Ashley , it happens still to Kristen Stewart , even Kim Kardashian just cause of her friendship with Justin Beiber , fandoms need control or else we will all be looked at and stereotyped as nutjobs immature girls , please DONT HATE , STOP THE VIOLENCE < STOP CYBERBULLYING ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Somebody will get hurt

  • pearl

    @lol: totally agree with you,what people have tweeted about Ashley is horrible,people should just let joe and ashley be,if they don’t like it who cares,none of their business.agree STOP CYBERBULLYING

  • aniee:)


    totally agree with you!!!


    you are too stupid for my taste
    OMJ –>
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


  • Yesica

    So are they living together now? Seems a bit quick for how long their relationship has been…

  • michelle

    @ma: yeah but if you don’t like them then why in the hell waste your time looking up their post.

  • Aly

    Ashley is wearing a TNA sweater!!!

  • Pixyl

    Beautiful couple, I hope they continue to do anything and everything they want to do publicly like any other couple. They shouldn’t have to hide, the paps should give them some breathing space. On the other hand, I never grow tired of seeing Joe’s beautiful face.

  • Lawrence

    Joe looks hot in these pics!.

  • ma

    @michelle: i never said i don’t like them, i said i don’t like them TOGETHER. there’s a huge difference

  • melissa

    I like both of them but I dont like “both” of them together.

  • Lux

    I argee with you they just look odd but whatever tickles their

  • alice

    Ashley was actually sick she states on her twitter that she hates sick days.
    and people should let them live their lives, its their choice who they date
    it seams nowadays whoever a celebrity dates they are never good enough for each other,
    They both seam happy that should make the fans happy.
    and they are spending time together before she goes to film breaking dawn.
    Haters don’t win. all it does is show people are immature and need to grow up.
    As fans we don’t have to like who they date but we should be happy for them.
    How would you like it if you where famous and the where hate campaigns about you?
    If you don’t like them don’t view the post, It’s easy enough to do.

  • karen

    no way joe is a virgin

  • Mika


    Me too.

    But some of the people who are against them are just … scary.

  • tastelikecandy

    AAAWWW Joe that is the x-mas tree they bought at Target

  • http://@SleepingBeautty @SleepingBeautty

    I love Joe, but I would love to be alone..

  • lauren

    I hate all the negativity. Joe and Ashley are two grown, mature people. In a mature relationship. Just because you think you “know” these celebrities, you don’t. You know them from their projects and interviews. This is real life. People just need to get over it and get their own lives. Wishing death on a person is crazy, especially over something like this.

  • j-ann

    Damn, joe looks mad…probably cuz of those papz following them like everyday! just let them be!

  • alice

    o0o0o0o0h no joe looks angry in these pics :((
    i know thats becuase of paparazi :-w
    they follow them wherever
    i hate paparazi
    PLZdont follow them and make them angry
    PLZ leave them alone
    they love each other so who care
    if they are in love so LEAVE THEM ALONE

  • Aylin

    @lol: Being young is not an excuse for wishing death to somebody. Those girls are all levels of wrong no matter their age.

  • Amalie

    they are cute!
    I like them. 8)

  • http://justjaredjr Jonas lover

    @AB: Joe’s own mom doesn’t like him with Asheley.

  • Ella

    So, he’s still staying at Ashley’s apartment. Hmmm.. As far as I know, he have his own house.. Joe, you’re house in Los Feliz misses you so much!! You know, after months of being away..

  • Ella

    Joe is still HOT even if he’s mad!! <3

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the some of this cyber bullying and death threats need to stop.

    But I also agree with Aylin and I myself am also tired of all the Jashley post, they
    do need to start keeping a low profile. And Ashley needs to stop always tweeting
    about were she and Joe are going and were they’re going to be. That’s
    like asking
    for the paparazzi to follow you. I’m sorry, I though they were cute at first. But now,
    they’re starting to remind me of Heidi and Spencer.

  • kassidy

    @kaye: agreed. i dont mind them together and i like both of them but i really do think they are just trying to get publicity most of the time. i met them when they were in louisiana for ashley to film breaking dawn and they were in a grocery store just taking their time feeding each other food, snuggling and kissing and then when like three fans and i went up to them to ask for a picture and autograph they were all annoyed and didnt even smile in the picture.

  • Anabelle

    ”The couple have been almost inseparable lately.”
    No really? Well I haven’t noticed!! rme

    I’m just waiting for him to come out the closet and admit that he’s gay.

  • Louise

    fake tree? lame.

  • isa

    I hate them together…

    demi deserves a better men.

  • ugh.

    Okay, we get it, they’re together. gosh, do they have to have a post everytime I go to this site? wow. attention seeking much? :| ****

  • Tove


    Why do you think he’s gay?
    He likes girls…that’s called being straight!! geez

  • bryy

    @ma: i agree. . . i don’t understand them