Taylor Swift is Coffee Cozy

Taylor Swift is Coffee Cozy

Taylor Swift keep warms with a warm cup of Joe from her local Starbucks as she heads back to her car in Nashville on Wednesday afternoon (December 1).

The 20-year-old singer has been getting her fill of coffee lately — with Jake Gyllenhaal.

The duo, who met in NYC earlier this fall, have been seen on three coffee dates together. One in Brooklyn on Thanksgiving Day and two in Nashville.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor’s coffee dates with Jake?

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  • Jill

    The tweet about this post just showed up on my feed and at first glance all I saw was “Taylor Swift” and “Joe.”

    Needless to say I was very confused. LOL.

  • melissa

    love her shoes

  • M

    I don’t like Taylor and Jake as a couple. I’m suprised they even know each other….How did they meet?!

  • http://twitter.com/shine4usmiley SaywhatGurl

    “Cup of Joe” . . . LOL. At first I was like, “Wait, what?” and then I re-read it. BAHAHA. Had a moment of my own. :P

  • JESS

    I honestly love this couple. I did a little research on Jake and I found that they have a lot in common, especially their personalities. I watched an interview of him on youtube and he is hilarious. I can see why Taylor enjoys being around him. Oh and he is extremly good looking. So cute!

  • sheman

    A song for taylor to use when she needs it! :) give me song-writing creds k tay?

    Achy- Jakey Heart

    (First Verse)
    Well one sunny day, we were moving mountains,
    Yeah Brokeback mountains. That’s right, said Brokeback mountains.
    Love was fast a flowing, like a water fountain.
    Like a water fountain. That’s right, said water fountain.
    But now I see it all,
    You stood and let me fall,
    But you’ll be sorry Jake
    That you caused my heartache!
    Now everybody say!

    He, he tore my heart, set it miles apart,
    Left me all alone, in the Donnie dark!
    From sweetly apple picking, on a sunny day
    Now my heart’s a aching, time to get away!! (Ohhh) (2x)

    (Second Verse)
    In October, where it all started,
    This was going right, almost like a party,
    But then you gave up,
    Couldn’t get enough,
    You were my prince from Persia,
    And now I’m gonna burn ya!
    Everybody say!

    (Repeat Chorus 2x)
    J-A-K-E, don’t ya see what you mean to me?
    J-A-K-E, why did you hurt meeeeeeeeee ooooh!

    (Repeat chorus 3x)

  • Jeff

    The age difference is not a problem, Michael Buble is engaged to a 23 yr old who is 12 yrs younger than him, more power to them, 18 and up is game on

  • Bob

    ((WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor’s coffee dates with Jake?))

    Disturbing Jarad. Jake is hyper left wing, ACLU supporting, Obama kneeling, upper West Side NYC beautiful people liberal…type.

    Taylor sold herself as country folk, middle America, morals and values… so on and so forth.

    I ain’t feeling it Jared. Appearing in “Chelsea Handley” recently, Taylor was asked how tall she was, “they tell me I’m 5’11″. Chelsea looked blank and restated, ” THEY TOLD YOU”????

    Wah Lum Tam Tui. Bless you Jarad.

  • ugh.

    LOL “Taylor Swift keep warms with a warm cup of Joe”

    BAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! now that just made my day! woo! how ironic. :P

  • http://twitter.com/emzagada Ella

    “Cup of Joe” ^^

    wow! So happy for them. :)

  • jasmine

    wait cup of joe?!!!!

  • jess xx

    aaw i really hope this doesnt end in heartache, like every one of her relationships so far ..:( i hope he’s the one xx she deserves someone special after all this time xx

  • Nora

    Same here…cup of JOE?

    Liked Sheman song though